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  1. Over the last three weeks I've been rewatching Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman because it was one of my favourite shows as a kid and I need some nostalgic comfort viewing right now. Plus I probably haven't watched my DVDs in at least a decade so I figured I should go through them again. And man, every episode is like a warm hug and usually has me grinning at the end of it (and several times during it), so I'm having a great time. Just finished the S2 finale and I'll probably watch another couple of episodes tonight. It's so very '90s but that's exactly what I want right now. Dean Cain is sexy af (I had a huuuge crush on him of course), Teri Hatcher is amazing as Lois (and shout out to her for getting the Starring title added in the second season, because she most definitely is the lead along with Clark/Superman), and the SFX are absolutely laughable but I don't give a single fuck. Inject this cheesy goodness straight into my veins. There's an informant on the show that pops up occasionally that they buy fast food for as payment for information and yesterday there was an episode where he was eating and talking to Lois on a payphone. Using both hands, eating while touching the payphone and swapping hands while doing so and I was pretty much dying inside. Seems like a bad idea at any point in time, but right now?
  2. The beach and he also drove somewhere to go mountain biking after saying no one should be driving places to exercise or take part in high risk activities.
  3. I did the same for the Event Xmas sale, bought $200 worth and managed to get through $50 of that before theatres closed. I also have about 6 of their vouchers I bought through my work which are due to expire at the end of the year, so they'd better extend the use-by dates for both of these.
  4. It's been set for the 29th October here, which gives it a couple of weeks before Bond on the 12th November. Ya know, IF it actually goes ahead, which I am not holding my breath on currently.
  5. Cute vid. Now I'm just thinkin' about how if the movie was still being released on its original date how I'd be seeing it in a couple hours at the preview. But alas.
  6. What good timing for this news to come out, reminds me that I was almost finished watching the movie for the first time exactly one year ago. How times fucking change.
  7. Did these figures take into account all the tickets Disney bought to prop this flop up?
  8. Yeah, Eternals was listed as arriving in late October OS to start with, so I can see BW getting that as well, should it actually release in November.
  9. At this point I have my doubts about even November, but all we can do is wait and see right now.
  10. Yes? Because film scoring is extremely male and I'm sure there's women out there who deserve to have a chance to get a big movie like this. If women headlining movies and directing them is important, scoring should be as well. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/10/movies/female-film-composers.html
  11. I think it's that she says what people want to be true. So many want to see BW asap they've deluded themselves into thinking Disney would lose a fuckton in revenue just so they can watch the movie. They're thinking about it from their POV and wanting to get their fix and not from a business POV. People are always more willing to believe something that benefits them like this. It's pretty hilarious watching people claim that since there's no new movies out Disney should do this to make us happy, like they care about that more than money. Lol @ her doubling down on it while also saying it might not happen. Love that she can never be fully proven wrong with that little bit in there.
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