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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shrek 5 gets a 2024/25 release. I can see Dreamworks trying to fast track it.
  2. Ay, you used quotes from my reviews, thanks @The Panda Also, fantastic list this year, as per usual.
  3. I’m thinking around 40m-50m domestic seems fair.
  4. Lol they moved Morbius again. This probably means we’re getting more Q1 delays right? Sigh.
  5. I just got a YouTube ad showing Sing 2 will be available on demand this Friday lol.
  6. Okay so by that definition, No Way Home is only popular because of the past Spider-Man movies. Or any sequel to their respective predecessor.
  7. A part of me wonders if Avatwo will get a China release considering it’s get much harder to get a China release for Hollywood stuff now.
  8. Sing 2 is having some strong holds. With some good luck, it can make 150m domestic.
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