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  1. Well Genndy is working on two other movies for SPA, so I get why he’s not directing In a note, regarding Fall animation, I’m curious on how Ron Goes Wrong does. I’m pretty sure Disney will dump it for numerous reasons but is Croods 2 Numbers a good benchmark?
  2. Went back to theaters yesterday for the first time in 18 months and saw Shang-Chi, and I really was surprised on how much I loved it. It’s like number 6, close to number 5 MCU for me. Tony Leung naturally stole the show. It also made me truly excited about the MCU again which I haven’t really felt in years.
  3. Anyways, I’m trying to find time to work on the totals/WW grosses guys, sorry for being so hush hush but in a combination of college classes being more difficult than I anticipated and some family stuff going on, I’ve been a bit behind. I want to get a quarter up and posted by this weekend. As for the festival, I’m cool lowering both the IC and OOC budgets to either the 25/50 or 30/75 suggested, as for the date I feel it’s way too soon. A lot of members here are either in college or starting/continuing working at vigorous jobs, and have just gotten into the swing of things. I do li
  4. And with news of a kiddie vaccine ready to be approved by the end of October apparently, it should gain a substantial chunk of its normal audience. I really think that it could also challenge 500m if everything goes right, maybe even 600m.
  5. Not really, given the last few years, Sony has been able to construct strong brands whether it’s Spider-Man content, Jumanji films or the now somewhat revitalized animation division, whereas Paramount despite having a string of hits with Sonic and AQP, had most of its franchises outside of MI, dead in the water:
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