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  1. TWS only went up to 90% pretty recently, I'm not that into RT rankings but it always amused me that DS was higher than TWS since DS used to be 90% IIRC and has dropped to 89%. Then when I checked recently I'd noticed it'd reversed, so I guess new reviewers are adding their scores now. Not pleased with spoilers probably going to be popping up around now, so I'm definitely avoiding twitter (and large parts of the internet tbh) until I see it. I was already going to make myself scarce since I hate the obsessing over reviews before seeing a movie myself but spoiler risk just makes it a
  2. Teaser vs trailer I suppose. I'm glad they didn't show too much in the teaser since I like to save all that for when I actually watch the movie. Same with Eternals, just some hints without revealing too much, exactly how I like it.
  3. Not gonna watch the trailer but I'm glad people are liking it. Damn, only 68 days to go until it's released and BW isn't even out yet. Between all the movies and shows, it's what we deserve after the drought.
  4. I've been wondering about what they'd do around a premiere for this film being that Cruella did have a lil something and so has Loki to a degree, so I found this interesting: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-features/loki-marketing-disney-marvel-studios-1234970535/ Fingers crossed they can have something decent for BW, guess we'll have to wait and see.
  5. Just got an email for tickets going live here 20 minutes ago, have booked for the preview screening on 7th July at 6:10pm. It's finally happening!!!
  6. 32 days to gooooo. I swear it's not going to feel real sitting down in IMAX and finally watching this. The first trailer was released 18 months ago and it feels like an eternity and an entire lifetime ago (and that's not even including the multiple years waiting for a BW movie to even be given the go ahead on top of the pandemic stress). At least I have Loki to distract me in the meantime but also that just reminds me I'm going to be watching this when Loki episode five is on, so I'll have that to look at when I get home. 7th July sure is going to be something.
  7. Saw discussion of the release date on Reddit and got curious to see what it would be here and Event Cinemas are showing it as Boxing Day in NZ/Aus lmao. Wonder if they'll do super early previews because a 17th release date for the rest of the world is a pretty big gap. It's one thing that the Disney Thanksgiving movies get Boxing Day releases since they're for kiddies, but I wouldn't have thought they'd do this particularly because the SW movies got the same release dates here, so I'm not sure of the reasoning.
  8. Interesting. I thought I checked every time I went to look for BW but maybe I just didn't see BW and figured they wouldn't have put SC up either. Seems strange since they've been mad at Disney for a while, but I'm glad they're up now. I will be curious to see how they go with the BW release because I noticed they don't have Cruella being advertised on the main page, it's AQP2 on the first two slides and then other random movies/promotions but zero Cruella. Will they refuse to advertise like that for an MCU movie they know will make bank or not? I'll be looking that's for sure.
  9. Was just poking around Disney+ and saw this: It looks so pretty. 🥰 Also in better news, Event Cinemas haven't been showing Disney movies until almost their release dates since I think they were mad with Disney for their missing theatres with Soul and Mulan, but with Cruella they put it up at least 10 days before (might've been more but not sure). But I checked and now both BW and Shang-Chi are listed, so I'm happy about that. Now all I'm waiting for is for tickets to go on sale because I will be buying the fuck out of them for IMAX previews asap.
  10. When the news of this first came out my reaction was very ButWhy.gif, particularly because humanising an attempted puppy-murderer seemed far-fetched. Someone who kills people? That's doable. Puppy killing is not so palatable. But I watched the clips they've been releasing out of morbid curiosity more than anything and I actually thought they kinda looked good? Then those reviews have come through and I'm like, hmmm. So idk, I might actually see this in theatres, but I'll see. Speaking of which, Event Cinemas here actually have the tickets on sale which is a surprise since they wait
  11. I've only seen the first trailer so it's interesting the guard is on the poster on the left. Also, that cartoon clock is cracking me up and adding to the intrigue.
  12. I prefer Fridays for sure particularly because assuming previews stay the same I'll be watching Black Widow when episode 5 drops. Loki will be at 7pm and BW will start at 6:30pm. It's gonna be MCU overload on 7th July here.
  13. Yeah I know some people like to be warned about things but you don't need to know the entire plot to find out if one thing happens. But again, I'm mostly talking about the people who go nutty over things before the film even comes out and make wild assumptions about how it's going to be shitty before even seeing it. I just saw a lot of people lose their minds over things in Endgame and I can't help but wonder if their bad impressions were generated mostly from reading leaks and they went in with false understandings that swayed their opinions, and if they would've been better off just watching
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