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  1. was going to happen regardless unfortunately; can't keep those bats contained (unless you are the braves)
  2. it's hard to be upset when a humble wild card falls to a mighty division champion; dodger fans should simply be happy to have made it so far
  3. Taxi Driver The Last Temptation of Christ The Age of Innocence Silence Shutter Island The Color of Money The King of Comedy After Hours The Irishman Bringing Out the Dead The Departed Raging Bull The Wolf of Wall Street Kundun Cape Fear Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Casino Mean Streets Goodfellas The Aviator Hugo Gangs of New York Who's That Knocking At My Door New York, New York Boxcar Bertha
  4. let me know when mr feige produces AND stars in the highest grossing movie ever released in the domestic market in the first week of october 2021
  5. When do we start to consider Tom Hardy as a producer on the same level as Kevin Feige (if not higher)?
  6. In these IP-dominated times, it's great to see an original property like Venom prosper.
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