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  1. I do find the angry people online saying they're not going to bother watching this because of the delays strange. So you wanted to watch it but because it was delayed you now don't want to? Ok... I hope they do sort the whole theatre issue thing out, I want this to make as much as it can in theatres.
  2. Twitter/YT are full of those comments, in addition to crying about how it's a prequel and "doesn't matter".
  3. Yeah, even on twitter I've been seeing people all "If it really comes out in July", so I imagine it'll get better. I kinda get with so many false starts some might not comprehend that this time it's different and this really is it, but once they do they'll get excited again. I'm not watching footage outside of the first trailer still, but I listened to the audio since I wanted to hear this choral Russian Avengers theme, so I heard the dialogue and now I'm all: 7th July previews cannot come fast enough and there better not be a damn lockdown otherwise I will die. Also I took a peek at the very end title card/animation and it looks so good. 😭
  4. I thought there'd be a chance this would move with them still not having released anything for Shang-Chi yet, it seemed like an indicator even if things are messy now and they're not necessarily following the usual release pattern for trailers. This is now updated at Hoyts as expected: It makes sense they wouldn't do the week early release when PA is involved, although who knows if they'll do an early theatrical release in countries that don't have Disney+ yet. They haven't so far but I guess it's possible. At least we now have a set release date, since I was still iffy about May when they first moved it there tbh. I don't mind waiting until July to try to get more theaters open to give it more of a chance, I thought that was the best thing to do because why not give it a couple more months when vaccinations are ramping up. Although, if Top Gun sticks around for 2nd July does that still get the IMAX exclusivity or whatever it is? It's been a long-ass time since I remember reading about it last year with this and WW84, and I'm coming up blank in searches so I can't remember what that is exactly.
  5. Yep. Event does as well, since I get this when I go to its site: But as we know Event are pissy at Disney so don't have their stuff listed until late af. Makes me wonder if they'll pull the same with this, but it ain't Raya and people snap up MCU tickets.
  6. @Jamiem Event Cinemas just put Raya tickets up for sale (obviously not for Auckland lol). Seriously bringing it down to the wire but I'm happy, I'll definitely see it there once we hit level 2. Glad to see they will show movies that are getting same-ish day streaming on Disney+, was more than a bit worried they weren't going to.
  7. Reading also have it up and they have one showing per day for the first week on sale there at the moment. 👍 I honestly wonder if Event Cinemas are pissed at Disney at the moment for skipping theatrical for Soul and Mulan, because they still haven't put BW back up on their Coming Soon page, although since I put it on my Watchlist back before all these moves I can still see it pending (70 days currently, I'll believe that when I see it). But also at WW84 in IMAX they showed the trailer for Top Gun which is due to come out after BW does and they've been showing it forever since I saw it when I went to see Tenet there a few times. But the BW trailer hasn't been shown at all. I also saw Tenet at Reading and they showed a BW trailer there, so I have my suspicions. They'd have to be crazy to not show Raya but I just thought it was interesting how they've been avoiding Disney after they pulled their films from theatres.
  8. Fingers crossed it'll be another Northland where it doesn't spread but it's too early to say. I'm meant to be going to Wellington on the 27th so if we're not at Level 2 and them at Level 1 then that'll be off/postponed since it's for a concert. 😔
  9. Thought we'd do Level 2 so 3 was a bit of a surprise, for me at least. Cinemas must be pissed, Detective Chinatown 3 has been selling great from the few times I've looked and now they have to shut completely. Oof. I just looked at the IMAX showimg for tonight and they've already started blocking seating like at Level 2, although it must be 75% sold by now.
  10. I mean, they'd have to be crazy not to show it, no? Plus I could've sworn I saw it listed on the Hoyts site the other day but now I can't find it. I just saw this on the NZ Disney+ page so at least it will be released here in cinemas, which I was getting kinda worried about tbh. I'll definitely be seeing it in theatres as well because lol no at watching any movies on TV if I don't have to. I could see them sticking session times up later so I'll just be stalking the pages for the next few weeks I guess.
  11. Pretty standard runtime and makes me wonder if it stays on the current date since it's been revealed.
  12. It made it! Will be interesting to see how high it can go from here being that the first made $4.9M and this still has the rest of January for school holidays. Of course the time of year helps vs June but it's encouraging to see movies do well here and hopefully it translates to the rest of the world once things start going on that front again.
  13. It'll be interesting to see when they release a first trailer for this, that'll give an indication of how seriously they'll be taking the July date. They've been pretty consistent with doing a first one 6 months before release, and that's this month, so let's see what happens there. Although I could see them being cagey on it as well, even if it did get released in it's currently set spot. So in conclusion: who the fuck knows.
  14. I'm pretty much treating all release dates as maybes at the moment, except perhaps Eternals since they clearly want it in November and that seems like a kinda safe-ish bet at this point? (Famous last words.) I could see them pushing Shang-Chi to Feb next year since that spot was its original one and maybe BW has to be pushed again. Particularly with DS having to halt filming, there's a serious lack of certainty going around so more shifts aren't out of the question imo. Vaccines being available now is obviously amazing, but people have to actually get them and that doesn't seem to be going great in the US currently, not to mention the new highly contagious strains complicating things even more. Bet they're insanely happy they have the TV shows to pick up MCU slack and getting something new out there, if they didn't have anything on that front maybe they'd be more willing to push it to streaming. I am heartened by the commitment at this point for it to be theatrical though - since BW seems to be a one and done, and not part of an ongoing franchise I figured they'd be more willing to take a loss on it than keep holding back. That could change depending on what happens, but we'll just have to wait and see.
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