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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness OS Thread

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Seeing the hype of MoM  we can be certain for a sizeable increase from the first one,seeing how no way home and batman  have done it seems like the os market (sans china) is mostly in a very good shape.With that in mind i would like to know your predictions for this movie in terms of the overseas markets, you are free to include china in your predicted grosses if you want.

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Japan Current Forecast:

Release Date : 4 May 2022 (Wed)

OD : x¥150M+ / x$1.24M+

OP : x¥450M+ / x$3.73M+

OW: x¥800M+ / x$6.64M+

OF : ¥2500M+ / $20.74M+


In Compare To Dr Strange (2017)


Release date : 27 January 2017

OD : x¥119,850,100 /x75,632 attendees

OP : x¥394,080,900 /237,722 attendees

OW: x¥513,931,000 /313,354 attendees

AF : ¥1,874,120,050


Notes :

OD : Opening Day

OP : Opening Weekend (Sat+Sun)

OW: Opening Week

OF : Observed Final

AF : Actual Finals

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Doctor Strange in 2016 made $230M in USA/Canada, $110M in China and $340M in the rest of the world


After all that happened (Thanos, Wandavision, No Way Home etc), I can expect a big increase of 70/80% both in the US and in the rest of the world, so 400M and 600M for a billion in total. If it was to be released in China too I think it will gross 100/150M at most, while for my market (Italy) I expect €12/13M after the previous one grossing €7.3M

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29 minutes ago, Villain Legion said:

As long as we pass 400/1.1B I’m good

Currently there are 20 movies that have done this and 9 are MCU. So if everything this year pulls through, we can experience a brief moment of perfect balance before Avatar destroys it again (and then everything is Spider-man fail from home’s fault ;)  )

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On 3/23/2022 at 9:27 AM, Landon1195 said:

Is that from China, or is it from Tawian or Hong Kong?

Mainland China!


Currently, it has been placed under CFA review last week (03/18). Awaiting Approval.....


EDIT : Not 21 March 

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11 minutes ago, SupermanLego said:

Nah 50-60% all markets imo. This doesn't have SWEET December release date and no comp for three months. JW comes out a month after.

That is why it will be as low as 60-65. Opening will be 75-85ish

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