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  1. Ooh, looks like I've been having a nice preseason. Maybe I should have participated in the rest of the game 😅 Also, just realized Anabelle beat Yesterday on the last weekend with that all too innocent jump. Sucks for me 😕
  2. Damn, haven't been getting any time at all for the game this year... Probably gonna be the worst ever performance by a defending champion 😅. Also, fuck me for the hurried last minute Pre-seasons. I was elated to see my high hopes from Aladdin were coming through only to realize I forgot to put it in my Top 7 OW despite predicting 300m Dom 😣
  3. 1. Avengers, Lion King, and Pikachu's combined OW will be: A. Less than $550M B. Between $550M and $650M C. Over $650M 2. Godzilla 2's China Box office will be: A. Less than $100M B. Between $100M and $150M C. Over $150M 3. Avengers' Total admissions in South Korea will be: A. Less than 8.5M B. Between 8.5M and 10M C. Over 10M 4. Secret Life of Pets 2's UK gross will be: Abstain 5. The film with the best mulitplier will be: A. Lion King B. Aladdin C. Toy Story 4 6. Avengers' number of weekends in the domestics top 5 + Lion King's number of weekends in the domestics top 5 + Toy Story's number of weekends in the domestics top 5 will be: Abstain 7. Toy Story 4's Domestic Gross divided by Child's Play and Annabelle's combined Domestic Gross will be: Abstain 8. Hobbs and Shaw's Overseas (excluding Domestic) Box office will be: Abstain
  4. Full 20,000 - Spiderman Far From Home Full 10,000 - Aladdin Full 10,000 - SLOP2 Full 4000 - John Wick Full 4000 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Full 2000- Yesterday
  5. 20m - The Secret Life of Pets 2 - Australia 40m - Endgame - Russia 60m - Endgame - India 80m - Toy Story 4 - Japan 100m - Endgame - UK
  6. A: Domestic top 15: 1) Avengers: Endgame – $750m 2) The Lion King – $600m 3) Spider-Man: Far from Home – $360m 4) Toy Story 4 – $360m 5) Aladdin - $300m 6) The Secret Life of Pets 2 – 260m 7) Detective Pikachu - $250m 8) Godzilla: King of the Monsters - $250m 9) Hobbs & Shaw – $160m 10) X-Men: Dark Phoenix – $150m 11) Men in Black International – $150m 12) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – $135m 13) John Wick: Chapter 3 – $120m 14) Yesterday $80m 15) IT Chapter 2 - $80m Backup 16*) B: Top 7 Domestic OW: 1) Avengers: Endgame – $310m 2) The Lion King – $185m 3) Toy Story 4 – $120m 4) Spider-Man: Far from Home – $120m 5) Detective Pikachu - 70m 6) Hobbs and Shaw - $70m 7) It Chapter 2 -70m Backup 8*) The Secret Life of Pets 2 – $70m 😄 Worldwide top 12: 1) Avengers: EG - 2.3B 2) Lion King - 1.4B 3) Spider-Man: FFH 935m 4) Toy Story 4 - 850m 5) Hobbs & Shaw - 800m 6) Detective Pikachu - 700m 7) SLOP 2 - 700M 😎 Aladdin - 700M 9) Godzilla - 650M 10) MiB: ITL - 450M 11) Dark Phoenix - 430M 12) Once Upon a time in Hollywood 350 Backup 13*) 😧 TOP 5 Weekends 1) April 26th – April 28th: $350Mm 2) July 19th – July 21st: $260m 3) June 7th – June 9th: $230m 4) May 31st – June 2nd: $190m 5) June 21st – June 23rd: $190m backup 6*) May 24th – May 26th: $175M E: Multipliers 1) Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - 4 2) Yesterday - 3.7 3) Spider-Man: Far from Home – 3.6 4) TS4 - 3.3 5) backup 6*) SLOP 2 - 3.2 F: Total Grosses  Top 15 DOM) $3.9b Top7 OW) $940m Top 12 WW) $10.23b Top 5 W/E) $1.21b Average Multi) 3.7 G: RANDOM FREE QUESTIONS RFQ1: Predict which film will finish closest to each of the following milestones domestically by the end of the game: A: 100M It B: 200M Hobbs and Shaw 😄 300M Secret Life of Pets 2 😧 400M Spider-Man: Far from Home E: 500M The Lion King RFQ2: Predict which film will finish closest to each of the following milestones Worldwide by the end of the game: A: $1.5B The Lion King B: $1B Spider-man 😄 800M Hobbs and Shaw 😧 600M Aladdin E: 400M Men in Black RFQ3: Predict the top grossing film of each month: A: April Avengers: Endgame B: May Detective Pikachu 😄 June Toy Story 4 😧 July The Lion King E: August Hobbs & Shaw
