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  1. Yep. Cinemark by me has 7pm and 10pm shows running tonight. 7pm has 49 seats sold out of 82 10pm has 2 out of 103 Tomorrow's 7pm has 39 seats sold already. Should be making decent money for the theater count.
  2. Bored, estimated some of these from Mojo since I don't know where else to get older numbers. Fast Furious 1-5 no china release? 6: 407.5 (est.) 7: 2426.6 8: 2671.1 Transformers 1: 281.7 (est.) 2: 449.9 (est.) 3: 1071.6 4: 1977.6 5: 1551.2 Mission: Impossible 1: 45.2 (est.) 2: 28.6 (est.) 3: 80.9 (est.) 4: 672.3 5: 869.6 6: 1244 (approx, what was the final total?)
  3. I just found something I jotted down when the Age of Ultron trailer went online: The leaked version was posted on DailyMotion and had 650k views after 4 hours. Then it was posted on Youtube at about 6pm pacific October 22nd on Marvel's main account. Oct 22 840pm: 68k likes, 374 dislikes Oct 23 1040pm: 21.4m views, 276k likes, 2814 dislikes Nov 1 5pm (10 days online): 52.9m views, 423k likes, 7481 dislikes Nov 8: 57.1m views, 439k likes, 8049 dislikes The Endgame trailer already has 19k dislikes after just 12 hours, so sorry everyone, that means under $203m OW (ultron adj). Numbers don't lie.
  4. Lotta people predicting more than IW right off the bat but I can't help but think opening at the same level would be the best of the expected range. Those are huge numbers, and we're still in April, so here's my feeling right now: If it opens below 230 that's a disappointment 230-260 expected Above 260 unexpectedly great
  5. MattW

    Wednesday numbers

    It seems part of the reason Tuesday jumped so much was that Monday was slightly depressed for some reason. Looking at this week in past years Wed numbers are at or below Monday numbers, but IF and FB this year are above.
  6. MattW

    Tuesday Numbers

    Mon: $488,956Tues: $940,000 (+92.2%) That's a healthy Tuesday jump.
  7. Power levels are all over the place, I wouldn't sweat it too much.
  8. For a trailer to play in front of the 14-16 releases it has to be released this week doesn't it? But it could be released next week and play in front of the Dec 21-23 releases. What's the chance we don't get a trailer until Captain Marvel is released, and it only plays as a post-credit scene in theaters for the first week or 10 days? I'd say it's over 5%. That'd be pretty amazing tbh.
  9. The superman parts look like they'll be pretty fun. It won't be Black Panther but I think 100/275 seems reasonable with a good shot at 300. (to be fair I didn't think black panther would be black panther either)
  10. 2020 will have fox properties will fall under the disney umbrella, plus their streaming service will be up and running (late 2019 is what I last read). So the current crop of disney franchises will be down but they have other media plans.
  11. MattW

    Happy Death Day 2U | Feb 14 2019

    I'm a huge sucker for time travel/repeat days type of sci-fi, enjoyed the first one, will probably like this one. Looks good to me. Groundhog day Timecrimes Coherence Deja Vu Predestination Primer Triangle Time Lapse Source Code Any other good ones?
  12. 116m in 5 days has a legit shot. in 3 seems like quite a stretch, but if it does 116 in 5 that would still be incredible.
  13. 2018 - Beirut $5m dom, $2.5m OS I usually don't have the chance to see the more limited release movies but for whatever reason the theater by me had Beirut and I thought it looked interesting enough. Probably one of the lowest grossing movies I've seen since college where there was a theater that played 90% foreign films and I watched a bunch that probably never reported any grosses.

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