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  1. Agreed. I don't need him to know the nerdiest shit but if your only scene in a film involves a fairly simple concept it's not that much effort to be aware of it.
  2. If there's one thing the internet has taught me, it's that some people can't grasp something no matter how much a film tries to make it obvious. See also: the confusion over how time travel worked in Endgame despite a scene literally having a character say, "So Back to the Future's a bunch of bullshit?" after explicitly stating that you can't go back in time and change the past.
  3. Just sat in the theatre to watch this and there's a dude in Harley cosplay while sporting a beard. 😂 There's only like 20 of us here but he's obviously dedicated, he's got the pigtails and everything.
  4. The delusion. Tbh I forget she even exists until people bring her up here, she's truly not worth listening to on any level.
  5. It's amazing she'd say something that's so easily disprovable, it's kinda actually blowing my mind.
  6. The rating finally got updated here and it's R16, so no one under that age can see it. It's going to be interesting to see how it does here with that restriction for sure. The notes for the rating are "Violence, cruelty, offensive language & sexual references" can't wait to see what that involves.
  7. It has been really great, I remember thinking it was awesome from the first trailer, and I'm listening to the Special Look music now and it sounds so damn cool. I don't know what they're going to do with the actual score but the promo music has been 💯 so far.
  8. Guess I'm gonna have to find a youtube video with just the track, I wanna hear it but not see the footage. Also, THE POSTERS! 😍
  9. Imagine going into panic mode because a film does well? Jesus. I'm thankful I ignore all that shit, that's for sure. I hope it makes a ton even more now, cuz screw those losers.
  10. Presales aren't particularly great here but I'm hoping things will pick up. I've decided to see it at IMAX, but I'm not sure if anyone will come with me yet. Will have to ask around and see but I don't mind going by myself if necessary. At least it sounds like the US presales are going good, I've been waiting for them so we can get some numbers on it, so I'm glad they're finally on sale. I haven't seen a ton of promo around here, a few posters, a couple of TV spots (which is rare for me to see, so I always get excited when I catch them) and I just had an ad on Spotify for it, so fingers crossed that helps. This does remind me that last week I was talking to a co-worker who goes to see CBMs and asked him if he was going to see BoP. He initially didn't know what I was talking about but when I said it had Harley in it he thought it was SS2. I cleared it up for him and told him when it was releasing, so I should check back with him and see if he goes to see it.
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