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  1. Strange is gonna be in this movie huh? Finally something to pique my interest.
  2. Thank god they moved it and are committed to theatrical, the thought of watching this for the first time on Disney+ was too depressing to me for words. I'm also glad they didn't bother fucking around with February because odds are low that that's going to be decent, might as well be realistic about this shit.
  3. Oh my god, it's beautiful. I know it's because of the delay but BW getting two Total Film covers this year is amazing. They showed the second trailer in front of Tenet this past weekend and while I took a couple of peeks I didn't watch it overall. As for when they'll release it, who the hell knows. I never though Mulan would be sent to Disney+ in a million years, so I now officially assume nothing. Although with how Tenet unfortunately under-performed I think the current release date is a stretch. But again, who knows. At this point in time I just want to see it in theatres, the thought of having to watch it at home is gutting tbh.
  4. I'm seeing it for a second time today so I'm interested to see how it plays. I've watched some explanation videos and read some stuff on Reddit to try to wrap my brain around it and I think I've managed to get more clarity on some aspects, but I guess I'll see for sure in a couple of hours.
  5. Pretty much my thoughts on Tenet: I mean, I got a reasonable amount of it but some of it tripped me up, but I know that's not exactly uncommon so that's fine. It was great to be back at the cinemas though, it's been 6 months since I was there last. I missed u, IMAX.
  6. I've avoided all footage besides the first trailer released last December and I had to think about whether I'd watch the second trailer if it comes up in front of Tenet. On one hand I want to see as much of it as fresh as I can when I do (finally) see it, but on the other what if they put it straight on Disney+ and I never get to see that footage on the big screen? I decided I'll look away if it does show in front of Tenet, which I think it most likely will because what the hell else is there to show at the moment. Maybe I'll regret it but I'm glad to hear it played well on the big screen. Now I'm just praying I get to see the movie in theatres - I care a lot less about when that is and much more about where.
  7. What the literal fuck?! I thought this was fake at first, I'm fucking shocked.
  8. No Tenet for me this weekend, lockdown just got extended. Sucks, but I'd rather that get sorted than blow up, so oh well.
  9. I didn't realise there were screenings here this weekend, but I've just been looking at the Event Cinemas page and couldn't see anything in the non-Auckland theatres, I see they're on at Reading at least. At this point I'm just hoping it's safe enough to get to level 2 otherwise I won't get the chance to see it next Saturday at IMAX.
  10. When I realised when it's due to end I was like, so we have a chance. No previews but Thursday viewings are technically possible. Fingers crossed, I wanna see this shit goddamn (while also being safe of course).
  11. Talk about taking the piss, what a fucking muppet. Should've fined him more.
  12. It's showing for 3rd September here while Tenet is strangely nowhere to be seen.
  13. You still have a shot, it even being released this year is far from certain with how things are going.
  14. Reading also has it here so I think it should be fine, it's just bizarre that it was there this morning with the correct date and then it vanished off the face of the earth. Seems like the opposite of what should happen, but you do you, Event. Although when checking the Reading site I saw they have the BTTF trilogy coming up, might have to go see that.
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