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  1. Everywhere. Especially the one were its making around Avengers movies
  2. https://deadline.com/2019/10/joker-october-tuesday-box-office-record-weekend-forecast-addams-family-will-smith-gemini-man-1202756065/
  3. lmao cd has been trying to needlessly lowball this thing since pre-sales projections all the way to OW and now on weekdays (like its not even subtle) . For someone having little to no interest he is kinda persistent about it
  4. Former made more than a billion and the latter wasnt much behind and ended up getting an Oscar for those tattoos in the process
  5. must have picked red chillies vfx. Anyway how is it compared to Dhoom 2 ?
  6. https://deadline.com/2019/10/joker-opening-weekend-projection-global-domestic-security-threats-1202749339/ >Joker is supposed to be big in Japan Where did that come from
  7. Deadpool 2 opening is kinda high when compared to other MCU movies. Something around the conjuring movies would be a good turnout
  8. Now releasing on 2nd Oct (Wed) in India. Unusual surprise but a good one
  9. The whole crew and cast screams cost saving (like I get it that its a multi-starrer but there's hardly any heavy hitter in any front aside from Wan right now). I know this is no Avengers level casting bankroll but lmao where is the budget going then (coz frankly everyone up till now is either relatively unknown or low key tv star)
  10. The first half of this movie >> whole IT ch 1 More scares and The Loser club just being Losers is wut I wanted/liked about the first movie
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