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  1. Folks who weren't around in 1994 - 1995 may have trouble grasping what a cultural event the Lion King was on release, and then grew to be. It was one of those rare films that was a smash out of the gate (I saw it on opening day in the USA and it was a packed house), but then over time grew even more in stature, such that it is a sure thing that TLK will open hugely around the world.
  2. This has "smash hit" written all over it. Probably will do at least as well as "Venom" did last year, and given the low budget, might end up being the second-most profitable movie of the year, after "Endgame".
  3. I agree Aladdin is an important intellectual property for Disney, but how did they lack faith in it? Disney spent about $185m on the production, that's a major production, and they also marketed it pretty strongly. I saw plenty of TV ads for it here in the USA. What else could they have done?
  4. Still can't believe how badly Godzilla is flopping. Seemed like the perfect summer popcorn flick.
  5. Probably FOX. Disney-haters who want to think Mighty Disney is losing any kind of serious money on this are deluding themselves. Plus, the flop gives Disney a nice clean slate with which to integrate the X-Men into their MCU a couple years or so from now. Too bad, in a sense, because Dark Phoenix is actually a fun, entertaining movie. Overall, the Mouse comes out shiny and clean.
  6. It wasn't a flop for Aladdin, which steamed right along exceeding expectations. The only issue is whether it reaches $300m DOM, which would be stupendous and absolutely no shame if it doesn't. As for Dark Phoenix, this will lose a ton of money, Lone Ranger level losses. But from a studio POV it kind of slips through the cracks of the Disney-FOX purchase. FOX actually spent the $220m or whatever it cost to make it, but they don't exist any more. Disney is the official owner now, but they spent virtually no money on it. It's a flop that really doesn't hurt any studio financially, though of course if there were individual producers who put up money in partnership with a studio they are taking a real bath.
  7. I saw Dark Phoenix today (in LiMAX) and, given the poor reviews and low box office expectations in the media, was very pleasantly surprised. The movie is fast-paced, easy to understand, treats its characters with respect, and has some great action and SFX sequences. Macavoy is fine as Xavier, Fassbender suitable as a young Ian Mckellen (LOL), and we get Chastain, Lawrence, and Turner in various roles. Sophie in particular shines as the star character, she is gorgeous and her face easily withstands the numerous tight closeups. The IMAX sound system was very well employed. I enjoyed this film way more than I liked Aquaman or Godzilla. Not quite up there with Captain Marvel, but not far from it either. And it doesn't overstay its welcome. My verdict is ignore the Rotten Tomatoes critics and other naysayers who want whine about all the ways it deviates from or isn't as good as this or that X-men movie of the past 20 years, and go see it. It's worth it. 703/1000
  8. I went to see "Ma" on Tuesday and my wife and I were both surprised at the number of people at our cinema. We know all about the cheaper ticket prices on Tuesday, but even factoring that in, the theater was *crowded*. Looked more like a Friday or a Saturday than anything else.
  9. Aladdin is doing extremely well. I think few saw it reaching $200m DOM when it was released, now it's going to sail right past that. Only question is whether it can make $300m DOM. Probably not, but so what.
  10. BTW, since i posted this over two years ago, the Lion King musical's gross revenue has risen to $8.2 Billion.
  11. I saw 16 movies in May: 5.2.19: avengers endgame (3D) ... Rave# ... $11 5.3.19: the intruder ... Rave II# ........ $5** 5.6.19: bolden (i) ... Rave# ........... $8 5.8.19: long shot ... Rave^ ........... $5 5.10.19: poms ... Rave II^ ........ $5** 5.13.19: detective pikachu (3D) ... Rave^ ........... $11 5.14.19: captain marvel ... Rave II^ ........ $8 5.15.19: tolkien (i - free) ... Rave 5.17.19: john wick 3 (IMAX) ... Rave II^ ........ $12** 5.21.19: the sun is also a star ... Rave^ ........... $8** 5.21.19: nausicaa (ghibli) ... Movie Tavern Juban Crossing ... FR 5.23.19: the chaperone (i) ... Rave^ ........... $8** 5.24.19: booksmart (i) ... Rave II^ ........ $5** 5.26.19: the white crow (i) ... Rave ............ FR 5.30.19: aladdin (IMAX 3D) ... Rave^ ........... $13** 5.31.19: rocketman (Atmos) ... Rave^ ........... $9**
  12. Bottom lines: Big success for Aladdin. Mojo says Aladdin actually beat Godzilla on Sunday. That's just crazy. Disappointment for Godzilla. Is Warner's basically sitting out the rest of the summer until It 2 in early September? Is Shaft a WB release? This was supposed to be a major tent pole and it just isn't. Decent for Ma and Rocketman. ... and John Wick 3 did well, with its budget every dollar made this weekend was going to the various bottom lines. Big success.
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