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  1. I only have just under 48 hours to avoid spoilers for and tomorrow I'm working, so I guess my productivity's going up since I'll be doing everything to keep my mind off looking at any site that could be a problem. I love DS too, the character and the movie. He's not my favourite character overall but his film is one of my most rewatched ones.
  2. That dude is amazing. 7 times in one day is the most he saw it wow. And even the tweeter had seen it 37 times, talk about dedication.
  3. I've read the Aftermath trilogy and it's fine from what I can remember? Nothing mind-blowing but I liked the characters enough.
  4. What time are they getting it, earlier or later? I don't want to google in case I get spoiled but I'm curious. I'll go into internet lockdown starting Tuesday anyway so if it's earlier than here it won't affect me, but it would be good to know.
  5. Did you want to or not? I'm treading carefully but I just went to YouTube and saw a recommended vid that was cellphone footage that looked like it could've been this but it was just video from The Mandalorian thank god.
  6. That's right in line with the 10AM start time we have here in NZ, it looks like there's a hard time for exactly when they're allowed to start showing it and cinemas are like, these loons will want to see it asap so lets do this 6AM/10AM shit cuz you know they'll fuckin' be there. I really didn't think they'd have the first sessions of a huge movie like this starting at 10AM on a non-public holiday for us but here we are. Opening day is still selling like crazy despite the circumstances (although there are two public holidays on Monday and Thursday next week so I'm sure a lot of people are taking leave the whole week), there's four Imax sessions OD here with a total of 1688 seats, and there's 66 seats (not including wheelchair spaces) left as of now, and a 1AM Imax session on Thursday morning is just shy of 50% full. There even being a 1AM session is nuts, I only remember them doing an early morning one like that for TFA with a 3AM session after the midnight one. The normal showings are filling up and I imagine they'll keep doing so as the date gets closer. It's definitely some crazy shit. And I remember for the Imax first showing of IW last year there were people standing in the back the whole time so they must've either bought the wheelchair seats just to get in, or stood back there instead of sit in crappier seats down the front or something. I only noticed since I had to go to the loo (I failed so hard since I don't usually have to take a break lol) so I thought that was pretty nuts. I have no doubt the same thing will happen this time, I'll have to remember to look back while I sit in my middle aisle seat three rows from the back exactly where I like it.
  7. Yeah it seems totally moronic of whoever did this, I imagine not that many places would even have it by now? So it should be trackable I'm guessing. Time to avoid youtube like the plague as well.
  8. The entire internet is now my enemy. Assholes are definitely going to do the "Han gets killed" thing from TFA where they just post it everywhere so I'm definitely avoiding twitter like the plague now.
  9. I was thinking more along the lines of test audience(s) even though I know they do them in-house but that was before I saw the tweet above. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  10. I'm curious as to the source as well since it's pretty early, although obviously some would've seen it. Wondering if they're legit 'cause if they are then I'm gonna have to hide.
  11. I thought the exact same thing after my first watch, I really wasn't sure how the GA was going to take it. But obviously they took it really well lol. Now Endgame's legs are going to be interesting with how nuts the presales are going.
  12. I just thought I'd mention you're using ROTS when it's TROS (or ROS if we're omitting the T). Thanks for all the info though, I don't keep as much of an eye on trailers for SW as I do for say, the MCU, so that's good to know. Also, the trailer is #1 trending in NZ now and has been since last night. And I just noticed they changed the title from Episode IX to The Rise of Skywalker. I remember it originally being Episode IX since I went straight to youtube to watch and had to wait until the end to get the title. Interesting that they've changed that and not the first Endgame teaser with the title reveal.
  13. Luckily I don't have to contend with that sort of thing since we don't have that here, we get it from the cinema website. I've never had a situation where it crashed but I have had a problem with my stupid work computer mucking up for TFA, but I got decent seats in the end. For TLJ I checked a couple of minutes before they were meant to go on sale and they'd already gone live so I breezed through with my favourite seats. Fingers crossed that happens again with TROS. Me when the tickets go on sale for it:
  14. Trailer's #2 trending in NZ, aw yeah. Guess I'm still going to be fighting tooth and nail for decent midnight IMAX tickets huh. I'm ready for that battle, bring it on.
  15. I did not get up at 4am like my SW-loving friend did to watch the panel or watch the trailer ASAP but I did watch it first thing after waking up and I fucking loved it. The opening scene with Rey vs Kylo's(?) ship sure was a way to start things, it took me a couple of rewatches to realise it might've been training, but that does indeed seem to be the only explanation. Now as to whether Kylo's the one piloting it I wouldn't say for sure since they purposefully kept the face hidden. Seeing Leia was heartbreaking, it's so sad that Carrie's not around to get the last film of the trilogy to have the focus on her like Han got TFA and Luke got TLJ. I'm sure she would've knocked it out of the park, but I am intrigued as to how they're going to wrap up her storyline in this with just deleted scenes from TFA. Whatever they do it looks very touching from the small scene shown here. Finn and Poe look great and I'm glad to see the trio together, and the Death Star shot at the end with god damn Palpatine's laugh over it definitely has my interest. However, I refuse to speculate in the slightest over anything so I'll just say that it has me hyped overall, I love the title, and I cannot wait to see this playing in IMAX before Endgame. At least it bloody better since sometimes they make dumb decisions at my local one so fingers crossed.

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