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  1. Oh my god, the movie's gonna be shorter than the trailer they just released. But also, I just started thinking about the previews for us since I figure they probably won't go as far as letting us have them on the night of the 23rd since they were so damn picky about IW. But the 24th is a Wednesday so I'm wondering if we'll have midnights instead since starting with regular 10am sessions midweek on a non-public holiday would just be bizarre. Orrr maybe it's a typo and I'm getting excited for no reason. In which case if the correct released date was the 25th then we'd at least get previews on the 24th.
  2. I was checking out the NZ Event Cinemas site just now and saw this: I was expecting a 25/04 release date due to ANZAC day but this would obviously be so much better so I hope it's correct. The Aussie site has the same date so fingers crossed.
  3. Glad I wasn't aware of this so didn't bother getting up in the middle of the night for it, it was ok but obviously didn't give much away, which I did like. And thank god they've moved the release date up for the US, I didn't want ours to be pushed back because of spoilers. I'm thinking the same release date of the 25th for us, probably no 24th previews but I can deal.
  4. Ugh, I hope idiots don't downvote it and make general fools of themselves when the CM trailer drops, do they honestly think that commenting endlessly in twitter threads that have anything to do with Marvel whining about the A4 trailer is going to make them release it any other time than exactly when they want? Who am I kidding, of course they do.
  5. I hope we get to see her with the mohawk in the red outfit in the film. Although if we don't in CM then they have the chance to do it in Avengers 4. But either way I need to see it in action.
  6. People working themselves into a frenzy over when a trailer is gonna be released is so entertaining.
  7. Hmmm. If reviews are decent I might spring for IMAX. And by "spring" I mean "use my points for a free ticket" because I love me some IMAX scenes.
  8. That would be amazing. I wouldn't get spoiled with any scenes at all and everyone else would be having a total meltdown. Idt they'd do that but I'm surprised they've held out so long on the title. Glad, but surprised.
  9. Oh nice. It's a good time for us since the parents will be off work for the next 1-2 weeks as well so it'll make as much as it's gonna then.
  10. I was looking on the local cinema site for upcoming releases and saw this on both the NZ and Aussie sites as being released here on 3rd January, is that correct? https://www.eventcinemas.co.nz/Movie/How-To-Train-Your-Dragon-The-Hidden-World If true it does make sense since the New Year period is the middle of summer school holidays but that's a lot earlier than I'd expect an "early" release.
  11. Looking at the title it implies that Grace is having a breakdown over it lmao. Anyone want to give a bit of a rundown about what she's talking about, I sure as hell am not clicking play on that but I'm curious.
  12. I thought it was Hopkins until I just went to Hamill's twitter and saw it there. 😂

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