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  1. On the domestic side if you start tracking Endgame starting with its 2nd Saturday along with Iron Man 3 and Civil War's first Saturdays you get this Endgame is the red line, and it clearly has fallen behind both of those other two. Means it should make an additional $73m to $85m more to the end of the run. 850 is out 840 is unlikely ~830 is about where it's headed
  2. I wish it would hit 5b, that'd be pretty amazing. The potential is there but it looks like a pretty low probability event. Still, 4.8b or more compared to: Transformers 3+4 = 2.23b HP:DH1+2 = 2.3b Furious 7+8 = 2.75b Avengers 1+2 = 2.92b Jurassic 4+5 = 2.98b Episodes 7+8 = 3.4b
  3. I agree. Endgame delivers a nice ending for a big chunk of the series, wraps up a lot of the stories of the MCU. It's really for the fans. Infinity War though unusually great. After ruminating on both for a while I think IW is clearly the superior film. Yeah, consensus seems to be it'll end up right around there. Last full week worldwide was $295m.
  4. Even not counting the increase in China that's still an increase of about a billion USD, 1165 for ultron to over 2150 for EG
  5. IW made $69.7m its 3rd FSS for overseas less China, then added another $136m after that. EG 75 this FSS, could add another $144m for a total of $1295m. China 625m US 850 or more 2770 So close. EG comes in 2nd place. It's done, it's over, JC FTW
  6. GotG2 did 16.5 on Friday May 12th, added 207 from that weekend to the end. Puts Endgame at 867
  7. I didn't even read your post, the high school musical video was enough to convince me. In.
  8. Reading through the reports Thursday I think will be at least 5, maybe as high as 7m? Weekend IM I'd guess 9-12. It could surprise and venture up towards the animated range but I think the safe money is on something lower.
  9. It's bizarre to see 350 > opening > weekend > $357m I still find it hard to believe that's a real thing that happened, such an absurd number. One of these days Disney's gonna say "haha can't believe everyone fell for it, you all thought a 109m in a single day was actually possible lulz" But more on topic, I agree with many that 900 is looking difficult at this point.
  10. This list hasn't been updated but disney 2019 passed a billion on Monday April 29th, 119 days: https://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/fasteststudios.htm FASTEST STUDIOS TO $1 BILLION IN A GIVEN YEAR Rank Studio Year Days to $1 billion Date Achieved 1 Buena Vista 2018 117 4/27/18 2 Buena Vista 2016 128 5/7/16 3 Buena Vista 2017 146 5/26/17 4 Universal 2015 165 6/14/15 5 Buena Vista 2015 174 6/23/15 6 Paramount 2008 174 6/22/08 7 Paramount 2010 175 6/24/10 8 Warner Bros. 2015 177 6/26/15 9 20th Century Fox 2010 179 6/28/10 10 Universal 2017 182 7/1/17
  11. Sunday night is significantly weaker than Saturday night. If this was a Sat-to-Sat comparison I'd say it could hit up to 50.
  12. China is gonna drop off a cliff this week, under $50m. WW this week I'm thinking under $350m which would be down 63%
  13. I miss snyder too, but it might be better that he's done with superheroes. I'm interested in seeing what he can do in other genres
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