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  1. Whenever I see people say "being gay is a choice", I think "Okay, let's see you change your orientation from straight to gay and back right now." I think most of the time (if not all), religion is the driving force behind that opinion.
  2. I know that the movie seems nothing like the books... but the movie coming out encouraged me to finally start reading the books.
  3. I do agree most of the time, but Google wasn't giving me a lot of results tbh so I figured I'd ask here in case there were some Nordic history buffs. Cool, learned something new today! Thanks so much for the info and hopefully that will calm some people down. Also that guy has a crazy awesome name, just saying. I suppose that's true. It is nice for people to have characters they identify with after all. On another note, is there any idea of when the next main trailer is coming out? I'm hyped for more news! Also do you think they'll release the full clip of Into the Unknown before the film's release, similar to how they did with Let It Go? ItU seems to be the movie's big song by the sound of it.
  4. That's what I'm thinking to be honest, or maybe he's a new staff hired by the kingdom. Hoping he doesn't turn out evil like Hans, he seems nice and the "twist villain" plot is really getting old now.
  5. To be honest, I personally don't have much of a problem with either. However, a few of my family members definitely have issue with it and I don't want them ranting about it while we're watching the movie (as some are prone to doing), and I don't want my experience of the film to potentially be ruined by them talking about "brainwashing people to be gay/have interracial marriages" all through it. I was really asking so I could give them a valid explanation.
  6. I think they just included Beyonce because she's recognizable. She oversang some parts of CYFtLT, and Spirit was meh. Speechless or a Frozen 2 song deserves to win the Best Original Song Oscar.
  7. True, but neither of those had quite as big a cultural impact as Frozen. Well, DM sort of did because of the Minions, but really only because of them. Hence that movie about the Minions made over a billion as much as people dislike them.
  8. Actually to tell you the truth, I haven't played the game yet. I've read a lot about it and seen some clips (annoying that it's not on Steam), and I'm a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland in general (in fact I'm writing a sequel to the original books that has elements of American McGee's Alice in tone, though Alice is 15 in my novel).
  9. Pretty sure Japan will be massive. The first Frozen was loved there. Not sure about South Korea though.
  10. I would have liked your comment if it weren't for the very last sentence. Video games can be art just as much as movies, books, and music on its own can. They're just another type of art form. True, video games have the player go through the world and thus it might break the immersion as its own story (therefore probably feeling like the story's broken up), but plenty of games have amazing stories to them—Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Persona, Undertale, The Legend of Spyro, American McGee's Alice, Mother 3, Portal 2, and that's just off the top of my head. True, some games don't have much of a story to them and are just there for fun, but the ones that have an engaging story to them can feel like a movie, especially if the game has a lot of cutscenes and you string them all together.
  11. If it's the music you love, Pasek and Paul get the praise for Speechless. They did the songs for La La Land, The Greatest Showman, and Dear Evan Hansen. I do adore the movie as a whole though.
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