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  1. I guess I'll spoiler this but it's total spec on my part since I avoid spoilers like the plague (when my friend doesn't accidentally tell me one lol)
  2. I was just talking about the trailer with my friend (and she spoiled me about something by accident. Dammit), and she mentioned the Star Destroyers being Imperial ones (I'll have to take her word for it, I'm not a ship person), but that made me think of the Aftermath trilogy. And now I feel like re-reading it just in case...
  3. That's good to know, thanks. I'm definitely not as up with Star Wars as I am the MCU so I was going by what we'd had previously. I assumed we wouldn't see this trailer, so it's cool that it got released.
  4. Ok I'm a dummy who totally misunderstood what we were getting lmao. So there's not going to be any BTS reel for this? Sadface. This was pretty cool though, and I love all the variations they've done on the score for these trailers. This one in particular was particularly epic and helped set an awesome tone. Speaking of music, if you ever get the chance to hear it live, go for it. They had ANH and ESB In Concert here in May and it was absolutely breathtaking to hear those tracks live. As far as Rey goes I'm definitely not taking it at face value, but it's some great imagery and something to think about until the final trailer in (hopefully) October.
  5. Hyped to wake up to the BTS reel tomorrow! I was so bummed when I got up on Sunday morning and there was nothing from TRoS, but at least it's finally coming. But hey, at least I wasn't like my SW nut friend who got up at 3:45am on Sunday morning because she didn't want to miss anything and we didn't get the reel (although she did love The Mandalorian stuff). She's definitely looking forward to it though so I hope they show us some good clips.
  6. Guess it depends whose "team" you were on, but as someone who was firmly on the anti-Accords side I had to sit through years of having my favourite characters dragged through the mud, so anything that remotely brings that back is not something I want to happen.
  7. Fingers crossed not too much being that fandom was an absolute garbage fire after CW and I have no desire to go through that again. Ever.
  8. God the Accords were bullshit, I hope they don't come up much in this movie.
  9. Damn, I was hoping I'd wake up to some kind of footage but all we have so far is a poster and a description. At least we have the BTS coming up in a couple of days but I really can't wait until October for when we'll (likely) get a full trailer. And I can finally battle for tickets, but I'm fucking ready for it, mate.
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