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  1. I was really hoping Thomasin McKenzie would gain traction for Jojo Rabbit; and who knows, maybe she still will gain traction; but the initial reviews of the film aren't doing her or ScarJo (for Jojo Rabbit) any favors... I'll take a wait and see approach and watch how audiences embrace the film before declaring that McKenzie's chances are dead.
  2. Please provide a link to that statement. That is a very far-fetched statement, and, frankly, a stupid one at that (in terms of how much sense it makes for Iger to say that). It's so much smarter for Disney to keep them in the theatrical game and simply let them do their thing. I'm not getting Disney+ just to watch Fox Searchlight movies; I've enjoyed seeing The Shape of Water in theaters, I've enjoyed seeing The Favourite in theaters. I'm frustrated.
  3. So it seems like the film is a little divisive looking from a distance. I wouldn't expect anything less from Taika and the film's subject matter. It's got a comedy/musical slot practically locked at the Globes so I'm sure it'll be remembered in the awards season. If there's one silver lining about the divisiveness, it'd be that Fox Searchlight could be convinced to properly balance the campaigns for this and A Hidden Life; I'd love to see both movies get Best Picture nominations.
  4. @baumer Will Chungking Express be eligible for this list? I saw that the film's domestic theatrical release was in 1996. I understand if it's not eligible, but it's my #1 if it is.
  5. Don't worry about Meryl Streep. The Laundromat doesn't have the reviews and her role in Little Women is too small. There's a reason why she didn't get in the Supporting category for Suffragette in 2015. Her missing is rare, but there is a precedent. Don't underestimate all the younger voters that recently joined the Academy. But yeah, I could see Jennifer Lopez being a lock if she's campaigned for Supporting. The field actually seems kind of weak... much weaker than a year like 2017.
  6. I think Hustlers' box office will be a sign of whether or not the campaign could hold traction, but I have to be honest, I don't think the Supporting Actress category is all that competitive this time around. There are many candidates but few heavy hitters. Based on this, if the hype surrounding Lopez remains this rapturous, I could see her becoming a lock with how weak the field is. Heck, even The Laundromat, Meryl Streep's supporting vehicle, doesn't seem like it's going to go anywhere (thank goodness, I'd love to see others get nominated).
  7. In 2016, Paramount had Arrival and Fences. In 2017, Fox Searchlight had Shape of Water and Three Billboards, while Focus Features had Darkest Hour and Phantom Thread.
  8. A really great film from beginning to end! Very impressive setpieces for an independent film! I loved how the film invoked the feel of Mark Twain stories; I even saw that the colorization was perhaps similar to O Brother, Where Art Thou?. This is a film that's very meaningful to me, and it's one of my favorites of the year so far!
  9. I think it might be difficult for STX to get Lopez nominated for this, because in 2017, Jessica Chastain was 6th place, just outside the competition, for STX's film Molly's Game, and this year's field seems to be a bit more competitive. But, well, some are already falling out of the race (Lupita Nyong'o is out, Kristen Stewart is out), and because I'm sure JLo will want to campaign pretty hard, I think she might have a chance if the film is a sleeper hit. A good landmark would be grossing above the sleeper hit Good Boys.
  10. I would *love* to provide feedback for you! Send me what you're working on whenever you'd like, and I'll take a look at it!
  11. Me and @Reddroast began working on Bleach for the moment! But as far as writing goes, that's all I've done in the time being. I've begun really thinking about how I can fix the three that I want to improve.
  12. 1. The Goldfinch 2. Brittany Runs a Marathon 3. Ad Astra 4. Abominable 5. Joker 6. Judy 7. Gemini Man 8. Parasite 9. The Lighthouse 10. Jojo Rabbit
  13. Whoever put together the most recent trailer did a really good job, because the film looks much better than it used to. It might do pretty good going wide, but 101 studios is a new distributor, so we'll see what they can achieve. I'm rooting for this.
