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  1. If it doesn't make sense to you doesn't means it doesn't make sense to others... I guess some are just slow learner....
  2. I actually watch the movie version before i knew there was a book version , and it was actually the movie version that hook me up to "I am Number Four" .... i did bought the book version and read it , but personally i prefer the movie version due to the mesmerising story line couple with that soothing background music that totally brought me into a story about ordinary life in a small town met with Alien invasion ..... I credit this mostly to Diana D' Agron who portray a stunning Sarah Hart who was a former cheer leader but realise she should find some soul searching about doing something truthful than continue her life as the football star girl friend ....... In doing so, D' Agron successfully portray a lonely figure who deal with the back stabbing and betrayal of her former friends with such a solitary charm..... It fully depict the title of her "story project" Strangers in Paradise , basically everyone is a stranger now with their own motive and hidden agenda....... only with the movie's interpretation of Sarah Hart that i found this character adorable , which is something i won't able to do solely by reading the book version.. and then there is John Smith , his character suit him well in the story and match him perfectly with Sarah, John is ultimately the stranger in the town with his secret , the acting was so calm and soothing without exaggerated acting ..his facial emotion was just so suiting for a likable hero, and he didn't carry that weird smirk of Clark Kent in smallville ... The character interaction and chemistry between John and Sarah is the soul of the movie , without the prejudice of the original book, this can be a stand alone wonderful movie about how a small town girl with talent manage to redeem herself by meeting the right person .... the scene where John save Sarah from the fall is actually much touching than the book version , the way how Sarah allow herself to be lead away from the scene by John is so charming and mesmerising..... I am number four is certainly a much better version of the boring smallville as for the rest of the characters, they are all doing a good job in setting the role of supporting characters ... of course number six will play a leading role from Book 2 onward, but I am number four had successfully set the tone for her character as her charming female anti-heroine ...... After reading what happen in Book six. I miss the movie version of I am Number Four even more.... especially the truthful Sarah Hart will forever reside in my memory
  3. I am Number Four (2011) I couldn't find the movie i suppose it was not yet review , this is another under-rated movie for my opinion, the amount of interest shown after years of release shows that this is yet another cult movie... would like to give my own review of the movie as compare to the book version
  4. I actually enjoy and like the movie... from a Neutral's perspective , there are soooo many super heroes movies and TV series these days , i basically give up relating which version is which version from the originals, especially Arrow who stole the league of Assassins from the Batman franchise and made Talia evil...... This version of Justice League seems fun to watch if i don't relate it to other spin-off... However i prefer the original Goodie-2-shoes Superman who was much more righteous and chivalrous.. This version of Superman is too sinister looking...
  5. Not only jacky Chan, how about Face off when the entire army of law officers can't even kill the bad guys with all those bullets flying, and how about fast and furious franchise ? actually John Wick show more vulnerability for the protagonist and like i mention in other post , they keep count of ammunition reload ..unlike some action movies where basically everyone has infinite amount of ammunition to shoot everyone
  6. The movie doesn't state specifically about the Continental rule, it just states no company business in continental ground... but even if self defense is allowed , there will be ambiguity as who is going to verify it ? I suppose that was the reason John didn't kill miss perkins in the first episode, he initially just captured her without killing her.. and maybe that's why Winston has the authority to revoke a membership instead of an execution .... For special case such as self defense , the manager has the authority to verify the act of revoking membership instead of execution .. Winston most likely told the High Table some "reason' behind John's act and they allow the judgement of "Excommunication" instead of an immediate execution by Winston ( which Winston demonstrated he could do that if he wanted at the end of the movie ) But the most intriguing part is what is the nature of the Blood Marker ... Is it an empty marker or it has someone else's mark in it?
  7. Still.. based on the logic within the film, those who had fought him mostly dead... so, people who are still living can only "imagine" what had happen.. Both Cassian and Ares will be happy that John spare their lives... so for them John is still the legend who beat them;-)
  8. Not really, It actually show how it happens in real world , most people us, love to exaggerated the happenings of a tide, to make more of a myth and story ... people simply like to invent a hero among themselves the fact that the movie make John vulnerable is to avoid John Wick 2 as another larger than life movie such as that "car action movie" , in fact if you watch it closely, John constantly look at the ammunition of his arsenal, which i appreciate because some movie just assume everyone has unlimited ammunition where ever they go
  9. John's personality is a professional no nonsense guy, unlike Santino he doesn't manipulate his action or his words .. Anyway, it won't matter whether it was self defense or not... the rules clearly state no killing in company ground
  10. Doctor Strange is all right, not considering the movie over rated, mainly because many had hated this movie even before it came out, hence i think Doctor strange is all right But Wonder Woman, is definitely over rated and over hyped, for my opinion ...
