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  1. I never played Pokemon and only saw a few of the cartoon episodes. I thought it was a pretty nice movie. Not too childish, quite funny and rather sweet.
  2. Marvel need to get Miguel Sapochnik to direct the next big battle. Endgame has nothing, absolutely nothing on Game of Thrones tonight
  3. OK, so the not biggest TV show of all time is having a bigger global reach and impact this weekend than the biggest movie of all time. This is the point if people hadnt noticed. There isnt much more to say really if people dont realise that. No more GoT from me, underplay it if it makes you feel better.
  4. People can argue all they like, GoT is getting more viewers than Endgame this weekend. Different media, not comparable, why are people so butthurt about this? If it makes you feel any better more people are likely to listen to a Taylor Swift song this weekend than either. No one is 'winning' because none of them need care about the other. Its quite possible not to be a fanboy and actually enjoy both things.
  5. Jesus, its more than 1/10th of that live! Its similcast in over 170 countries because of the fear of piracy. In the UK its giving Sky its biggest ever overnight audience, and doubles it after 2 more days. Why are people so blind to how big it is? HBOs US audience is a tiny fraction of the total. The Sopranos was nothing outside the US.
  6. 120M viewers live +1 day, and 55 million illegal downloads in 24hrs. Plenty more will watch over the course of the coming weeks, given that it also tops legal downloads on other services like Google play, iTunes and Amazon Prime, which have it available months later.
  7. People were dismissing it as a nothingburger thats why. Its bigger than Endgame, people need to face it. Games also have significantly bigger opening weeks than movies now, people need to remember other mediums exist.
  8. Nothing to do with the daily mail. Its based on all known legal estimates and illegal sources, total (not just live). Regardless of whether its true or not, its a huge show.
  9. Maybe, maybe not. As I said yesterday, if there is a GoT effect it will just be to push the audience earlier in the weekend. It might be why Disney is predicting a more depressed Sunday than usual, but I doubt its having a huge effect, given that its not on until 9pm. My point about GoT was that people are very dismissive of its popularity, but its similcasting in 170+ countries, no other non-live event has ever got close to that.
  10. Well we have the biggest opening weekend in history, and later today a huge important episode of the worlds most popular fictional TV series, that will get a massive audience. So...
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