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  1. @ZeeSoh to @Keanu How could you do this to me? @Keanu to @ZeeSoh There, there, it'll be alright.
  2. Boy's stop!! Hey, there's nothing to see here. 💔
  3. Thanx @AndyLL! I was hoping not to bother you with my lack of understanding. Also, I didn't need to be reminded of that. Boo...
  4. Yeah, umm... I don't get what's up next? From Andy: Now it gets interesting. Since there were not enough weeks to have another round robin round I decided to match up 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 places every week for the next 6 weeks. (There's 8 weeks posted in the main league thread, as ranked, weeks 10 to 17) Makes it tough on the leaders and easier for sucky players like myself. Also, does everything reset to zero? Any insight would be helpful , so I don't have to bother him. Thanx.
  5. @Rolling Thunder Thanx, that's very sweet.
  6. I'm sorry @Rolling Thunder, I think it was one of the movies that helped me. That, I2 and Tag. It's just a game.
  7. Expected! Thanx so much @Sheikh! That's ok. I'm one of those that, honestly, just likes to play. If I ever win anything I'm so humbled and grateful. Like today.
  8. What!! No way? I do like being green, but I'm so grateful to be gold for the week.
  9. Really? He has a weak spot. I don't believe it. I knew I was gonna be it out this weekend, and once I saw HA estimates, I figured my chances were slim to none. I was shocked I was even in the top 10. This is a tough group overall. Good luck my friend.
  10. I was not looking forward to this weekend. No, no way, uh uh, forget it! @Sheikh
  11. Awww.... @Rolling Thunder thanks! So sweet... So then maybe we should choose the Smack Panthers? LOL!!!
  12. Very cool!! Of course my Derby League 3 opponent was a no show, so only won that by default. So getting this was really amazing!! Thanx so much!! Also, why couldn't this be the week I faced the power house that is @Sheikh No offense to my other Derby League 3 members, you're all awesome ,but you know his track record. LOL!!! Thanx again, I'm so grateful and honored.
  13. I still like The Predickey Derbot's, Two Cat's in a Dog Pound, The Prediction Purrfectionists, The B.O.T. Panthers or The Smack Panthers, or your last suggestion adjusted, The Ladies and The Trampers, Hammers & Nails, The Pouncing Punishers. That's what I came up with in the last hour . I can do more later if ya want. Anyone else wanna chime in?
  14. I'm a cute kitty cat. Demons are mean. In the end it's gonna end up whatever is the majority vote and my 1 ain't gonna matter, but if you want, I can still think of some? Your call. I'll be back n about an hour and a half.
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