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  1. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $45,402,195 30.9% + Foreign: $101,500,000 69.1% = Worldwide: $146,902,195 https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=wbeventfilm2018.htm
  2. MattW

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    Jul 1: 669.2 (+102.2; -47.6%) Jul 8: 727.6 (+58.4; -42.9%) Jul 15: 773.1 (+45.5; -22.1%) Jul 22: 813.0 (+39.9; -12.3%) July29: 840.2 (+27.4; -31.3%) Aug 5: 854.5 (+14.3; -47.8%) Aug12: 866.8 (+12.3; -14.0%)
  3. Is the Meg gonna be more along the lines of super troopers or equalizer, I could see it going either way
  4. MattW

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    July 29: 840.2 (+27.4; -31.3%) Aug 5: 854.5 (+14.3; -47.8%) Much steeper drop this week than the last few. Probably Fallout's new openings took away from JW. Still, was more or less expecting it and I think it hits 875, plus 420+ domestic.
  5. Interesting. I assumed it was the same thing that happened to Civil War where there was some kind of exchange rate change and the whole gross from a certain country was adjusted down to the new xchange rate
  6. Another very harsh drop overseas this weekend, from 416.6 on July 29th to 414.5 today https://web.archive.org/web/20180730193334/https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=foxmarvel18.htm https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=foxmarvel18.htm
  7. MattW

    Venom Under $100m

    I'm thinking 50m OW minimum based on the reaction so far, probably more like 60-70 and it legs it up to 150+
  8. $15/month, releases with under 1000 locations, and wider releases after the first 2 weeks is still a good deal. Frankly that's what it should have been from the start. And if they negotiated seat restrictions as well I bet they could have gotten lower prices from exhibitors for the less desirable seats in the theaters that don't sell well if at all.
  9. IMO it's less of a waste of time talking about box office than it is talking about sportsball scores
  10. MattW

    Anyone else just get AMC Stubs A-List?

    You can buy more tickets for 8.99 each and unused tickets roll over so if you live in an area where evening shows are more than $9 (i.e. most urban areas) you're saving money as long as you average at least one movie a month.
  11. Posted on HSX by someone who works in the industry: IMAX's FORM 10-Q filing lists Avengers 4 also opening in April 2019 not May. Avengers 4: The IMAX Experience (Walt Disney Studios, April 2019) Not sure where the original source is, but it makes sense for Avengers 4 to open in April worldwide; wonder if they can get a China opening for that same weekend.
  12. MattW

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    With this weekend I'm coming up with 1295, so I don't think 1300 is a stretch at all. Much better legs all around than I expected.
  13. Really annoys me when they post a weekend number and no Friday number.

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