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  1. All of these characters originated in movies first and are therefore ineligible.
  2. Duck Hunt is eligible. Character who debuted in movies before their appearance in video games are ineligible, though.
  3. Well, in terms of internal competition, the only other Best Actor candidate from a Sony film is Matthew Rhys for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.
  4. My apologies for the double post, but I just found this Deadline interview with the director of this film. The director talks about Harvey Weinstein, what it was like to have Martin Scorsese and Timur Bekmambetov as producers on the film, and how he thought his career would be over when Weinstein's cut premiered at TIFF in 2017. Great read. https://deadline.com/2019/10/alfonso-gomez-rejon-the-current-war-erasing-harvey-weinstein-cut-new-rotten-tomatoes-score-benedict-cumberbatch-michael-shannon-1202760319/
  5. @CayomMagazine While New Journey Pictures was originally planning to place The Croaking of Prince Chrom in the month of March, the studio has decided that, as the film deals with young love for obvious reasons, the film will be strategically released on the weekend correlating with or preceding Valentine's Day. "March is becoming hectic," stated fictional CEO Glenn Guthrie. "We have to get out of dodge, you know what I'm sayin'?"
  6. This has to be the biggest submission list I've ever seen for this category. There's so many interesting choices here that it genuinely saddens me to have three slots practically reserved for sequels. But two things are certain: based on their absence, Masaaski Yuasa's Riding With You will probably run in 2020, and the Italian one about the bears in Sicily will probably run in 2020, too. Bombay Rose will probably run in 2020 as well. No shame in that; if they need more time in the oven, so be it.
  7. On second thought, I agree with the ones who are saying it's a bit too early and wouldn't mind waiting two weeks. It's great to get the ball rolling early but I could wait if I needed to. Either way.
  8. If Xillix is Gordon Ramsay, I am the "Idiot Sandwich."
  9. The sooner the better. The upcoming Sunday works for me as well.
  10. Come to think of it, that's actually much more significant than it seems; Weinstein was notorious for making 'safe' cuts. A film like The Current War getting what is likely to be a better cut is a great nail in the coffin to Weinstein's grip on the industry. One of many nails in the coffin.
  11. I think this game is in really good hands.
  12. Never say never. Though he'd definitely get in for Supporting. Of course, both Lead and Supporting are pretty competitive this year.
  13. I heard it's a slow expansion. Next weekend will only see the film open in a few more big cities.
  14. I'm extremely glad that Parasite got that prominent of an opening weekend. That's what happens when an auteur filmmaker amasses a large fanbase. Hopefully it comes to a theater near me.
  15. @CayomMagazine You know New Journey Pictures cares about a project when they keep changing their mind on the director. The fairy-tale film The Croaking of Prince Chrom will now be directed by The Aeronauts director Tom Harper. In addition, the cast of the film will include: George Mackay as Prince Chrom John Boyega Olivia Cooke (who is English :O) Saoirse Ronan Barry Keoghan Ella Purnell Aneurin Barnard Georgie Henley Hugh Grant Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham Carter
  16. I suggest Cierra Ramirez. In CAYOM, she's been cast in at least two films that are either 'horror' or 'spooky': Silent Hill 2 and Fiesta Loca. So not only does she fit the description, but she has experience in films with similarly 'spooky' subject matter.
  17. Thank you Spaghetti! I love this review! I feel like you summed it up really well!
  18. So in terms of pre-reading: @Spaghetti will pre-read The Croaking of Prince Chrom. @YourMother the Edgelord will pre-read Banjo & Kazooie. @Rorschach will pre-read my untitled film (that which I am very excited to write). and @4815162342 will pre-read Carver--this is my 'needs outside research' piece of the year so I'm going to try and read the guy's memoir before I write it. If anyone else has a special interest in a film of mine, they can ask to pre-read it if they want. For example, @Reddroast asked to pre-read Megalo Box (and I'm really happy he did). Everyone is alloted one pre-read selection. If you select a film that's been selected already, that film will be bumped up higher on the order that I write my films. Right now, my order looks like this: #1: The Croaking of Prince Chrom (will be the first one I write no matter what, based on passion and logistics) #2-#4: (undecided between Banjo, Carver, and the mystery film) *As a Top 5 perk, those will be the first four films I write, no matter what.* #5: Megalo Box And the rest of the list is currently undecided.
  19. My full list: 1. Paradise Island 2. The Most Wanted Man in Great Britain 3. Borrasca 4. Gateways 5. In the Aeroplane over the Sea 6. Spark: A Hero's Promise 7. Mass Effect: Ascension 8. Voicemail 9. Fiesta Loca 10. Pokemon: The Cinnabar Conspiracy 11. Plus One 12. Super Mario Bros. 13. The Ancient Magus' Bride and the King of Cats 14. Little Black Bugs 15. Green Arrow 16. The Last Policeman 17. The Thin, the Phat, and the Felon 18. Thermal 19. Children of Eden 20. The Neon Psalms 21. XJ9: Rebirth 22. Shiverin' Gulch 23. Pikmin 24. The Horn 25. Baseball Boy: The Base Thief
  20. I'll start handling the rest of my predictions tomorrow, now that I've read everything. As for now: @4815162342 @Rorschach @Spaghetti @YourMother the Edgelord I'm gonna do the same thing I did last year. As you four were recipients of a final five slot, you get a first-come-first-serve choice of which Y7 project of mine you would like to pre-read. Your choice practically guarantees that I write that choice, because fulfilling pre-read promises is a great motivator for me to write. Here are the films you can choose from: Banjo & Kazooie (dir. Josh Cooley) Carver (either dir. Chinonye Chukwu or dir. Barry Jenkins) The Croaking of Prince Chrom (dir. David Yates) A Hop, Skip, and a Jump (dir. Alessandro Carloni) Megalo Box (dir. J.D. Dillard) The Needles of Haystack County (dir. Jon Favreau) Tealbird (dir. Robert Zemeckis) Untitled Film (dir. TBA) -- Haven't announced it yet, but you will not regret choosing this.
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