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  1. Ooh, looks like I've been having a nice preseason. Maybe I should have participated in the rest of the game 😅 Also, just realized Anabelle beat Yesterday on the last weekend with that all too innocent jump. Sucks for me 😕
  2. Damn, haven't been getting any time at all for the game this year... Probably gonna be the worst ever performance by a defending champion 😅. Also, fuck me for the hurried last minute Pre-seasons. I was elated to see my high hopes from Aladdin were coming through only to realize I forgot to put it in my Top 7 OW despite predicting 300m Dom 😣
  3. 1. Avengers, Lion King, and Pikachu's combined OW will be: A. Less than $550M B. Between $550M and $650M C. Over $650M 2. Godzilla 2's China Box office will be: A. Less than $100M B. Between $100M and $150M C. Over $150M 3. Avengers' Total admissions in South Korea will be: A. Less than 8.5M B. Between 8.5M and 10M C. Over 10M 4. Secret Life of Pets 2's UK gross will be: Abstain 5. The film with the best mulitplier will be: A. Lion King B. Aladdin C. Toy Story 4 6. Aveng
  4. Full 20,000 - Spiderman Far From Home Full 10,000 - Aladdin Full 10,000 - SLOP2 Full 4000 - John Wick Full 4000 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Full 2000- Yesterday
  5. 20m - The Secret Life of Pets 2 - Australia 40m - Endgame - Russia 60m - Endgame - India 80m - Toy Story 4 - Japan 100m - Endgame - UK
  6. A: Domestic top 15: 1) Avengers: Endgame – $750m 2) The Lion King – $600m 3) Spider-Man: Far from Home – $360m 4) Toy Story 4 – $360m 5) Aladdin - $300m 6) The Secret Life of Pets 2 – 260m 7) Detective Pikachu - $250m 8) Godzilla: King of the Monsters - $250m 9) Hobbs & Shaw – $160m 10) X-Men: Dark Phoenix – $150m 11) Men in Black International – $150m 12) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – $135m 13) John Wick: Chapter 3 – $120m 14) Yesterday $80m 15) IT Chapter 2 - $80m Backup 16*) B
  7. Part A: 1. Will Avengers Open to more than $260M? Yes 2. Will Avengers Open to more than $300M? Yes 3. Will Avengers Open to more than $280M? Yes 4. Will Avengers Saturday increase from its true Friday (excluding Thursday previews)? Yes 5. Will Will Avengers' make more than 82.5% of all the box office of every film reported by BOM when actuals are released? Yes 6. Will La Larona drop less than 56%? Yes 7. Will Pet Semetary stay above Us? Yes 8. Will Avengers Endgame overtake Dumbo's Domestic total on its opening day? Yes 9. Will
  8. Hehe 😁 Honestly, I am feeling the same. I knew my pre-seasons went well but never really thought I was even in the running for the top before the preseasons totaling began. Had a sneak peek at @WrathOfHan's top 15 a few days ago, saw that they got the top 4 right in order where I didn't even get the top 2 right, and basically thought it was no game for me. There's just too much happening in the preseasons scoring to be able to predict anything though, and so I stand here very pleasantly surprised 😄 That sounds... intriguing? 😅
  9. Congrats to @WrathOfHan and @Wrath ! It's amazing how the littlest things can change everything. But for Ant man beating solo by less than half a million on the very last day of the game and WrathOfHan would have been the one to emerge victorious instead, with an entire top 6 perfectly predicted in the dom top 15. Also, incredible performance by Wrath in the top 15. 1.5m was absolutely unprecedented, honestly. Thanks a lot to everyone who played the summer game and made the whole of it so interesting, fun and competitive. Even bigger thanks in particular to @chasmmi and
  10. Whoa! 1.4m+ points! That's gotta be one of the highest scores ever in this section. Amazing job by @bcf26 Things are getting scarier with every reveal...
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