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  1. FWIW, I saw this in 3D and do not recommend it. IMO the 3D is poorly done, one of those where the picture looks crisp in your straight-ahead cone of vision, but look to the sides and it blurs out. Wish I had chosen IMAX or Dolby instead.
  2. I saw Jumanji NL today and I enjoyed it well enough. It was a 3D showing at 12 noon and I was the only one in the theater, though of course that means nothing. Still, the legs the 2017 Jumanji sprouted were so exceptional I fear (because I am rooting for this to do well) it won't do anything close to that film in the end. Maybe $230m DOM? Still a solid money-maker but I am hoping for higher.
  3. I know Jumanji WTTJ opened very modestly, deep in a Star Wars shadow, then sprouted legs of thousand-year-old Oak to truck its way to $400m DOM, so maybe lightning will strike twice. But ... does anyone else think that a $4.7m Thursday and a projected $55m opening weekend is kind of on the low side for the sequel to a movie that did $400m DOM?
  4. I saw 18 movies in November: 11.1.19: terminator dark fate (IMAX) 11.3.19: the lighthouse (i) 11.4.19: motherless brooklyn 11.7.19: harriet tubman (i) 11.8.19: midway (i) 11.10.19: jojo rabbit (i) 11.11.19: western stars 11.12.19: pain & glory (i) 11.14.19: last christmas 11.15.19: ford vs ferrari (IMAX) 11.18.19: charlie's angels 2019 11.19.19: warrior queen of jhansi (i) 11.21.19: parasite (i) 11.22.19: frozen 2 (3D) 11.24.19: the good liar 11.25.19: 21 bridges (i) 11.26.19: frankie (i) 11.29.19: a beautiful day in the neighborhood
  5. I think Ford vs Ferrari will leg it out to $100m DOM. It was inevitable that it would take a hit in the face of the Frozen tsunami, but it will play through the holidays and I expect it to get there. We shall see.
  6. Anyone who thought F2 was going to be anything but an out of the box smash was fooling themselves. The original Frozen is one of the most profitable movies of the 2000s, it cast an even larger cultural shadow than its $400m DOM and $1.2B WW box office. If you have little girls - which like half the families in the world have, btw, you know how big this thing is. I read in a trade publication that they have sold over $500 million worth of Elsa and Anna dolls. That was two years ago. And it doesn't matter that it's a mediocre movie. "Finding Dory" and "Incredibles 2" were mediocre movies. So was the TLK remake this past summer. The whole "Frozen" thing is so big it just steamrolls over those considerations.
  7. Forgot to post my October list. I saw 19 movies in October: 10.1.19: Hobbs and Shaw 10.2.19: Abominable (3D) 10.4.19: Joker (IMAX) 10.7.19: Joker (Atmos) 10.9.19: Judy 10.10.19: Ghostbusters (35th anniversary) 10.11.19: Jexi 10.14.19: The addams family (Atmos) 10.15.19: War (bollywood) 10.17.19: Gemini man 10.18.19: Zombieland double-tap 10.20.19: Psycho (classic) 10.21.19: Maleficent 2 (Atmos) 10.24.19: Maleficent 2 (IMAX) 10.25.19: Current War 10.27.19: Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary (Atmos) 10.28.19: Black and Blue 10.29.19: Great Alaskan Race (i) 10.31.19: Countdown
  8. The first half is really dull, mostly because the songs are just not good and the male characters get a lot of screen time and add nothing to the film. The "Unknown" song that they blare at us like it's "Let it Go" is awful, and they let that doofus boyfriend of Anna's sing a song too, I almost walked out. Also, Olaf has somehow lost his personality, he's gone from lovable to annoying. The second half picks up considerably, when Elsa and Anna spring to life. They are still very charismatic characters that chew up the scenery, especially Elsa. And the fire salamander is cool too. Then it feels like Frozen. My rating: First half ... C- .... Second half .... B+ Ends on a high note and kids seemed to have fun.
  9. I saw 17 movies in September. A-List really helps with this, LOL: 9.1.19: the matrix, 20th anniversary (Atmos) 9.2.19: jurassic park (classic) 9.4.19: after the wedding (i) 9.5.19: peanut butter falcon (i) 9.8.19: don't let go 9.10.19: ready or not 9.11.19: angry birds 2 9.12.19: it 2 (Atmos) 9.16.19: hustlers (Atmos) 9.17.19: brittany runs a marathon (i) 9.18.19: linda rondstadt (i) 9.19.19: dream girls (bollywood) 9.20.19: downton abbey 9.23.19: ad astra (Atmos) 9.26.19: official secrets (i) 9.27.19: rambo last blood 9.29.19: aquarela (i)
  10. I saw Mission Mangal last weekend, and while I was mildly entertained, I wasn't impressed artistically. The characters and situations seemed cookie-cutter and there was a lot of gratuitous Indian national puffery. Of recent Indian films I've seen, I would put it 4th behind Bharat and Oh Baby (both quite good, IMO) and maybe slightly above Super 30, which had similar flaws.
  11. The Lion King (2019) becomes .... The 9th film to reach $1.5B WW The 9th film to reach $1B Internationally The 8th film to do both* Hooray for TLK! * The Avengers (2012) is in the $1.5B WW club but not the $1B International club. The Fate of the Furious is in the $1B International club but not the $1.5B WW club.
  12. Disney finally wised up and realized they were allowing Sony to create an entire Spider-Verse monster that could challenge Disney's dominance of the Marvel properties. But is it too late? Thanks to Venom, Sony already is well on its way to doing just that. One tidbit i did find interesting: Apparently, Marvel/Disney was getting about 5% of Spiderman's box office take under the production deal. I had been under the impression that Sony got the entirety of the box office, paying Marvel/Disney just the cost of producing the movie, with Disney's side's gain being only the ability to use the Spider-Man character in their Marvel movies. So really, of that $1.1B that "Far from Home" has grossed, Disney would have gotten about $55m from it, which is not an inconsiderable amount.
  13. Love seeing Toy Story 4 ring the Billion Dollar bell. IMO, it's better than the remakes of Dumbo, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and TLK, and it's better than Finding Dory (edited) and the Incredibles 2 as well. IOW's, it's the best recent sequel to or remake of a classic Disney or Pixar movie, save for the amazing 2016 Jungle Book.
  14. I like this time of year, yeah I know Warner's is locked and loaded with a blockbuster in "It 2", but for the most part, the next couple months are about tallying up the summer, seeing if movies released a month or two or three ago can hit DOM or WW milestones, and then gearing up for the Christmas movie season.
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