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  1. It's so great to be back at the movies, already seen Shang-Chi four times and Eternals once, with another IMAX viewing tomorrow. Holy fuck it looks incredible there, I was seriously in awe during the 1.43 scenes in particular. IMAX really is the shit, I'm so glad we have one. 😄 Dune is taking over all IMAX showings from Thursday onwards which is a bummer since I wanted to catch Eternals there a third time on the weekend, but alas. Can't even blame them for giving them all to Dune though, from the 16th only NWH has the screen and Dune has basically been selling out every showing. Wi
  2. Gotta say, having to steer clear of 95% of online MCU talk for the last three months to avoid spoilers while in lockdown was a blessing in disguise. Caught up with this thread yesterday and was glad I could fast forward through that all. The clip is 18 seconds so I'd need way more context just to start. Also it was posted by a Wanda stan so you have to take their hyperbole into account.
  3. I was able to finally catch up with the MCU today (lockdown induced) so bring on a trailer.
  4. It'll be interesting to see how it goes, I'd say lockdown/covid will have some impact, between people maybe being hesitant to be in enclosed spaces, and maybe people not realising they'll need to be quick with booking tickets due to capacity/social distancing measures? I imagine it'll eventually fill up but Wellington is doing really well. Although I suppose since their screens are more limited it's easier for them to sell faster. I just wish Hoyts and Reading were as easy to check the maps for as Event is, you literally just need to hover for them and they have number of seats av
  5. I get standard tickets from my work for Event for $10, and then $2.50 IMAX upgrade and $1.50 booking fee = $14 for IMAX. It's the only reason I can afford to go so much, if I had to pay full price of $26.50 (plus booking fee), lol no. Absolutely crazy that VMax is the same price for a regular seat and $29.50 for the recliner, couldn't be me spending that much. Funnily enough IMAX pricing has actually gone down, previously it was $16.50 for 2D and $19.50 for 3D using my work tickets and booking online. Now they don't do 3D but as above the price has decreased. Not sure about if the
  6. Haha thanks, I think I saw it just before I saw this notification. As I said on the Spidey thread, goddamn person who messed up IMAX making me lose sleep and then fixing their problem this morning. 😅 I'm just thankful I could get in with good seats, that's why I stayed up and was worried, this is gonna sell like crazy and IMAX is gonna be the hot ticket, just like Dune for the first week open is already gone. And yeah, tracking seems pointless with the capacity restrictions. It's definitely selling well though, particularly at The Grand in Wellington. I like to keep an eye on that
  7. Bloody hell, whichever dummy was in charge of putting up the sessions at midnight this morning failed, they put them all up except the goddamn theatre that has IMAX. I stayed up until 1:20am hoping they'd realise their mistake but they didn't. Just got up about 30 mins ago for work (after having checked at 5am and 7am) and they're fucking up now finally. Maybe it's a blessing, there were a bunch of people complaining that IMAX wasn't up on insta and FB so it might've been more work if they hadn't been incompetent. Managed to pick up Thursday night and Friday night tickets without m
  8. Tickets don't go on sale here until Wednesday so I'm just chilling until then. I wouldn't normally be too worried since I'm meh over Spider-man but IMAX has a 100 person limit down from the 425 seats available, so that's the only thing that's concerning me. I don't care about making the first showing but good seats are going to go quick due to spacing requirements. If they did go on-sale at midnight I'm usually up then anyway, but they haven't specified. The only time I remember the Event site here having issues was TFA. TLJ was decent and TRoS was a lot easier. IW was pretty slow
  9. Yeah, I pretty much expected that. It's just too crammed now with four other IMAX movies in release and then Spidey coming in less than two weeks after opening. Between it releasing ages ago and being on Disney+/physical release it was a given but still a bummer. Been a long-ass time since I missed out on an MCU movie in IMAX (outside of SMH and FFH I've seen them all there since GotG). Stupid lockdown. Oh well, I should be glad it's getting a limited release, gonna have to cram in my viewings since I like seeing MCU movies multiple times in theatres. Probably gonna see it twice on
  10. 3rd of December we move to Red light and cinemas can re-open, fucking finally. I'm gonna spend all night refreshing cinema websites waiting for sessions to go up so I hope they do. 🙏 I'm jonseing to buy some tickets, give 'em to me. ETA: Reading Cinemas has a couple of sessions up for Shang-Chi, aww yissss. Waiting for Event but at least we have that.
  11. So, seems likely 29th November is when we can move to the red traffic light aka goddamn cinemas can open. Seems more likely than moving to stage 3 which will also open cinemas, but either way at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Will definitely be holding off on watching Shang-Chi on Disney+ come Friday and looking forward to seeing Eternals of course as well. Plus at least we can have some certainty once we move to red since there won't be closures, just capacity limits. With NWH and Matrix Resurrections coming I don't want to have to be worried I can't see them
  12. Brb, forging essential worker documents and getting a covid test so I can sneak out. If I get caught I haven't used my diversion yet so I've got that in my back pocket. 🙏
  13. Such a goddamn waste since it was entirely shot in IMAX. I won't hold my breath but they can usually fit in 4 showings a day for IMAX, so give them each one showing a day. At this point I'm just hoping we can get cinemas open before goddamn Hawkeye starts airing, I'm spoiler free but if they're still shut with SC and Eternals unwatched, what if there's something relevant we're missing? Then I'll have to delay watching the one thing I should be guaranteed to be able to watch. Boo! ETA: I saw Eternals tickets have gone on-sale already, so no delaying that. It makes sens
  14. Gotta say, I'm glad I'm seeing BW showing in NSW when checking Event Cinemas, gives me hope I can catch Shang-Chi in theatres when they finally fucking reopen here. I don't care if I have to wait until after it's come out on Disney+, I want to see it in an effing cinema. IMAX is preferable but I'll take a regular one at this point. Don't think I haven't thought of ways to smuggle myself out of Auckland just to watch it a few times and come back. If I didn't have cats to look after I'd seriously consider it.
  15. Can the government start up with the vaccine passport already, we need to push that shit otherwise we're gonna be in this shit for too many goddamn weeks. The anti-vax fuckwits holding out need to know they're not going to be able to do things soon. Fuck's sake.
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