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  1. My February movies: 2.1.20: gretel & hansel (i) 2.2.20: the lion king (1994) 2.5.20: uncut gems (i) 2.7.20: oscar nominated shorts live-action 2.7.20: oscar nominated shorts animated 2.8.20: parasite (i) 2.9.20: sleeping beauty (1959) 2.11.20: birds of prey (Atmos) 2.12.20: birds of prey (IMAX) 2.14.20: downhill 2.15.20: sonic the hedgehog (Atmos) 2.16.20: pocahontas (1995 2.18.20: fantasy island 2.21.20: the photograph 2.22.20: created equal: clarence thomas (i) 2.23.20: call of the wild (Atmos) 2.28.20: the invisible man (IMAX
  2. She sure does. And it's funny that two posters gave me the "not cool" response. Why? In the trailer her character refers to her "humongous breasts". Good grief.
  3. By gosh, the Sony strategy has worked again - release a Jumanji film in the face of Star Wars, and then watch it just leg and leg and leg its way to massively profitable box office. I wonder what day will be the first that JTNL out-earns TROS in daily domestic box office? Maybe next Saturday?
  4. I saw 202 movies in theaters in 2019, Wow! Here they were: 1.1.19: second act ... 1.2.19: mary poppins ... 1.4.19: escape room ... 1.5.19: if beale street could talk (i) ... 1.11.19: on the basis of sex ... 1.14.19: a dog's way home ... 1.15.19: replicas ... 1.18.19: glass (IMAX) ... 1.21.19: canal street (i) ... 1.23.19: the upside ... 1.25.19: serenity ... 1.27.19: my cousin vinny (classic) ... 1.28.
  5. Despite what the critics are saying, this film is a GOOD Star Wars film, WAY better than TLJ, and it has wiped out the box office doubts created by the SOLO debacle.
  6. FWIW, I saw this in 3D and do not recommend it. IMO the 3D is poorly done, one of those where the picture looks crisp in your straight-ahead cone of vision, but look to the sides and it blurs out. Wish I had chosen IMAX or Dolby instead.
  7. I saw Jumanji NL today and I enjoyed it well enough. It was a 3D showing at 12 noon and I was the only one in the theater, though of course that means nothing. Still, the legs the 2017 Jumanji sprouted were so exceptional I fear (because I am rooting for this to do well) it won't do anything close to that film in the end. Maybe $230m DOM? Still a solid money-maker but I am hoping for higher.
  8. I know Jumanji WTTJ opened very modestly, deep in a Star Wars shadow, then sprouted legs of thousand-year-old Oak to truck its way to $400m DOM, so maybe lightning will strike twice. But ... does anyone else think that a $4.7m Thursday and a projected $55m opening weekend is kind of on the low side for the sequel to a movie that did $400m DOM?
  9. I saw 18 movies in November: 11.1.19: terminator dark fate (IMAX) 11.3.19: the lighthouse (i) 11.4.19: motherless brooklyn 11.7.19: harriet tubman (i) 11.8.19: midway (i) 11.10.19: jojo rabbit (i) 11.11.19: western stars 11.12.19: pain & glory (i) 11.14.19: last christmas 11.15.19: ford vs ferrari (IMAX) 11.18.19: charlie's angels 2019 11.19.19: warrior queen of jhansi (i) 11.21.19: parasite (i) 11.22.19: frozen 2 (3D) 11.24.19: the good liar 11.25.19: 21 bridges (i) 11.26.19: frankie (i) 11.29.19: a beautiful day
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