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  1. 10 hours ago, titanic2187 said:

    Assuming 2m in average daily vaccine doses in March, USA could get another 60m inoculation in March, on a 1:1 ratio between first/ 2nd administration, this would mean by end-of March, at least 78m people will have some sort of protection with 52m of which fully shielded

    2.5m minimum probably higher. J&J are 1 shot all going to new people. 4m immediately, 16m more in March. Seems like rate should sky rocket. 


    Demand problem likely after 100m shots


  2. 28 minutes ago, TwoMisfits said:

    Well, yesterday J&J said they had even less to deliver quickly, so it's not just AZ...I think it's only 4M once approved and 20M, not 25M by end of March.


    Not as bad as AZ, but they aren't the only one...

    They also said 20m by end of March. 80 in the next 3 months


    They easily could have had 25 if the FDA would stop slacking

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Poseidon said:


    The UK went out of Lockdown with what? About 14k new cases/day and straight into christmas shopping, opening pubs, open schools, 1000 people capacity in theaters in the middle of winter.


    As for the US: Their numbers are just as bad, aren't they? 500k+ excess deaths. That's just horrible and the result of the same politics and a horrible role model in charge of the country. 


    Do people really think it's coincidence, that women lead countries fared way better during the pandemics? 



    USA did a horrible job. Excess deaths could be under 100k had they actually tried. 

  4. 19 minutes ago, Poseidon said:

    Well, if a wave runs through whole of the country by exponential growth, it will plummet at one point an shrink the same way and SA might very well have had one of those waves that literally infected everybody.


    Some models say, mortality for Covid is "only"0,3%.


    SA has about 60m inhabitants. Not all 60 Mio will get it or be immune either way, so let's say 80% will get it through a wave. That's 48 Mio who will get infected. 0,3% of them dying is 144k deaths. And now look at SA Excess mortality....


    Well, there you go.


    Of course there are other factors to look at. F.E. more than 7 Million South Africans are HIV positive and thatfor at risk of getting severely sick. 


    But again: Do we want to pay that high of a prize? Especially in countries with a much higher average age and thafor a higher mortality rate? 

    .3% if you have adequate healthcare for the whole country. They do not

  5. 1 hour ago, Maggie said:

    I'm just reading about the South Africa variant.


    It's sad news. It means they'll have to update the vaccine. What about those already vaccinated? They'll probably need another booster shot. It's a disaster. We'll always play catch up as i imagine more variants will emerge..

    They may work on that variant at some point but the vaccine is still effective against it. Even if you get covid It will greatly diminish your symptoms similar to flu shots that don't cover all flu variants. Again South Africa's numbers are absolutely plummeting so I doubt it'll impact America as bad as people fear. 100 million vaccines next month

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  6. 1 hour ago, titanic2187 said:

    Hope they can quickly resume vaccination. No time to waste now.


    I am worried people will be reluctant to get vaccine after seeing sharp drop in cases and death, thereby hurting the pathway to herd immunity and making all of us suspectible for another resurgence .  

    There is massive intense demand to take the vaccine. There is at least a hundred million people right now that would be desperate to get it self-included.

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  7. I think netflix and chill is the perfect sentiment right now. Better safe than sorry. Cinemas hate it but we need to kill this virus and not let some stronger variant emerge that becomes immune to the virus starting the vaccine process all over.


    Regardless of ones opinion of what's better many are tired of being cooped up in their homes. I'm going nuts. I think many will go just to do it. People miss the feeling of going to a movie on opening weekend. That collective quiet intensity that can't be replicated through streaming parties. 


    I do think regardless Netflix will emerge stronger. Their international content is incredible. I frickin watch shows from Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Spain, France and Germany just recently


    Oh and Uk of course. Hooked on british shows for life!


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  8. 4 minutes ago, Eric Gardner said:

    How about we just end this conversation right now, because it's stupid and off-topic and stupid? That would be nice also.

    I mean fine but perhaps direct your frustrations to someone calling people adulterers who don't love Netflix and chill. It's just a suggestion. I'll leave it at that

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