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  1. When I realised when it's due to end I was like, so we have a chance. No previews but Thursday viewings are technically possible. Fingers crossed, I wanna see this shit goddamn (while also being safe of course).
  2. Talk about taking the piss, what a fucking muppet. Should've fined him more.
  3. It's showing for 3rd September here while Tenet is strangely nowhere to be seen.
  4. You still have a shot, it even being released this year is far from certain with how things are going.
  5. Reading also has it here so I think it should be fine, it's just bizarre that it was there this morning with the correct date and then it vanished off the face of the earth. Seems like the opposite of what should happen, but you do you, Event. Although when checking the Reading site I saw they have the BTTF trilogy coming up, might have to go see that.
  6. But also, I just looked at Event's site and Tenet is now gone when it was there and listed as of my previous post. I am confusion.
  7. Definitely hoping it holds, it's been too long since I've been to IMAX. The theatres will be dying for it as well, especially a fancy new one that opened in my city literally two weeks before it had to shut again because of the lockdown. It's open now but having a new blockbuster like this will be sorely needed. It's listed here for the 26th as well so it seems promising.
  8. Yeah, I've been pretty pessimistic about this whole thing which has only gotten worse in the US unfortunately, so I reset my expectations to May 2021 back when it first got moved. It's tough to say conclusively what'll happen since this is obviously unprecedented, but I'd say odds aren't in favour of Disney forgoing theatrical in the US unless they're extremely desperate. Exactly. After Eternals there's nothing filmed anyway. Shang-Chi is going to start up again but who knows how that'll go, so it's not like BW's holding the theatrical slate up since there's not much there. It seems like a waste to rush it out when they'll have to catch up anyway, and even TFaTWS hasn't been completed, so we'll hit a wall when it comes to releases at some point anyway.
  9. It's kinda blowing my mind that they're actually doing this as well, and I'll be super pissed if it leaks. Spoilers will be bad enough but the film itself leaking will be awful. Although who knows when we'll get to see it, and when it does release what it can even do box office-wise anyway. Sigh.
  10. Do they have theatres there that it'll be screening at? Or some other delivery method? Seems ripe for piracy depending on how it's done and how much they gaf about keeping access controlled.
  11. BoP was so great, I'm still bummed it didn't do so hot at the box office and I'll be sad if it's not a follow-up (which seems likely). But at least it made me love Harley after finding her grating af in SS. I'm listening to the BoP soundtrack I just bought yesterday so this seems fitting. Maybe some of the other characters could show up in the film at the very least?
  12. Over the last three weeks I've been rewatching Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman because it was one of my favourite shows as a kid and I need some nostalgic comfort viewing right now. Plus I probably haven't watched my DVDs in at least a decade so I figured I should go through them again. And man, every episode is like a warm hug and usually has me grinning at the end of it (and several times during it), so I'm having a great time. Just finished the S2 finale and I'll probably watch another couple of episodes tonight. It's so very '90s but that's exactly what I want right now. Dean Cain is sexy af (I had a huuuge crush on him of course), Teri Hatcher is amazing as Lois (and shout out to her for getting the Starring title added in the second season, because she most definitely is the lead along with Clark/Superman), and the SFX are absolutely laughable but I don't give a single fuck. Inject this cheesy goodness straight into my veins. There's an informant on the show that pops up occasionally that they buy fast food for as payment for information and yesterday there was an episode where he was eating and talking to Lois on a payphone. Using both hands, eating while touching the payphone and swapping hands while doing so and I was pretty much dying inside. Seems like a bad idea at any point in time, but right now?
  13. The beach and he also drove somewhere to go mountain biking after saying no one should be driving places to exercise or take part in high risk activities.
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