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  1. Hehe 😁 Honestly, I am feeling the same. I knew my pre-seasons went well but never really thought I was even in the running for the top before the preseasons totaling began. Had a sneak peek at @WrathOfHan's top 15 a few days ago, saw that they got the top 4 right in order where I didn't even get the top 2 right, and basically thought it was no game for me. There's just too much happening in the preseasons scoring to be able to predict anything though, and so I stand here very pleasantly surprised 😄 That sounds... intriguing? 😅
  2. Congrats to @WrathOfHan and @Wrath ! It's amazing how the littlest things can change everything. But for Ant man beating solo by less than half a million on the very last day of the game and WrathOfHan would have been the one to emerge victorious instead, with an entire top 6 perfectly predicted in the dom top 15. Also, incredible performance by Wrath in the top 15. 1.5m was absolutely unprecedented, honestly. Thanks a lot to everyone who played the summer game and made the whole of it so interesting, fun and competitive. Even bigger thanks in particular to @chasmmi and @JJ-8 for running another successful and ever more exciting rendition of this game. This game is easily one of the best parts of this site and you are the ones who make it what it is. Still can't believe I actually won this, honestly. Have spent the last half an hour trying to explain to all my flatmates just why I'm so happy and exactly what this game is 😅 PS: I'm all out of reactions for the day but thanks to everyone for the congratulations!!
  3. Whoa! 1.4m+ points! That's gotta be one of the highest scores ever in this section. Amazing job by @bcf26 Things are getting scarier with every reveal...
  4. Goddammit, with leads of 500+ being 'swatted aside like nothing' my flimsy lead of 68k over WrathofHan is looking even weaker now... Just hoping my top 15 doesn't mess everything up for me... and that Action point really does fuck WrathofHan up 😅😈
  5. Ok, I agree with all of that. But why should any of that mean that we can't at least add Monday's totals to the BOM number? Monday was part of our game, right? And Monday's grosses are not included in the BOM totals, right? And we have the exact figures, in RMB at least, for Monday grosses of Ant Man and The Meg. What's wrong with converting them to USD by Monday's exchange rate and adding them to Mojo's totals? How can not including Monday's grosses at all be better than that? In the end Chasmmi and JJ-8 are the game runners and I'll go with whatever they decide, of course, but I'd just like this to be considered.
  6. But is traditionalism and all that really more important than being correct? I mean mojo literally has Avengers grossing negative numbers for the last few of its weekends! How does that make any sense at all? It's plain absurd
  7. Oh, those aren't the final totals according to that site. They are just the ones open to non subscribers. They don't show grosses from later weeks to non subscribers. Avengers actual gross in china, and you can confer with people from the Chinese forums and they'll probably point you to lots of good, reputable and far-more-accurate than-mojo sources for the same, was around 377m. Mojo gives us 359. Even JW's grosses are around 4m more than what Mojo gives us. I only need like 1.3m more in the total too 5 gross that we are getting from Mojo (and that's when it doesn't even include Monday's grosses when Ant-Man alone grosses 1.2m+ and Meg .2m+) to get an extra 95k. And it's not like I'm just trying to manipulate the numbers in my favour - these are the correct numbers! Using the actual correct numbers get the total to around 1001m instead of 979.something as mojo gives us. I, and the others who predicted 1B, are within 2% from 980.3 to 1020.4m. So we are definitely in that range. In fact even by mojos numbers we are only missing out on that range by around 1.3m. Monday's grosses alone get us there. So the thing is just that it feels unfair to me that we be at such a disadvantage despite actually being correct... That is all
  8. Um, actually that won't make sense. BOm has calculated its entire grosses differently. It calculated them with the final ER. Since Monday grosses on that site were based on the ER on Monday itself, that would have been exactly what Mojo would have added to its totals had it updated on Monday. Otherwise if we were to use that site's total numbers only, the numbers for JW and Avengers would significantly change too.
  9. what? Adding the 1.24 and .25 would mean China's total goes to 980.589629, right? That multiplied by 1.02 = 1000.2m. Meaning I get within 2% of China's total too as I predicted 1B. That will give me 50k for all 4 predictions and 200k bonus for being within 2% of them all. So 400k instead of 305k. P.S I'm sorry for being kinda difficult here... But 100k is just too big a number for me to just let it go, especially when I'm this close to the top for once.
  10. They will massively change my score, actually... China is the only place I'm missing out the 2% on, from the totals you've given. And even if you don't use numbers from the forums, the monday numbers for china should be added into the mojo grosses, right? I realize things might be similar with WW grosses but then that doesn't mean we can't try to be more correct wherever we can and after all china has a separate section in our game so the extra attention to detail does make sense. Won't it be unfair if I, and some other too even if not to the same extent, lose out on almost 100k points just because we didn't include monday totals in our totals when that monday actually is a part of our game?
  11. Oh, and if you do think about going by the numbers from the chinese forums here are some of the final totals from there - . Avengers grossed 377.6m and JW grossed 265m according to that. And that's a massive difference from Mojo's numbers, which just uses final ER to calculate grosses thus even resulting in negative grosses some weeks as can be seen in Infinity War's weekend box office in china list on Mojo, and that doesn't make sense at all.

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