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  1. Same here! My friend messaged me about this and I was all holy shit what does it mean!? JJ's been very specific that Kylo isn't a Sith so now there are Sith troopers. It's got me going and also
  2. Saw Endgame with bonus footage yesterday afternoon and it was nice to see the movie again after a few weeks. I'd meant to see it one more time before it left cinemas here but I kept going to see Aladdin again instead so this was good to have a chance to make it again. They only showed the Stan Lee tribute and the deleted scene, not the Spidey sneak peek which I didn't really care about but thought it was interesting they didn't just leave it on even though the movie's out now. The showings here are selling well but they're limited and in small theatres (mine was a 50 seat and sold 47 tickets) so won't make much of a dent but I was glad they had it available for us as well. There were at least a handful of people who must not have seen it before because they were the ones reacting and laughing at certain parts while the rest of us weren't, but it was nice to avoid sitting in silence lol.
  3. Amazon and Disney have had a dispute going on between them since 2016 (and they had another one back in 2014 since I remember it affecting my purchase of TWS) so they only get briefly listed on the site and then get pulled, and the pre-orders that do make it in usually have delays as well. Last year for a while they were making those titles Prime only so it's better just to skip Amazon.com if wanting to buy these movies. The Amazons in other countries don't have this issue, it's just the US one.
  4. Disney don't do extended cuts for home release anyway, unless it was somehow part of the merger agreement which I highly doubt. So don't get your hopes up on that front.
  5. Totally forgot it was Monday today since it's Queen's Birthday here so I was very confused as to why this was posted at first. Yikes for Godzilla but go Aladdin!
  6. I got Vader as well except I purposely chose C3P0 as my favourite droid because he has the most sense dammit.
  7. Wow, I didn't even know any place was still showing the movie here. I don't think it was anywhere near me so unfortunately I'll be unable to see it again.
  8. I ended up seeing this twice on Saturday, once at IMAX with only maybe 30 people in a 400+ seat theatre, and once at my local cinema also with just over 400 seats but this one was nearly sold out. I really loved it and I'll be seeing it again this weekend with family, although it sucks both Godzilla and Rocketman are coming out because it's losing most of the premium theatres (losing IMAX isn't as bad since it never sold much there anyway). I'm glad to see it doing well and beating a lot of peoples' negative expectations based on the trailers, here's hoping it can leg it out and get a good total. As an aside there's a teachers' strike here in NZ today for all schools up to high school, so that's a ton of kids looking for something to do. I've been checking out the cinema sites and the majority of screens look to be doing basically school holiday business so it'll be interesting to see how this helps the take here. Detective Pikachu is also selling more but has smaller theatres, so won't benefit as much, but it's a little boost for that too. Of course we're a small country so it won't be huge overall, but it still helps since it'll be the last day it has the bigger theatres before Godzilla and RM come out tonight for previews/tomorrow.
  9. I'm almost tempted to read what's apparently now debunked. But I won't.
  10. I had a look at the IMAX session and it had sold about a third of the seats which I feel is decent? I did notice the Albany GC was sold out so that's cool. Speaking of which, thank god after Event updated their website they put back the ability to view the seat plan without having to go through the ticket-buying process. It disappeared for a few days and I was pissed but it's back now. It's just so handy to be able to look at how sessions are doing quickly. I love SW as well, been to all the other films' midnight IMAX sessions but Solo was like, eh. It didn't help it was in May as well as opposed to December when I have time off work to go to midnights, but I did still see it opening night and it was fine. Not amazing but not terrible either.
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