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  1. I agree,I was very surprised to see Aquaman Average rating go up even slightly. I do feel after 82 reviews it should stay fresh going forward,Even if it earns 60% its still a red tomato.
  2. This could be true as a Certain film has a 6.3 Average and its rated rotten at 56%. So I guess they figure it can swing either way.
  3. Very excited,I've been doing extremely well. Mostly on Reddit but always checked on the conversation here just never post any more.
  4. 560 could be the range it may fall.
  5. I’ll reply to you my rating after my viewing. I hope those “not very good things “ doesn’t put weight the very good things. If this film has done what I think it did then I can see why it would be hated.
  6. JL is having better drops than FB last year at the same point in its run. -2% for JL -3.2% for FB -6.9% for MJ. Its dailies are also $10000 away from BVS on its 21st day.
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