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  1. she looks really good when she is in action in a way if they really changed a lot it can be a companion piece for the animated one
  2. I always thought the clip where they talked in cave in trailer was a bit weird but then the movie really impressed me. I think it's difficult to really sell such movies when you are not immersed in the world so you believe in it.
  3. poor Moana with it's sunny vibes in winter. thankfully it became much more popular now. I think it's clearly the second most popular WDAS fim after Frozen of 2010s now
  4. BH6 has tv series so a chance of it having a sequel movie is zero. We know nothing certain about WDAS but I think next 2 movies will be something called Dragon Empire & musical by Byron Howard & Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  5. now I understand why it's for Autumn, it would look so strange in Spring.
  6. ok, the tone of this new spot is totally different from the original movie & Jasmine is hot. Give me more, I'm now interested.
  7. As I said before I wasn't sold on talking animals in Jungle Book in trailers but in a movie you are in that world & everything feels right. And I just look at Lion King 2019 as another version of the same story. I even watch Lion Guard with one eye lol. So I just like this world PS. and let's be honest music is the main driver behind the best Disney animated movies & this one has one of the best.
  8. I'm not talking about box office, I'm talking about a fact that many people saw Jungle Book (and loved it) but now some pretend they don't remember it exists. Wait, people don't like Simba as cub in this? For real? I thought he looked amazing. And the grown-up version was boring in 1994 version too. To me original Jungle Book was also very cartoony. Obviously in Lion King Favreau won't have the same freedom but even in trailer some of the dialogue seems to be changed.
  9. well, I remember not liking the talking scene in a cave in Jungle Book trailer but in a movie it looked great. people dissecting this trailer when it mostly just showed most iconic scenes without context are doing the most. Jungle Book made 1 billion, so you are either on board with such take on an animated movie or not. anyway I want to hear John Oliver as Zazu lol. they really saved the best for last.
  10. what has Pikachu got to do with Lion King? and lol at so many hot takes as if people didn't see Jungle Book by Favreau. all these "they didn't show talking in a trailer, they are afraid" - I'm surrounded by idiots to quote some movie.
  11. well, Alan Horn said in his latest interview that they(Disney) literally can't make some of the edgier stuff but Fox will allow them to say yes to some of them. I think all the edgy mid-to-lower stuff will go to Fox, they just need someone at the head of it who will see diamonds in the rough lol.
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