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  1. Hell yeah. Gonna let my heart take the wheel on this prediction.
  2. Right? A superhero movie making lots of money. Absolutely unheard of, nobody could have seen it coming. Bowled me right over.
  3. It's the bee's knees. Made me laugh, made me sad, pretty much covered all the bases. Definitely the best film Netflix has slapped their logo on. Man, would I have liked to see the Golddigger story on the big screen. The whole movie was gorgeous but that one was just so pretty.
  4. aabattery

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Buster Scruggs takes the title for the best Netflix Original. Nothing hits my veins quite like a good Coen's movie.
  5. I'm inclined to believe that this will under-perform as every single imaginable card seems to be lining up against my Winter Game preseason predictions, and a low domestic total for this would just be another stick on the proverbial bonfire. Curse whoever is responsible for my own crappy predictions.
  6. FYI, we do have a spoiler thread if y'all wanna get more in-depth in these discussions
  7. Can't ever be mad at a poster that dedicates that much real estate to DeVito.
  8. Plus John Wick rides a horse. Boom, the hook.
  9. Eh. There's room in there for a smaller hit like John Wick, especially since almost all of those are gonna be PG-13, if not lower. Should provide a nice piece of adult-focused counter-programming. It won't light the world on fire but I think there will be enough gas in the tank to at least get into fudge-to-100m territory.

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