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  1. Comments on an official tweet was how I got spoiled for May the day before seeing Spidey lol. They also disabled them for the premiere livestream, I'm pretty sure they usually leave them on so looks like a general change. Would be good to do going forward for all the movies tbh.
  2. I will be peacing outta here shortly then. Just saw the premiere livestream is up and due to go live in 45 mins though.
  3. My Twitter TL is pretty good with spoilers since I don't follow specifically MCU fans at all, just people who are into movies in general and don't spoil, so I kept going there up until now when I just saw someone say shit's hitting the fan. Peacing out immediately and will probably just avoid YouTube now too, no point risking it when there's only two days to go. Will be interested to watch the promo after seeing the movie though. At least with Spidey it was easier since the big shit was spoiled forever ago and was basically an open secret, but also idc about Spidey as much and spoiled the first two movies myself, but I definitely want to know as little going into this as possible. I'll probably try to watch the premiere but I'm hoping they don't show trailer footage in it, been a while since I watched one of them so can't really remember. I hope they play the score like they usually do though, I want to get a taste of that.
  4. Interesting. Maybe it was meant to be released after the movie and they mucked up. Obviously didn't see it myself but it's a guess. Will probs still avoid twitter which sucks because how else am I meant to procrastinate from work? Guess NZ reddit will have to be it like it was for 3.5 months last year when I was trying to avoid spoilers during our lockdown. At least I also have eps 4-9 of WV and Doctor Strange to rewatch to keep me somewhat occupied over the next five days before previews. The last days are always the toughest; I'm not tempted to be spoiled at all but it's more likely to happen. Can't wait to see this in a pretty full theatre though, there were restrictions for NWH so the 100 people there tried to make cheering happen in my IMAX showing but there weren't enough there for it. 😅
  5. This is a big reason I peaced out of a lot of fandom and online discussion tbh, people flip out over the most ridiculous things both on the fan side and the ones who have an obsession with hating everything MCU on principle. And that's why I like to stay as spoiler free as possible, no point hearing things good or bad before the movie comes out, I just watch it and go from there. I used to be hugely into spoilers a decade plus ago and used to also lose my mind over things that never even ended up happening. Took a while for me to learn my lesson but I'm much less stressed now. Particularly since some of the fake spoilers I've seen after something came out had me happy I dodged freaking out about it.
  6. Hurrah, going to Orange tonight and I can see the Event Cinema site has already dropped the social distancing seating for sessions from tomorrow onwards, so I'm hoping the MoM showings will fill up now. I'm ready for that opening night preview crowd experience.
  7. Excellent. The 2nd in the US is the 3rd here and then I see it on the 4th, so there won't be too much time I'll have to avoid the internet to not see spoilers. All I have to do is hope the youtube algorithm doesn't spam me with spoiler shots from trailer and shit between now and then. The only thing that sucks is my timezone is once again putting a movie and a series in conflict; the Moon Knight finale will drop at the same time I'm watching the MoM preview. Very much looking forward to both, so it's gonna be a good but full night.
  8. The vaccine pass removal is 4th April, while the capacity limit increases are at 11:59pm this Friday, so essentially from Saturday if I'm not mistaken? That's why I checked for Saturday sessions. I saw NWH opening night (not first though since they had screenings during the day) and that audience got pretty hyped lol. Would've been great it it was the full 425 seat IMAX capacity instead of just 100 since that was pretty loud so I'm imagining how epic a full house would've been. It's definitely a possibility we could get to no capacity limits just with masking still in place, but we won't know for a few weeks. Although I'm wondering what'll happen with ticket sales and if we're still in red but then change to orange later. Would be annoying that there'd be all the social distancing gaps and would still affect capacity. Makes me wonder if cinemas here will hold off on presales a bit if there's a chance we could go to orange by the time of release.
  9. I think social distancing will still be a thing which kinda sucks, as it still means there's far fewer good seats to go around and will still limit cinemas in that way, as well as the smaller rooms, but oh well. I just had a look at The Batman for Saturday at the Embassy and social distancing is still being done so seems likely it's staying. I'm hoping things are better for DS2 as well, it's hard to say being that we're going into winter but it'd be cool if getting rid of social distancing and limits was safe because it's been a long ass time since I've been in a sold out or close to it screening. Black Widow opening night is the last for me and DS2 seems like it'd be great for the atmosphere of a packed theatre, so fingers crossed. Impossible to tell with omicron though, so who knows. At least I won't have to miss out for months like last year and cinemas in Auckland being closed for SO. LONG.
  10. As someone who hasn't watched the second trailer (but has seen certain info while skimming), it's definitely a surprise to see it doing so many views. I'm just hoping I can keep up my current level of spoiler avoidance, but as the release comes closer I'll have to ramp up my game. Will be interesting to see what this ends up doing with so much hype now, I'm just praying the omicron wave won't affect cinemas locally, I'd be enraged if there was a delay to getting to see this. Shang-Chi and Eternals I was unhappy about but could handle, but this would kill me lol.
  11. Been waiting for it to get a cover, definitely gonna buy that. 😀
  12. I'll actually watch this one week-to-week, I didn't for BoBF and got spoiled for all the things even though I don't even follow SW accounts (but do follow a few nerdy ones, so yeah, expected). Tbf if I cared that much I would've watched every week though lol. Will be interesting to see what they do with this, I can't say I like the prequels or have fondness for this character in particular, but I'm wondering what they'll cover in the show. Guess Moon Knight also gets to have six full weeks instead of the theorised two episodes on premiere night to get it out of the way before 4th May. I guess it still could get the double ep first treatment but there's not another impending show to make it much more likely. I agree that it's always good to take extra time if needed, particularly with covid still causing issues. Looking forward to the trailer to get a taste of what it looks like for sure.
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