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  1. It made it! Will be interesting to see how high it can go from here being that the first made $4.9M and this still has the rest of January for school holidays. Of course the time of year helps vs June but it's encouraging to see movies do well here and hopefully it translates to the rest of the world once things start going on that front again.
  2. It'll be interesting to see when they release a first trailer for this, that'll give an indication of how seriously they'll be taking the July date. They've been pretty consistent with doing a first one 6 months before release, and that's this month, so let's see what happens there. Although I could see them being cagey on it as well, even if it did get released in it's currently set spot. So in conclusion: who the fuck knows.
  3. I'm pretty much treating all release dates as maybes at the moment, except perhaps Eternals since they clearly want it in November and that seems like a kinda safe-ish bet at this point? (Famous last words.) I could see them pushing Shang-Chi to Feb next year since that spot was its original one and maybe BW has to be pushed again. Particularly with DS having to halt filming, there's a serious lack of certainty going around so more shifts aren't out of the question imo. Vaccines being available now is obviously amazing, but people have to actually get them and that doesn't seem to be going great in the US currently, not to mention the new highly contagious strains complicating things even more. Bet they're insanely happy they have the TV shows to pick up MCU slack and getting something new out there, if they didn't have anything on that front maybe they'd be more willing to push it to streaming. I am heartened by the commitment at this point for it to be theatrical though - since BW seems to be a one and done, and not part of an ongoing franchise I figured they'd be more willing to take a loss on it than keep holding back. That could change depending on what happens, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  4. That's what Americans say when they write dates backwards.
  5. Why does Australia have to do wickets first then runs? When I first read it I thought this was 1 run for nine wickets and was wondering why I hadn't heard about such an unprecedented collapse.
  6. Exactly. Definitely something strange is going on, on this page https://www.eventcinemas.co.nz/Promotions/WonderWoman1984TOSN?fbclid=IwAR359ydX225eBZ6UKt3L0OWeRvgAwvSD3dSQP25kjL4Gsiw9KB6BCUiRQbs#cinemas=504,520,502,512,506,505 they have the screening still referred to in the yellow box and the one at the Embassy is still active. This is gonna bug me, lol.
  7. Umm wtf? Looks like they've removed the Mega screenings as I can't see them on the promotions page on the site, which is completely bizarre. I guess the only way to know what happened is if someone who had one booked mentions it somewhere or asking the Queen Street branch directly, but I'm seriously confused. It's legit two days away and they just went and cancelled them?
  8. Kat being taken to the car is in her past, since from her POV she's brought from the car into the room, shot, and then left there. It gets confusing because we then switch to Sator's POV, but all of that happened in the past since we're going backwards when we follow him. Someone reversed the scene from when Sator comes out of the turnstile, maybe it'll help:
  9. Looks like the presales for Newmarket are also doing well and they've added another 7pm preview. I always felt bad for that cinema, it was delayed from its early-December opening so it missed out on that sweet SW money, then it didn't open until literally a week before we went into lockdown. 🤣 I didn't keep an eye on it for Tenet screenings since I mainly focused on IMAX for that, but it's probably like, thank god we have something to show over the summer holidays. Talk about trying to launch a fancy new cinema at the worst possible time, it's almost impressive how terrible its opening circumstances were.
  10. Regarding the IMAX preview they've limited seats to that one, the first three rows have been blocked out, most likely due to the fact it's a Mega ticket screening with a funko pop. I had a look at it just after they'd done it and iirc there's 301 seats available.
  11. It'll definitely be interesting to see how it does, and at least we have a sort of comparison with Aquaman also releasing on Boxing Day. AM apparently made $6.1M in total, although I feel like there was an advantage with that being that it was a Polynesian lead so that was pretty appealing here. But at least we have something to go by for this time of year. The first WW made $4.9M so we'll see how this one goes. I remember keeping an eye on Tenet sales in IMAX and it seemed to do really well despite the limits for the first few weeks so hopefully this follows suit. It's great to see another blockbuster finally here, I bet the theatres are dying for a big movie to take them through the summer holidays, especially since Soul is skipping cinemas (unfortunately).
  12. For real, some people seemed to go in wanting to hate this because of how it was released and act like it's the worst movie ever, like calm tf down. People can get so dramatic about it lol. I never had any more issues with dialogue than I have with any other movie so the hubbub over that was strange for me, too. It's definitely a film that requires rewatches, I think it was my third before I started understanding the parts of it that confused the hell out of me, but it was fun to figure it out and see it click into place, so it'll be interesting to see how your rewatch goes. I think as the years go by this'll be a prime example of a movie that hooks people when they rewatch it and can understand it more, because I've seen frustration over being confused and saying it's bad for that reason. If anything my confusion just made me want to understand it and it's very worth it once you do.
  13. A few months ago when all restrictions here were lifted on gatherings, a cinema with just over 700 seats was 95% sold out for a showing of The Matrix. And I noticed the attendance increasing when going to see Tenet at IMAX each week the further away we got from the second lockdown in my city, so I think a lot of it is definitely just related to safety. And maybe even knowing cinemas are open since when I took a friend about 6 weeks into its run, she didn't even know theatres were open again. Time will tell, but people like being social, it's the reason there's so much fighting in some areas against restrictions in general.
  14. I enjoyed it on my first watch but I was also extremely confused so that gave me some mixed emotions, but I pretty much knew I'd likely feel that way going in. There's a lot going on and you can't really appreciate it until you know how things work tbh, it really does play so differently on rewatch(es), but it's worth it for sure. I think the third viewing was when it fully gelled for me and after that it's just fun watching all the pieces click together. It'd be interesting to see what the critical response would've been if they'd seen it more than once. I can't help but think there'll be a re-evaluation on that front in the future.
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