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  1. It looks great! How much do you think The Little Prince can make here?
  2. Nowadays most movies have release dates in major markets at least 1 year before... From 2015 BIG Films all have release dates in Brazil. Penguins of Madagascar,Into the woods,Fury,Cinderella,Fast and furious,Avengers 2,Jurrasic world,Mad Max,Inside Out,Ant-Man,Jungle book,Hunger Games 4,Mission Impossible and even Spongebob 2
  3. Star Wars VII has not a release date in Brazil yet But the new hp spin-off which will be released 1 year after the first Star Wars movie already has
  4. Add Green Lantern too Green Lantern only did $103m OS but a big part of them were from Latin America! Argetina:$2.3m Bolivia:$270k Brazil:$10.2m Chile:$1.1m Colombia:$2.2m Ecuador:$1.2m Mexico:$12.4m Peru:$1.6m Uruguay:$116k Venezuela:$2.6m
  5. Yeah i also believe that 2015 will be a great year! From 2015 one of my most anticipated films is Frankestein because this adaptation looks really cool but i don't think it will make much in Latin America anyway
  6. Add Ratatouille too Ratatouille Argetina:$3.8m Bolivia:$143k Brazil:$9.6m Central America:$216k Chile:$2.2m Colombia:$2.3m Ecuador:$749k Mexico:$16.1m Peru:$915k Uruguay:$265k Venezuela:$2.4m
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