  11. Ya agree... i think part one was more scarier, with the Clown as the main antagonist , and they face the clown in the end... one classical scene was when a kid hit his head with a silver bullet, the clown's head crack a hole like an egg... LOL the 2nd part is when the clown become a big scaly monster, which i think is less scary than the first
  12. Actually this was exactly how the older version was done, i can't remember when was the original IT movies because i was a very small kid then.. Now, i am talking about the original movie long ago, not this version i hope it is not consider as Spoilers I remember for the first movie, it started with some adults trying to gather their old buddies and talk about "IT" is back, one guy killed himself and the story went back to their childhood .. about how they were strangers at first but band together as they realise there was an entity that feed on human flesh... the story end with them confronting IT and defeating it.. the 2nd movie continue their quest as adult and as usual , confronting IT once again towards the end
  13. All right... for there is Shadow, there must be Light. Given how much Hates this movie received from Hypocrites and haters alike, i feel like i must come out to defend it. King Arthur Legend of The Sword is absolutely a classical masterpiece by non other than Guy Ritchie himself. Ritchie had again injected refreshing new life into a supposedly out-dated legend, just like he did with Sherlock Holmes. King Arhur Legend of the Sword is fast-paced, integrated with charming background music that gave several scenes a mesmerising and enchanted memorable moment , i especially adored by the scene where Morgana (or the Mage) chanting her spell in an attempt to rescue Arthur along with other allies, the music was "The Born King" which started when Arthur was lead to the executioner table and the camera switch to the scene where Morgana started to chant her spell, Morgana's depiction of a charismatic witch was simply flawless with the way she moved her lips uttering the chant and gesturing her fingers lightly in preparation of her spell.. This i insist that "The Born King" was such a perfect music that it blend in so well with the scene switching back and forth between Arthur and Morgana, leading up to Arthur's rescue..... While there had been many fancy spell casting scenes in the past, whether they were from super hero movies, modern magician movies or even horror movies , non of them had attempted to portray spell casting as an artistic, stylish and enigmatic "Art" , it didn't require exaggerating shouting and hand waving manner just to tell people that you are casting a spell now... all it took was Morgana's facial twisting expression( with penetrating eyes staring) accompany by her light uttering of lips movement, plus the slight hand gesture and ending it with her head raising from a bow ... you will understand that a powerful spell had been cast to bewitch the animals and "possibly" humans too, personally i dare said that Morgana had change "some" , if not "most" people's prejudice towards Witch craft , Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey had been well chosen to play as the Mage or Morgana in the movie. As many had known that Mordred, the supposedly King Arthur's nemesis in the original legend had been slain in the opening of the movie, hence who will be Arthur's Bane next ? Based on my own prediction and interpretation , this version of King Arthur may bring Lancelot as the main Villain instead, 10 years back i had once read a novel who shared my same view, in which Lancelot was the villain , instead of the hero in most legend. For my personal deduction, if there are sequels to be film... the story may continue where Arthur and Morgana started to grow their feeling for each other, but due to internal political strife.. Arthur MUST marry a woman of noble born in order to bring unity to all Nobles , and obviously he must cut his relationship with Morgana because NO ONE will accept a Witch to be their queen, although Arthur was reluctant to obey at first but internal strife threaten to destroy the Realm altogether , and with the invasion of Vikings inevitable . Arthus had no choice to marry Guinevere and this resulted in Morgana running away when her heart was broken. However, soon to be review that Guinevere will BETRAY Arthur and she had secret relationship with Lancelot who rise up to dethrone Arthur's reign ... With the news of Arthur in grave peril, Morgana tried to rush back to save Arthur once more... Well, my deduction may seem outlandish but giving that in Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler .. another charismatic roguish figure had been made into Sherlock's romance interest , it is not impossible Morgana may be alter into Arthur's romance interest as well.. Both Irene Adler and Morgana shared similar background, they are both intelligent, brave and charismatic mysterious figures that spent their entire life living in a dark, sinister and cruel world with merciless men who won't think twice about turning their back on the ladies, but with the naivety but honourable Arthur and Holmes, these ladies knew that both Arthur and Holmes won't betray or harm them... thus it is logical to imagine Morgana can fall for Arthur here Oh yeah, there was also the symbolic sign where an Eagle was carrying a Snake which i think is authentic, normally Eagle had been depicted as a symbol for Good and Righteous while the Snake is a sign of Evil or sinister, but seeing them working together maybe give a hint that there shouldn't be prejudice to all life as all life are equal.. And well, last but not least ...King Arthur Legend of the Sword is an excellent movie, i rated it A+ for my opinion
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