  14. I think it is Friday+preview, the Friday number that has the Thursday Preview rolled into it.
  15. The Friday for It: Chapter 2 is the Friday Actual Number. Same for Saturday.
  16. @captainwondyful @chasmmi @Claire of Themyscira @DAJK @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @glassfairy @JJ-8 @Keanu @Mr Pastaffelees @PanaMovie @Rorschach @Sheikh @StarWarsMemer @Thanos Legion @Wrath @YourMother the Edgelord @ZeeSoh Please remember that the predictions for the next Weekend Challenge are due tonight at 11:59 PM PST!
  17. @captainwondyful @Claire of Themyscira @DAJK @JJ-8 @Kjtc @ZeeSoh TRIBAL COUNCIL #2 SLAM!: Welcome, Team Wakanda, to Tribal Council. Here, you will vote to eliminate one of your teammates. captainwondyful: Oh no... Oh no... Oh no... Claire of Themyscira: Why so anxious, Cap? You were only the lowest scoring team member... JJ-8: Hopefully I'm not eliminated! I just got here! Kjtc: Eh. I just wanna get this over with so I can go take a nap. *Voting commences.* captainwondyful: I need to make a good decision... *Jots down a name and places the name in the box. Claire of Themyscira: Better luck next time... *Places her vote in the box and walks off with swagger.* DAJK: I'm not really sure who to vote for... *Votes and leaves.* JJ-8: Um... Uhm.... UHM... *Hurriedly votes.* Kjtc: *Writes down a name, folds the paper neatly, and places the vote in the box.* *ZeeSoh remains seated in the stands with his hands behind his head.* SLAM!: Before I reveal the votes... let's reveal who won the immunity challenge! captainwondyful: Wait! Before that happens... There's something I want to do! SLAM!: Let's reveal the votes. The first vote: SLAM!: The second vote: SLAM!: The third vote: SLAM!: The fourth vote: SLAM!: Second player eliminated off Survivor: Season Six...
  18. While it is a technicality, Merle Oberon, an Eurasian actress, was nominated for Best Actress for The Dark Angel in 1935. Bewilderingly, there has not been an Asian-ethnic individual nominated in the category since then. Either one of Awkwafina or Zhao Shuzhen would be the first acting nominee of Asian descent since Rinko Kikuchi was nominated for Babel in 2006. A win for either of them would be the first acting winner of Asian descent since Cambodian refugee Haing S. Ngor won Best Supporting Actor for The Killing Fields. (The story of how his win turned into a story of fatal misfortune is a story for another time.) On the Golden Globe side of things, Constance Wu, as a nominee in the Actress for a Comedy/Musical category, was the first nominee of Asian descent in that specific category since 1974 when Yvonne Elliman was nominated for Jesus Christ Superstar. I'm not sure about the Drama category. The Oscar information comes from Wikipedia, which is oftentimes accurate in terms of the 'who won the Oscar' type of information. I checked another site to see if Wikipedia was leaving off Asian Americans for some reason; something tells me Wikipedia has the list of all of the Asian-ethnic actors in general. So you're right. Awkwafina being the first Asian Best Actress nominee since 1935 is a very good narrative that could (and arguably should) lead to her being nominated.
  19. I'll go ahead and say that I don't think Awkwafina was upstaged by any means. The grandmother does deserve a nomination, but Awkwafina pulls out a very impressive performance; very restrained, very natural; it never feels like she's giving a performance. I'd say she deserves to be nominated just by her own merit.
  20. I watch Christmas Vacation once a year...
  21. @captainwondyful @Claire of Themyscira @DAJK @JJ-8 @Kjtc @ZeeSoh Please don't forget that the Wednesday Grosses prediction for the Tribal Council are due tonight at 11:59 PST! (Tagging all Team Wakanda members to keep hidden who has and hasn't sent in predictions yet.)
  22. That's so beautiful... That makes me really happy! That's gonna be a big role!
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