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    The Dark World opened in mostly the same territories during its first weekend overseas and did $109.4 million according to Mojo's article that weekend. I'm thinking Ragnarok does in the $100m neighborhood, better in local currencies but close to the same amount in dollars. Dark World Nov 3: 109.4 Nov 10: 240.9 Nov 17: 332.8 Nov 24: 381.0 Dec 1: 404.0 Total: 438.2
  2. Matching Moana would be a very strong performance I think. My feeling is a bit lower 65-75m 5 day opening 200-230m domestic 330-380m overseas 550-600m total
  3. RT @yourevoltingwen: @BDSixsmith "non-western peoples have thought so little of about freedom that most human languages did not even posses…

  4. High 300s up to low 400s is where I am on this one for now. Opening and legs somewhere in between Minions and Dory, 120*3.3 or something around there.
  5. Cume - Weekly Sep 10: 66.3 - 66.3 Sep 17: 153.5 - 87.2 Sep 24: 212.0 - 58.5 Oct 1: 264.8 - 52.8 Oct 8: 299.1 - 34.3 Oct 15: 315.6 - 16.5 Oct 22: 331.4 - 15.8
  6. Jurassic World II OS Thread

    450 + 950 = 1.4b

    875-925m is my first guess.

    Between 400m and 500m. I'll lean on the high end for now, 475m.
  9. Why is it awful, franchises are big tv shows, same characters and in this case the same director as previous 'episodes'. The people who want a longer run time are already invested in the story and characters. For those people longer is generally better.
  10. Imagine if your favorite TV show put out an season finale that was only 15 minutes long. Would you be disappointed? You've already seen that they can make great 22 minutes episodes, why didn't they do that for the season finale?
  11. Right now I'm willing to bet one month of gold that it doesn't break the November record. One bet available, first come first serve.
  12. I agree that 11m is way too low for previews, but I'm feeling like my 150m guess is too high and it could come in quite a bit lower. Something about the general feeling around JL just seems a little off. One big movie just a couple weeks before and a massive movie later with tickets already selling big pulling attention away from it on the other side.... This could be Mockingjay 2 all over again. Won't the first tracking show up next week?
  13. Anyone else getting a slight Batman and Robin vibe? Very clean and tidy, bright colors, looks like it's trying to appeal further down the age range.

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