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  1. Isn't that because the US premiere is super close to the release date due to the Oscars?
  2. Their impotent rage will be made even more sweet when this rakes in the money and they realise it was all for naught. If they're even capable of that level of logic and thought, that is.
  3. Very much here for #3. Exactly a fortnight until I can see it, not that I'm counting the days or anything.
  4. Get outta here with your reading the article and comprehension skills.
  5. I haven't watched anything past the first trailer but this is making me want to. I won't, but I want to.
  6. Man, Black Panther getting nommed is the gift that's just gonna keep on giving.
  7. So because it took a while that means it shouldn't be hyped? That makes no sense.
  8. Punching the old lady when she appears is fun.
  9. I was wondering how that was going just the other day. I thought it was supposed to be finished this year?
  10. Some of you are being seriously dramatic about this movie.
  11. Not a lot clip-wise but I'm fine with that. I want to see as little as possible going into this.
  12. It's still good to counter that narrative, even if you don't change their mind you may change others'.

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