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  1. always get weirded out by the lack of the longer blonde hair on holland whenever i see actual footage and photos from this movie @Chewy
  2. Thanks for running the list @grim22; haven't caught much this year but nice to have an idea of what I've missed.
  3. Happy new year! 2020 will be sorely missed as it was a great year for everybody; let's hope 2021 can live up to it.
  4. feel like that's more about the meteorite than any inter-species tensions between us and dinosaurs (also birds are dinosaurs)
  5. @Chewy very sad that your sixers picked al horford and tobias harris over jimmy butler
  6. Thanks for everything, Andy. You were a huge asset for the forums; your derby is one of the first things I participated in on the forum!
  7. @Chewy why are you not cooling me when I am being nice
  8. Way too soon. Incredible how much he managed to achieve while battling his own body.
  9. Massive props to all those players taking a stand today. Takes a lot of guts to really put their money where their mouths are like this.
  10. sorry for ur sixers @Chewy (and other victims of philly basketball)
  11. I actually agree with the general premise that nature doesn't make mistakes. I think that implies a more humanistic intent to the whole thing than is really there; nature just is. Obviously the religion element can throw a spanner into that idea but I do think if one does have those beliefs, the interpretation of God's intentions can be flexible enough to account for the realities we find down here on Earth without making you a bad Christian; but this is just my interpretation as a more or less irreligious kind of guy. If there is a divine being in charge of it all, I don't expect our feeble m
  12. Personally, I don't think it's fair to brush a small but still significant minority of people as mere anomalies. They're real people with real experiences and real lives and should be recognised as such rather than pigeon holed into our current binary. I think the great thing about science is that it isn't a static thing; we can look at the evidence and existence of these fringe cases and expand our terminology and understanding to make room for them. But I will say that it's hard to change the paradigm, and it can be hard to accept new things when they go against what we previousl
  13. There is a world of difference between gender identity and identifying as an animal or plant or whatever. Evolution wise, we split from plants over 1.5 billion years ago. To use your dog example from the other day, we have been evolving apart from them for an odd ~60ish million years. I guess there could be an interesting debate about species identity if other hominids were still walking around with us, but as it stands there is only ones species on this planet that we can currently procreate with. The difference between that is uncomprehendingly immense in comparison to the differences betwee
  14. Roman J. Israel would've made it and it would've won.
  15. Well, for context here is the sign(s) on the door. (it's blurry because the forums compression thing is shit but if you click on the image it should open in full-res in another tab). Make of it what you will I guess. Personally I feel like chucking up contentious stuff like that on your door is not particularly considerate or professional and doesn't really foster any actual scientific debate. It's a 1-sided message from a person in a position of relative power. I don't think anyone is going to be physically hurt or put in any direct danger from this stuff, but wit
  16. Not sure where you're getting the outside student angle; it explicitly says in the article that the complaints were informal and anonymous. She can claim that everyone in her classes like them, but she's not a mind-reader. Regardless, she's not losing her teaching position so the people who don't have an issue with her views can still go to those classes. She's just not going to be in the front-facing student service role, which honestly just makes sense; if you hired a receptionist at some imaginary business who kept pissing people off and was driving customers away, would you be inclined to
  17. Reading up on it the situation there seems more nuanced than you're painting it here. She didn't lose her job, she's still employed as an associate professor and I can't see anything to suggest that her ability to research or publish has been infringed. In general these types of roles don't actually garner you any extra pay; they just get you a release from some of your teaching responsibilities, so her bank account isn't going to be weeping. She has simply been removed from a service role as a Chair of Undergraduate programs. Obviously I'm not intimately familiar with how the Univ
  18. Honestly, it just seems like a more specific term for the specific issue they're talking about. You could just say women, but that ignores the fact that not all women menstruate, either because they haven't hit puberty, they've hit menopause, they're on birth control or some other drug, or they have some other medical condition that prevents menstruation. So you could say women who menstruate if you must insist upon disavowing the acknowledgement of transmen for whatever reason, but where does this leave intersex people who have a functioning uterus alongside a set of m
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