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  1. The current cartoon has a decent amount of that, and it's post-war so they won't have a falling out
  2. That's why we're getting Pattinson as Vector the Crocodile instead
  3. Do we know if Amy is the movie too? I know there were at least rumors of her
  4. Afaik they let Nomura handle everything, outside of a super early attempt at doing a cartoon. I know he was the main difficulty in putting Sora into Super Smash Bros, as opposed to Disney lol
  5. Generative AI is a tool solely to enable rich executives earning more money by booting actual artists in all fields. It should not exist, and any and all use of it should be met with extreme hostility.
  6. No idea, but it's become a bit of a cult classic because people really wanna fuck the goth girl. Wasn't there an animated movie announced at some point?
  7. I think we should outlaw future Ghostbusters movies.
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