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  1. If you want to know more about Polish Box Office I recommend you that site: http://boxoffice-bozg.pl/ Just use google translation and most of things will be clear Unfortunately I didn't have time to update the thread 😕 Thanks @Aristis for last post Novemember/December are months were good weather is usually over, so it is good time for new movies What's more we had Santa's Day on 6th so family movies (and others too) had soft drops or even increases. Next weekend was usually dead but since Star Wars movies are released on that particular weekend (one wkd bef
  2. WE 7th-9th of June ACTUALS Detective Pikachu still on top but huge (although expected) drop Dark Phoenix with quite good OW considering X-Men is weak here Rocketman disappoints big Big drops overall except eg. John Wick 3 and again Five Feet Apart Avengers: Endgame collapsing (heading 1875k) Aladdin crosses 300k, UglyDolls 100k #1 Detective Pikachu #2 Dark Phoenix #3 Aladdin #4 Rocketman #5 UglyDolls #6 John Wick 3 #7 Five Feet Apart #8 Avengers: Endgame #9 The Convent #10 Большое путешествие -----
  3. WE 31st-2nd of June ACTUALS Detective Pikachu with huge OW numbers! Aladdin with the expected increase #2 UglyDolls - quite good OW New movies: weak Big increase: Wonder Park and Большое путешествие Avengers: Endgame excellent drop! John Wick 3 another good drop Five Feet Apart small numbers but holding good #1 Detective Pikachu #2 Aladdin #3 UglyDolls #4 Wonder Park #5 Большое путешествие #6 John Wick 3 #7 Avengers: Endgame #8 Five Feet Apart #9 The Convent #10 (local) ---------------
  4. WE 24th-26th of May ACTUALS Aladdin debuts on 1st but with mediocre numbers Other new movies: nothing good Good hold: John Wick 3 Very good hold but weak numbers: Five Feet Apart and Long Shot Avengers: Endgame with 50,24% drop - moderate drop #1 Aladdin #2 John Wick 3 #3 Avengers: Endgame #4 Wonder Park #5 Five Feet Apart #6 Long Shot #7 Большое путешествие #8 Gloria Bell #9 Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile #10 Brightburn --------------------- Aladdin with lower numbers than Dumbo, big di
  5. WE 17th-19th of May ACTUALS John Wick 3 on TOP! No other new movie in the top 10 Good holds across top 10 (except The Course of La Llorona) Avengers: Endgame with 48,64% drop (best so far for it) #1 John Wick 3 #2 Avengers: Endgame #3 Wonder Park #4 Five Feet Apart #5 Long Shot #6 The Course of La Llorona #7 Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile #8 (local) #9 Pet Sematary #10 Missing Link --------------------- John Wick 3 with biggest franchise OW! With previews, it almost beat John Wick and it is 45
  6. Avengers: Endgame vs Infinity War 4th WE comparison Adm.: est. 53,5k vs 47 315 Drop: -48% vs -40,1% Cume: est. 1,720M vs 1 095 696 Facing: John Wick 3 (OW est. 80k) and 4 minors vs Deadpool 2 (OW 209 194) and 1 minor After 4th WE IW added almost 130k (about 12% of cume after 4th WE) ---> EG with same legs: 205k and cume 1,925M But EG is suffering worse legs than IW so 1,9M is more possible. I would say less than 10% chance for 2 million ATM.
  7. As per BOM after 3rd weekend Avengers: Endgame has collected $9,215,075. It is running 50,5% over IW gross at the same moment. It is also 25% over IW final gross. EG has in lc 35,242,133 which is 61% ahead of IW and 51% over IW final gross in lc. As we can see it is slowing down a bit, it is facing worse drops that IW but still overall is a huge success for EG!
  8. https://deadline.com/2019/05/john-wick-chapter-3-hits-35m-in-overseas-bow-pikachu-nears-300m-global-as-endgame-tops-2-6b-ww-international-box-office-1202618380/ Strong holds came from Japan (-33%), Peru (-36%), Denmark (-41%), Spain (-43%), Chile (-43%), Colombia (-43%), Australia (-46%), Poland (-48%), Ecuador (-48%), Singapore (-49%), UK (-50%), Norway (-50%) and South Africa (-50%). As per Deadline Avengers: Endgame had a very good hold In my forecast, I was thinking a similar drop (-46%) because of John Wick 1 and 2 no big deal here but it seems that John Wick 3 is bigger
  9. Weekend 10-12th of May actuals # | Movie |Distr. |Adm. WE|Drop/gain| Last WE | Weekdays| Screens | Average |Cume adm.| Week #1 Avengers: Endgame #2 Wonder Park NEW #3 The Curse of La Llorona NEW #4 Long Shot NEW #5 Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile NEW #6 Five Feet Apart NEW #7 Słodki koniec dnia (local) NEW #8 Pet Sematary #9 Missing Link #10 After ----------- Avengers: Endgame hold is quite good considering much better weather than last WE and Holiday boost in
  10. AVENGERS: ENDGAME #2 highest movie of the year in Poland! 3rd WE est. 101k (-56,5%) cume: est. 1,62M so I was a quite correct in WE adm. but it seems like weekdays were weaker than I thought (bigger post-holiday drop) Actuals tomorrow (or I should say today) about 6 pm local time
  11. I think I was a bit too optimistic with over 100k numbers. Avengers: Endgame should remain 1st spot but the drop was steeper. All new movies should be in top 10 but far from EG. #1 EG (-61%) #2 Wonder Park NEW #3 The Curse of La Llorona NEW #4 Five Feet Apart NEW #5 Long Shot NEW #6 Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile NEW #7 Pet Sematary (-53%) #8 Missing Link (-57%) #9 Słodki koniec dnia (local) NEW #10 Dumbo (-51%) source: http://boxoffice-bozg.pl/avengers-koniec-gry-juz-ponizej-100-tys-w-weekend-prognoza-weekendowa/
  12. AVENGERS: ENDGAME Road to 2 million source: http://boxoffice-bozg.pl/avengers-nadal-rzadzi-w-polskich-kinach/ As I mentioned in previous posts if Endgame follows Infinity War it will hit 2 million tickets sold at the end (even 2,1 million). But the same as in many countries EG is more frontloaded than its predecessor so I predicted final admission number on 1,9 million (still HUGE here). BOZG team analyzed in past couple years what is a probability for EG to top 2 million adm. In the last 6 years, only 6 movies had more admissions after 2nd weekend than EG (Kler
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