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  1. For 2022 I'll predict $7.5 billion or more for the domestic total from at least 600 releases. May through the end of the year will be the new normal. Change is in the air.
  2. I've been thinking studios should put their old movies in theaters for free for those first few weeks to coax people back into theaters. Let theaters make money off of concessions without having to pay anything to studios. Also there's a chance that putting some lesser known movies will expose them to a wider audience and then the studios can make something off of home video. Like if Memento or In Bruges (just to pick a couple of my favorites) played for a couple weeks for free I think they could get a small bump in home video sales afterwards.
  3. I just saw on Twitter Mulan tracking for 20m opening in reference to China, I'm guessing it's just false info but curious if I missed something.
  4. I'm feeling 600 as the baseline, higher or lower depending on marketing and reception, 575-650 total overseas. Plus dom and I'd say around 750-850 ww.
  5. He's part of the main plot, central to keeping to story moving. But I don't know how likely that makes a Chinese release. I enjoyed it very much. If snatch gets a 99/100 (one of my top 10 all time) then I'd give gentlemen about a 90. Very solid, plenty of fun.
  6. Loved it. Out of the thirty two 2019 releases I watched this was my favorite. Interestingly enough my favorite 2018 release was also a WW1 movie.
  7. I don't track regularly so I don't know (i just leech off of everyone else's work here, sorry 😶), more about how poorly Rhythm section is doing, less than a third of a PG13 horror movie which I'd think is one of the most walkup friendly categories.
  8. The local chain has 16 locations in my state, a total of 18 tickets across all theaters for all shows tonight. Hansel Gretel has 60 for comparison.
  9. Huh, the cinemark by me has times listed too: 5pm start time, 3h15m between XD shows so if these are the actual times it's gotta be less than 2h30 long.
  10. Do Chinese people complain that Wandering Earth made over 95% of its total revenue in China? It's almost as if the United states has a different history and unique cultural baggage compared to other countries, and the hollywood blockbusters that make more than 50% overseas are the exceptions, while the ones that make half or less OS are really doing just fine.
  11. 20-21 would have been my guess so 22 is very solid if it ends up there. 14-15 Sunday, 10-11 Monday, 68+ looks good with a shot at low 70s.
  12. I'd say the over/under is closer to 150 than 250.
  13. 2nd weekend drop for American sniper was almost as amazing as ow, 89.3 to 64.6, less than a 30% drop despite opening on a holiday weekend.
  14. 1 Avengers: Endgame $2,797,800,564 2 The Lion King $1,656,313,097 3 Frozen II $1,369,253,192 4 Spider-Man: Far From Home $1,131,927,996 5 Captain Marvel $1,129,729,839 6 Toy Story 4 $1,073,394,813 7 Joker $1,066,549,908 8 Aladdin $1,050,959,216 9 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
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