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  1. I was thinking Universal, Sony, and Lionsgate/Summit as the main examples, I’d include Paramount and WB but it does seem clear those two are pivoting towards tentpoles but this is a very great point, especially consider most of the mini majors have been either absorbed like Dreamworks and now MGM by something bigger and receiving a slate cut or gone. Perhaps a lot isn’t the best phrase of words in hindsight but I still think there’s hope for mid budget films still being prevalent in the future. However, one factor I’m curious about is theatrical release and streaming, as I can see
  2. Besides tbh, when the mid budget movies truly die out, I think the tentpoles would only realistically have maybe 5-7 years left before they bleed out too.
  3. Besides while I think the shifting in viewing habits like @Porthos isn’t just due to box office trends that has been set up for decades arguably but a combination of a pandemic taking away the older demographics, the noticeable shift to PLFs screenings, a cascade of multiple streaming options with some more successful than others and bad experience with theaters/pricing making home more luxurious has made the shift more apparent. Not to mention with physical media dying kind of hurt longevity. However, I don’t think it’s the end. While if it wasn’t obvious in 2017, that Disney basi
  4. And even if they don’t I think there’s a lot of adult fare in 2022 that can bode very well.
  5. Once again, thanks to some major help from @cookie I present to you, the long awaited Y8 totals
  6. Thinking The Batman will likely be third behind Wakanda Forever and Avatar 2 domestically, maybe something like $150m-$175m/$420m-$475m, the hype seems more there than before.
  7. As for the HBO Max affected releases and a non as dominant Covid period: GVK probably an OW around $80m-$100m and Space Jam 2 would’ve done around $50m, and while it’s too soon to say I think Matrix 4 would’ve been a 400m+ domestic hit. I do think Malignant with a proper marketing campaign and no MAX, I think a 20m OW could’ve happened.
  8. Considering at first I was at Dune was destined to die, I think now considering how well it’s tracking as well as the hype it has been garnering, I think in a normal Christmas 2020 barring COVID, it probably would’ve had a $75m-$100m five day imho.
  9. Great for Halloween Kills, just goes to show a dual release works when no one gives a shot about your streaming service, also strong holds for NTTD and Venom.
  10. There’s a post in the IASTE thread that explains it. Basically any movie currently not finished with an MPA rating is effected, so yes NWH would likely see a delay with the strike.
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