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  1. Part A: 1. Will Solo Open to more than $115M? 1000 No 2. Will Solo Open to more than $135M? 2000 No 3. Will Solo Open to more than $125M? 3000 No 4. Will Solo's Dailies over the weekend be All over Deadpool's, All under Deadpool's or Mixed? 4000 Over 5. Will Infinity War or Black Panther have the larger percentage drop? 5000 Black Panther 6. Will Solo and Deadpool combined be closer to $150M or $200M? 1000 150M 7. Will Deadpool drop less than 56%? 2000 No 8. Will Breaking In stay above Show Dogs? 3000 No 9. Will any film in the top 15 drop more than 75%? 4000 Yes 10. Will Life of The Party's PTA stay above $1,350? 5000 Yes 11. Will Overboard increase more than 62.5% on Saturday? 1000 No 12. Will Book Club drop more than 31% on Sunday? 2000 No 13. Will RBG stay in the top 10? 3000 Yes 14. Will Rampage increase more than 115% on Friday? 4000 No 15. Will the top 12 make more than $220M? 5000 No 16. Will Overboard stay above A Quiet Place? 1000 No 17. Will Deadpool or A Quiet Place be closer to $200M by the end of the weekend? 2000 Deadpool 2 18. Will Every film in the top 10 make more than $1M? 3000 Yes 19. Will I Feel Pretty stay above Super Troopers? 4000 No 20. Will this film have a scene where a bunch of people spend decades arguing over something arbitrary such as who fired their gun before the other guy? 5000 Part B: 1. What will Solo make for its 3 day OW? 93M 2. What will Show Dogs' percentage drop be? -57% 3. What will Life of the Party's PTA be for the 3 day weekend? $1,360 Part C: 3. Avengers: Infinity War 5. Life of the Party 6. Breaking In 8. A Quiet Place 10. RBG 12. I Feel Pretty
  2. Actually, I pm'd my answer for week 4 (a yes) to Chasmmi just like the weekly and SOTM
  3. 1. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (1) 2. The Dark Knight 5. 12 Angry Men 6. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (10) 8. Titanic 9. The Godfather 10. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 11. The Matrix (3) 12. Pulp Fiction 13. Back to the Future 15. Schindler's List 17. The Lion King 19. Jurassic Park 20. Inside Out 21. Mad Max: Fury Road 23. Casablanca 24. Inception 25. The Shawshank Redemption (9) 26. The Silence of the Lambs 27. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly 28. Spirited Away 30. Alien 31. Finding Nemo (6) 33. Toy Story 36. The Incredibles 39. Fight Club (5) 40. Beauty and the Beast 41. Princess Mononoke 43. Aladdin 44. Toy Story 3 46. Se7en (4) 47. Toy Story 2 50. Vertigo 51. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 59. Whiplash 62. Wall-E 64. Rear Window 66. The Truman Show 70. Memento 77. Logan 84. Before Sunrise 88. Avatar 89. Blade Runner 90. Chinatown 91. Good Will Hunting 94. Monty Python and the Holy Grail 98. Boyhood 99. Grave of the Fireflies (2) 100. Life of Pi (7) 49/100 were in my top 100..... 9 out of my top 10 made the top 100, 2 of them at the very bottom. The one that didn't make it is a Hindi cult classic (Andaz Apna Apna) that I doubt anyone else had on their list. 103. No Country for Old Men 107. Before Sunset 108. Guardians of the Galaxy 111. Captain America: Civil War 120. Your Name 125. Ratatouille 135. My Neighbor Totoro 152. Arrival 155. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 162. Dead Poet’s Society 168. Manchester by the Sea 175. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 186. City Lights 191. The Big Short 192. Gone Girl 239. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 242. The Jungle Book (1964) 250. Kung Fu Panda 67/250
  4. FOTR topped the list!! It was my number one too. And the entire trilogy made it into the top 10 Such a great year for LOTR Overall, I'd say this year's list was probably the best one yet
  5. Ah, so its ranking decreased a little bit from two years ago. I hope the same happens to the other one too. We need a new film in its place this time.
  6. Both are great films but while one is a top 5 all time favourite for me the other is more like 200ish. I'll be really really disappointed if it's The Matrix that missed the list. The story, the visuals, the dialogue, the action, the costumes, the characters, the concept... Everything about that film is so good. Can never get bored of watching it. A special film that deserves special recognition.
  7. Whoa, Your Name managed to beat the likes of Ratatouille and Up! This has been a great year, relatively speaking, for anime on the list. Hopefully it will be even better next time.
  8. No way it missed the list. It's never even been out of the top 10 in any of the previous renditions of this thing.
  9. Looks like the next film won't be one of the LOTR films (nothing controversial about any of them being this high after all). Will be nice to have all 3 of them in the top 10 for the first time. Now if only FotR manages to top the list everything will be perfect.
  10. Also as we're getting higher up the list I am starting to get more and more worried that Spirited Away didn't make the list at all. Just missed the top 100 or something. But then Mononoke Hime made it and it will be quite surprising to see that beat Spirited Away (even though I personally consider Mononoke the better of the two).
  11. Quite surprising that Deathly Hallows part 2 made it over Prisoner of Azkaban as the best HP film. I thought there there was a clear consensus pretty much everywhere that PoA is the best of the lot
  12. Here's the list I submitted. Done in a bit of a hurry -
  13. Part A: 1. Will Life of the Party Open to more than $17.5M? 1000 Yes 2. Will Life of the Party Open to more than $22.5M? 2000 No 3. Will Breaking In open to more than $10M? 3000 Yes 4. Will Breaking in open to more than $12.5M? 4000 Yes 5. Will Breaking In and Life of the Party's combined OW be more than 50% of Infinity War's weekend gross? 5000 Yes 6. Will Champion have a PTA above $6,000? 1000 No 7. Will Infinity War Make more than $55M? 2000 Yes 8. Will Overboard drop more than 44%? 3000 No 9. Will Bad Samaritan stay above Ready Player One? 4000 Yes 10. Will I Feel Pretty stay in the top 6? 5000 Yes 11. Will Black Panther's PTA stay above $1,500? 1000 Yes 12. Will Super Troopers have a PTA above $600? 2000 No 13. Will Infinity War increase more than 55% on Saturday? 3000 Yes 14. Will Quiet Place increase more than 155% on Friday? 4000 Yes 15. How many people will rage because they do not know what Champion is? And then rejoice when they see it is essentially a Korean remake of Over the Top? 5000 Part B: 1. What will Life of the Party make for its 3 day? 20.5M 2. What will Rampage's percentage change be? -41% 3. What will Tully's PTA be for the Weekend? $1,327 Part C: There will be 6 films to place and points are expanded because traditionally people haven't scored well here: 2. Life of the Party 6. I Feel Pretty 8. Black Panther 9. Tully 11. Blockers 12. Super Troopers 2

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