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  1. Last time I offered oral sex I got hit with not one but two warnings. Im tired of my deepthroating skills going for fucking granted around here
  2. so its Beyonce's fault that other artist are ignored lmao it seems like you have more of a deep rooted issue with Beyonce but god bless on this Easter Sunday
  3. Its weird I honestly did not care for this movie but decided to watch the new trailer and I cant believe how into it I was. Its so over the type but thats exactly what I expect to be and lets be honest nobody watches these movies for the plot but Rock & Jason have great chemistry
  4. well.... for 1 he directed not 1, not 2 but 3 comic book movies so far (Blade 2 and Hellboy 1 & 2) and 2 he stated last year he would be willing to direct an MCU movie if it was a big monster hero so who's really delusional here?
  5. The moment I saw Lizzie Mcguire the show they had my money but when they said over 100 Disney channel original movies and shows yup I'm spending the full 69.99 yearly but seriously did someone not understand the whole 6.99 price tag
  6. For anyone that has seen "Black Panther" does anyone know what Okoye says just before she and her army attacks Killmonger? The subtitles just say "Xhosa Language"
  7. i'm sorry but the whole family thing kinda goes out the window when you literally invite the guy who killed your "brother" to the cookout and then act like all is forgiven
  8. Its weird I loved and was so excited for IT and I really just dont have any thoughts on Chapter 2 I'm gonna see it of course just not the same enthusiasm like with the first movie
  9. season 7 of game of thrones had so many WTF moments to me. from nobody important dying in the 7x04 battle to the night king attacking a flying dragon and not the one that is little standing still while people climb on him
  10. The russos said they would come back for Secret Wars and Feige said they would visit the skrull invasion storyline in the future
  11. wow what an amazing get. Mark Hamill is gonna kill that voice
  12. This all reminds me of the time Grace Randolph said Joss Whedon fucking up Justice League was a trap laid out by Marvel
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