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  1. US is basically 1k deaths today. Still not where I want it to be but with spring break and the variant impact im not surprised. Come May it will plummet 70% or more.
  2. That's the downside. The upside is after it takes over it's easily defeated 😲🤣
  3. Whoa Nelly that number is still atrocious if we're going to compare it to what it would have done pre-pandemic.
  4. This looks amazing but remember easter. It will sky rocket on a day or two but it's still trending downward. We will see another small rise from variant and spring break them a massive fall in May and early June.
  5. Yep especially for those who want to watch it solo. $30 lmao for a tiny tv vs $10 for a huge screen. No contest
  6. Honestly they should meet in the middle. It's not the time for AMC to accelerate their demise either. It's already a guarantee
  7. Agreed. I think Disney knew with Raya best case scenario box office is doubled and still sucks. Black Widow both sides have an opportunity.
  8. Theaters without films are worth about 10% of the pre covid value. Maybe 20% if you maximize it. If both sides can push their egos aside and theaters can leverage other live streaming events and more private events maybe it will work out for everyone.
  9. Lol it absolutely does not. AMC is already guaranteed to file bankruptcy. It's just a question of how soon. Honestly the management is so stupid it's probably better for them to just shut down and someone buy their best theaters for cheap.
  10. From Disney's perspective, if they give in 1 time, they will be forced for every movie for eternity. AMC knows this.
  11. When the vaccine numbers stink for today (reported tomorrow) please remember it's frickin easter.
  12. Definitely. Kids will just get vaccinated later. Planning on my daughter who will turn 7 this year vaccinated in early 2022
  13. Correct! Basically nearly every country that hits 60% will reach a critical inflection point. 70% will rarely be needed.
  14. Israel daily case count is down 95%. Active case count down nearly 95%. Death rate is .8% of those who contract covid. Israel is already near the end.
  15. "New Jersey-based J&J said it beat its March delivery target, providing the U.S. government more than 20 million doses, and that it expects to deliver another 24 million by the end of April. " Nice!
  16. J&j vaccines still weren't delivered. 11m new ones this week coming. Massive eligibility changes start tomorrow. Probably will hit 4m+ a day
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