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  1. Nice, I've been waiting for this to be released. I hope this issue has the final poster on A4 cardboard like the one for TLJ did, I've still got that up facing my computer desk and it'd be cool to replace it with the new one. Speaking of which, I finally bought the TRoS Empire magazine today (yeah we get it late) and it comes with a pull-out TRoS teaser poster, so I'll have to put that up shortly. Life is honestly so much better when you don't follow any of that crap. So much stuff's made up and what isn't is better to be surprised by anyway. But people are always gonna work themselves into a frenzy over nothing I guess.
  2. It's listed as Eternals in the official picture from SDCC but Feige said The Eternals when introducing them at D23. So in conclusion, idk.
  3. lmao, perfect gif. I have on occasion thought about reading spoilers for things, but I just enjoy it so much more if I know as little as possible. Endgame mostly unspoiled was some good shit. 👍 It is hard wondering if you're going to run across spoilers somewhere unrelated because people are so awful they want to ruin it for others. Reminds me of idiots who left comments about Han dying in random youtube videos, like what kind of effort for being a douche to people you don't even know.
  4. So basically I should stick to my books and ban the internet from my life for the next 6 weeks (omg, six weeks to the day until I see it). 😑 It's one thing to spoil oneself, but it's another to go around trying to ruin it for others. Talk about having too much time on your hands to be doing shit like that.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I have been watching more SW fanvids than I usually do so my recommendations are definitely showing more of them in general. I don't see a lot of fan art and won't see any now hopefully since I have all the tags for SW blocked in tumblr, so we'll see. I have no idea what the second image is, but the one I did see is super spoilery, although I will say
  6. That certainly hit me right in the feels. Although be careful on youtube, while browsing just before this I saw someone using the leaked spoiler image in their vid thumbnail. 🤬 I just finished my re-read of Bloodline, which is an awesome book btw - I know people don't like things like the First Order buildup not being explained in the movies, but it's interesting to read about all the same. Up next is Leia: Princess of Alderaan. I do have a hold on Resistance Reborn but I'm not sure how quickly it'll be available so I'll keep going on that one until I get it; hopefully it's not too long since the library system says there's 5 on order and I'm the lucky 5th person to request a hold. I've also got Last Shot to go through again and I'll try to squeeze in re-reads of the TFA and TLJ novelisations as well, although I can drop TFA if needed since I've read that a couple of times already. And this isn't even talking about my full saga rewatch I also want to do, fingers crossed I can manage it in time.
  7. Sooo I have failed epically in my quest to avoid spoilers. I accidentally saw what I presume to be the leaked picture when I was on tumblr earlier today. I'd actually been avoiding tumblr for the most part since I heard about the leak and knew I'd have to blacklist some tags/users to ensure I didn't see anything I didn't want to but hadn't done it yet. I got complacent and was being lazy since I don't follow many SW blogs so was like, eh I'll be fine, and I was scrolling down and then saw it. Cue my reaction after processing the fact I'd seen it. I've blacklisted everything Star Wars now so hopefully that helps, but god damn it. I didn't even make it a fortnight, womp womp. Although it does remind me that it gets a lot harder the closer it is to release, I'm already getting paranoid scrolling through youtube now (so many recs for videos discussing the leaks) and I still remember being spoiled for Rey using Kylo's lightsaber in TLJ, although that was in a tv spot which just makes it worse since it's not technically a spoiler but I do avoid them. Only 46 long, long days to go now, and may those of you also avoiding spoilers fare better than I. 🙏
  8. I've been intending to see Terminator but this just makes me want to see it more. I really wanna see any of the trailers on the big screen so fingers crossed I get it. Although IMAX would basically guarantee it though since they only show trailers for IMAX movies, hmm.
  9. I vaguely saw stuff about people not wanting them on Star Wars since it was announced, so I did know kinda about them not being great, but the shit really hit the fan with S8 of GoT so I was able to follow it more. And woof, they did the first Wolverine movie? Triple thank god they're gone. The PR "oh if we can work with them in the future" and claiming scheduling is an issue is pretty funny though. Mere days after they gave that terrible interview and now all of a sudden they're out? What a coincidence.
  10. I didn't even watch GoT but I knew a lot of people were unhappy with how S8 went, and quite frankly a lot of the stuff they said in the twitter thread you linked was mind-blowing. The fact they actually said it all out loud is... well. Thank god LFL pulled a Trevorrow with this, I was hoping they would. 🙏
  11. That's similar to the other issue I have with bingeing, I feel like I don't take the episodes in as well and they all become a blur. So even when I do have whole seasons available to watch I usually only do 1 episode a day for hour long shows, maybe more for half an hour ones since they're usually comedies. The only time I've ever finished an entire 13 episode show in a weekend was Daredevil S3 (which was really good), but man, I did not get anything else done at all. I also did S4 of Veronica Mars and even though it was only 8 episodes it still felt like I did nothing else, so while six might not be as bad, I still greatly prefer weekly personally.
  12. I much prefer weekly releases, I'm the same in that I don't have time to binge and I also don't want to get spoiled. But I also feel like dropping a whole series in one go makes it fade away more quickly. People just watch it and move on, but weekly releases mean there can be discussion and it stays around longer in conversation.
  13. Seriously. With all the clickbait around there's no way an even remotely legit story about something like this wouldn't be getting spammed everywhere right now. This just reminds me of how every clickbaiter and their dog on YouTube was trying to sell that KK was about to get fired after what "happened" with TLJ... and then she had her contract renewed.
  14. Since I'm in a Star Wars mood I just re-watched TFA (in 3D), and it's just so much fun. I watched the TRoS trailer right afterwards and it made it even better, and I can't believe the trilogy is almost over already. Rewatching TFA also made me wonder a couple of things exactly like I try to avoid, but I can't help but hope the vision Rey had gets followed up in some way. I won't expect it but it'll be cool if it's explained a bit more (unless it already has been? Idk). I'm going to try to rewatch TLJ tomorrow if I have time, and while I don't really rank movies it's definitely my favourite SW film.
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