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  1. I think Friday is going to stay mid-50s. 15+40+44+36 = 135/350/775/1125/3450/9000/481947283056857373
  2. I'll throw my guess in since we have previews now 15.3 + 38 + 42(+10%) + 34(-19%) = 129 I'll admit I'm disappointed, it's a bigger drop than transformers and pirates had and I thought JW was a lot more fun than either of those franchise's sequels (first of each was pretty good). I haven't watched fallen kingdom yet but it's gotta at least be better than those sequels were. Originally I thought 165/400+, but when presales and tracking started coming in it looked like it was trending down to deadpool 2's range, which is about where I see it from these previews.
  3. I'm thinking even with Incredibles great reception and huge opening it still does under 90m this weekend, which would give JW2 a pretty clear path IMO. I'm out.
  4. MattW

    Box Office Casino

    Yeah you def won that one.
  5. Did this get posted yet: http://www.indiewire.com/2018/06/disneys-boosting-a-wrinkle-in-time-over-100-million-drive-ins-1201975953
  6. Seems like Disney consistently underestimates while Fox could go either way, certainly true for overseas Sunday estimates vs Monday actuals for IW vs DP2
  7. Same, 2045-2050 is what I come up with from this weekends numbers, 680+1370
  8. Nice weekend all around, I'm thinking 315+415, with an outside shot at catching Matrix Reloaded, but probably won't. Worldwide (Dom + OS)$783.1m (363+420) - Deadpool$742.1m (281+460) - The Matrix Reloaded$730.0m (315+415) - Deadpool 2$700.4m (327+372) - IT$619.0m (226+392) - Logan$611.9m (370+241) - The Passion of the Christ$586.7m (254+332) - The Hangover Part II$571.0m (166+404) - Fifty Shades of Grey$549.4m (218+330) - Ted$547.4m (350+197) - American Sniper$532.9m (183+349) - The Revenant$519.8m (204+315) - Terminator 2$497.4m (133+364) - Troy$481.8m (216+265) - Saving Private Ryan$467.5m (277+190) - Hangover$463.5m (171+292) - The Matrix$463.4m (178+285) - Pretty Woman$463.4m (126+336) - Lucy$457.6m (187+269) - Gladiator$456.7m (111+345) - The Last Samurai$456.1m (210+245) - 300$441.3m (232+208) - The Exorcist$433.4m (150+283) - Terminator 3$427.3m (139+288) - The Matrix Revolutions$425.4m (162+262) - Django Unchained$415.2m (152+262) - Sex and the City$414.3m (128+286) - Kingsman: The Secret Service$414.2m (138+275) - The King's Speech$411.0m (122+289) - The Bodyguard$410.9m (100+311) - Kingsman: The Golden Circle$403.3m (126+276) - Prometheus
  9. MattW

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    China was $112m or 125m?
  10. They all had Father's day Sundays. I don't see this holding better than TS3.
  11. 150-165 I think means Friday will stay at about 50m. Also if it was going significantly higher it seems like Rth would have shown up by now.
  12. The more I think about it the weirder the EC thing gets. Imagine you're an insider in some industry, and there's a fan website with just regular people predicting/guessing/speculating about that industry. Does it seem like a normal adult thing to call any of them morons and stupid and whatever other stuff he said? Rth explains stuff again and again as new users join, and has fun with the games he plays when giving numbers sometimes. That's the kind of thing you'd expect an adult to do who's giving inside info to fans. The vitriol coming from EC on occasion was just plain weird. Dude's got some issues.
  13. In the middle of July no less. Am I terrible if I raise expectations and say 30+?

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