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  1. BH6 has tv series so a chance of it having a sequel movie is zero. We know nothing certain about WDAS but I think next 2 movies will be something called Dragon Empire & musical by Byron Howard & Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  2. now I understand why it's for Autumn, it would look so strange in Spring.
  3. ok, the tone of this new spot is totally different from the original movie & Jasmine is hot. Give me more, I'm now interested.
  4. well, Alan Horn said in his latest interview that they(Disney) literally can't make some of the edgier stuff but Fox will allow them to say yes to some of them. I think all the edgy mid-to-lower stuff will go to Fox, they just need someone at the head of it who will see diamonds in the rough lol.
  5. btw youtube views are growing nicely for this - 13 on Will's channel & 23 on main channel
  6. and all Fox releases too lol. I think they are sure in Maleficent to move it to this year & in some way it suits October in theme
  7. he should have gotten it for the song or soundtrack to Moana. even though the first time I watched I was indifferent to it, the more you watch it the more you like it. that's quality.
  8. I think Ralph was too niche from the beginning & it hasn't really grown out of that despite the princesses' help. and may be Internet is not the best theme for animation. anyway it's good WDAS was following ideas & not the money but we'll see the real power (or not) of sequels for WDAS with Frozen 2.
  9. they mostly gave it because they like the director. It has nothing to do with Disney as shown by Nutcracker which was murdered by critics but audiences liked it more. Doctor Strange has Average Rating: 7.3/10 by critics & 7,5 by audience on IMDB. so ..... audience & critics agree I guess which is bad?
  10. considering Wreck-It Ralph was one of the lowest grossing ones I think it's clear they had an idea for sequel & that's why they did it. But it's overpeformance is really nice to see. I hear one of their next originals is something about Asia & dragons so Mulan but with real dragons(sorry Mushu) - can't wait for it.
  11. agree. Moana feels like a classic already like it belongs in that 1990s Renaissance, and the more you watch it the more you like it(first time I watched it I was underwhelmed & thought Zootopia was much stronger, but even after the second time you get it), you don't get tired of it. Zootopia is great & has great themes but you don't get THAT magic feeling.
  12. you are right that Disney has a big problem with it's live-action division but categories are different: first are based on their beloved animation classics that almost always turn a profit, second are "original" so they practically always flop (because Disney can't promote an original material to save their life or the budgets are too high for the amount of interest). So I don't know how you get to conclusion about Alladin when in reality it can flop only if it's awful & Disney's greediness in pushing 3 live-action movies so close to each other next year will take a toll. I actually like most of their flops except for AWiT. The quality of production is usually high but it's clearly the scripts that are the weak point. And yeah it's really strange that Disney decided to adapt a really popular story(around the world & not only in America like Wrinkle lol) to live action instead of animation. Such a waste even though the main girl looks really good but they seemed to change a perfectly fine straight original story for whatever we'll see. They really need a new person in charge of their live-action who can stop them from making more Wrinkles & Nutcrackers at least in the form they seem to be.
  13. I like this one much better than previous ones actually(cause they use classic music lol) but they really should have tried to do it animated & closer to original. then they can do their live-action remakes.
  14. only those Disney movies that are based on former Disney cartoons which are still popular. all "original" Disney live action movies recently at best underpeform but usually bomb.
  15. considering how good & usually profitable their animation is, ther live action stuff bombs so often(even if most of the time it's ok or good) because they spend too much on these. And because Disney now in some way is too big to fail(thanks to Marvel first of all) they don't react to these failings at all when before heads would roll.
  16. I think this movie is targeting adults more than kids, at least from marketing it seems. and it was made because one producer had an idea & really wanted this to happen so it wasn't a cash grab like Beauty and the Beast remake. I think when another person who is passionate about Pooh & co comes to Disney with a great idea how to modernise him it'll happen (probably better be animated). it's interesting that they do those 4 minute cartoons with Mickey still & put them on youtube, I don't know who is watching them more(adults or kids) but they get several million views.
  17. I think Disney needs to make Lucasfilm go to all it's other divisions with every new idea/script for future films & ask them will people be interested in these or not? cause the quality is usually there with the films but like nobody wanted a Solo movie.
  18. is somebody getting fired from Lucasfilm for the "brilliant" idea for Solo film? or Bob Iger will wait if they can self-correct?
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