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  1. Thought of one while I was doing my predictions. It's kinda goofy, but, I'm sure all of mine will be. The Predickey Derbot's? Told ya it was goofy. LOL!!! I'll try and come up with some more tomorrow.
  2. Those suggestions are very manly. Am I the only woman on the team? I hope we have a few days to pick one. I can try to come up with some tomorrow. Maybe others can as well. Then we can pick 5 and vote? Just my opinion.
  3. Previews: 39,633,024M Friday: 61,541,321M Saturday: 71,651,431M Sunday: 57,352,022M OW: 230,177,795M
  4. It does get old, but my friends are more into the nightlife , then the movies. Every once in a while they'll tag along , but mostly it's just me, and I mean just me . I get a lot of private screenings, due to late night Sunday viewings. So it's either stay at home and watch it using my projector and my movie screen, or go to theatre alone? My Moviepass is well used.
  5. Me-WHAT!!! Seriously? Why? OMG!!! I was so excited I came in 2nd. Now this... Thanks so much. Super sweet and really cool @Matrix4You
  6. I'm single and I saw it by myself. I have no problems going to the movies by myself. I love um!
  7. It was really funny. The crowd I saw it with were laughing throughout. It does what a comedy's supposed to do and more. It was twisty and turny, had violence, suspense and kinda had a moral. Great as a date movie or just with friends. I think word of mouth will help this movie for sure.
  8. So I guess I should've double checked the deadline for this week after last week. My bad. Those Friday previews would've helped with the newbies.
  9. TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week # 1 N Coco BV $50,802,605 - 3,987 - $12,742 $72,908,930 - 1 2 1 Justice League WB $41,090,491 -56.2% 4,051 - $10,143
    1. 112,918,243 is my guess for Spidey's OW
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