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  1. Yeah, the new Lion King hadpretty meh reviews and look what happened with it.
  2. Then again, almost everything else WDAS has put out this decade was an original film. Sequels automatically have the expectation factor of living up to the original so it's no wonder most sequels are seen as lesser (Toy Story 2 and 3 being the exceptions)
  3. This is what I'm assuming from that review just taking in the emojis and assuming it goes in order: -starts out really sweet -has some humor in the early minutes -something concerning happens, tense and surprising stuff with the four elements -some humor and surprising stuff around the middle -entertaining songs especially in the middle -really funny part at some point past the middle -a whole lot of ice magic awesomeness -power of love comes into play again -the water horse and Bruni the lizard play a part in the ending climax -ending with a whole lot of awesome stuff and sparkly magic.
  4. Also the Lopezes who did Frozen's songs did the songs for WtP, so that's a bonus! Also Jennifer Lee (who's head of Disney now since Lasster left) said recently they're definitely up to doing more 2D animated films in the future, so there's hope!
  5. Also to be fair, I think the only times it's been unanimously agreed a sequel was better than the original (for a stand-alone movie that is) was Toy Story 2 and Shrek 2.
  6. To be fair, the new one COULD ahve been great IF it had all been like the end. The last 10 seconds or so of the song were sung, and sung INCREDIBLY well which gave the song a menacing feel. Apparently they didn't have Be Prepared sung much because his actor didn't like to sing or something, in which case why hire him for the role?
  7. Got my tickets! I guess a lot of people don't know that the tickets are available already considering all but about 5 of the seats in my chosen showing were still open, lol. Do any of you have recliner seats in your theaters?
  8. My sibling and I are really hoping to get to see this soon! Also, while I haven't seen the second one yet, one thing that I love about Maleficent is that it's a Disney story retelling that does something completely different with the source material. It doesn't just try to be a copy of the original (looking at you, Lion King), and it doesn't claim to follow the same plot as the original while then going and making a whole much of unneeded changes and tossing out beloved characters (looking at you big-time, upcoming-Mulan-movie). It takes the characters we're familiar with and puts them in a completely new setting and situation. It's basically like an alternate adaptation with the characters rather than being just a cash-grab remake.
  9. Looking at that pic with Anna and Olaf, I feel like that could be used as an ad for Splash Mountain at Disney World. XD
  10. After listening to The Next Right Thing and hearing how beautifully somber it is, its placement in the film judging by the list is concerning... Into the Unknown sounds AWESOME though. EDIT: I just remembered how in the main trailer Elsa says "What would I do without you?" and Anna says "You'll always have me." It seems like usually when characters have a discussion like that, one of them dies or leaves... but they wouldn't have Elsa or anyone leave or die or anything, right?... ... Right? Then again after Frozen nearly had Anna die, Frozen 2 doesn't hate a rating yet, and Endgame had its big spoiler, I'm not so sure anymore...
  11. Same! The indigenous people and the blowing leaves really gave me Pocahontas vibes! Also that lizard is dang adorable.
  12. Jason Ritter?! ... I might just think of Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls when his character talks. XD
  13. Whenever I see people say "being gay is a choice", I think "Okay, let's see you change your orientation from straight to gay and back right now." I think most of the time (if not all), religion is the driving force behind that opinion.
  14. I know that the movie seems nothing like the books... but the movie coming out encouraged me to finally start reading the books.
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