  7. Part A: 1. Will Avengers Open to more than $260M? Yes 2. Will Avengers Open to more than $300M? Yes 3. Will Avengers Open to more than $280M? Yes 4. Will Avengers Saturday increase from its true Friday (excluding Thursday previews)? Yes 5. Will Will Avengers' make more than 82.5% of all the box office of every film reported by BOM when actuals are released? Yes 6. Will La Larona drop less than 56%? Yes 7. Will Pet Semetary stay above Us? Yes 8. Will Avengers Endgame overtake Dumbo's Domestic total on its opening day? Yes 9. Will any film in the top 15 drop more than 65%? Yes 10. Will Hellboy's PTA stay above $750? No 11. Will Little increase more than 40% on Saturday? No 12. Will Shazam drop more than 33% on Sunday? No 13. Will the White Crow have a PTA above $12k? No 14. Will After stay above PEnguins? No 15. Will Captain Marvel decrease less than 20%? Yes 16. Will Shazam's domestic total on Saturday be closer to the domestic total of Dumbo or How to Train Your Dragon? Dragon 17. Will Pet Semetary have the worst PTA in the top 10? Yes 18. Will Breakthrough overtake Hellboy DOmestically by the end of the weekend? Yes 19. How many films will make more than $2.5M this weekend? 7 20. Will Thanos ultimately be defeated by the power of friendship? Nakama Power! Part B: 1. What will Avengers make for its 3 day OW? 306.7M 2. What will Dumbo's Sunday gross be? $750,000 3. What will Missing Link's PTA be for the 3 day weekend? $847 Part 😄 There will be 6 films to place and points are expanded because traditionally people haven't scored well here: 1. Avengers: Endgame 3. Shazam! 6. Dumbo 8. Pet Sematary 9. US 11. Missing Link
  8. Hehe 😁 Honestly, I am feeling the same. I knew my pre-seasons went well but never really thought I was even in the running for the top before the preseasons totaling began. Had a sneak peek at @WrathOfHan's top 15 a few days ago, saw that they got the top 4 right in order where I didn't even get the top 2 right, and basically thought it was no game for me. There's just too much happening in the preseasons scoring to be able to predict anything though, and so I stand here very pleasantly surprised 😄 That sounds... intriguing? 😅
  9. Congrats to @WrathOfHan and @Wrath ! It's amazing how the littlest things can change everything. But for Ant man beating solo by less than half a million on the very last day of the game and WrathOfHan would have been the one to emerge victorious instead, with an entire top 6 perfectly predicted in the dom top 15. Also, incredible performance by Wrath in the top 15. 1.5m was absolutely unprecedented, honestly. Thanks a lot to everyone who played the summer game and made the whole of it so interesting, fun and competitive. Even bigger thanks in particular to @chasmmi and @JJ-8 for running another successful and ever more exciting rendition of this game. This game is easily one of the best parts of this site and you are the ones who make it what it is. Still can't believe I actually won this, honestly. Have spent the last half an hour trying to explain to all my flatmates just why I'm so happy and exactly what this game is 😅 PS: I'm all out of reactions for the day but thanks to everyone for the congratulations!!
  10. Whoa! 1.4m+ points! That's gotta be one of the highest scores ever in this section. Amazing job by @bcf26 Things are getting scarier with every reveal...
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