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  1. Amazing number!! I cant wait for the next trilogy of JWick franchise. Future projection: - Aug 2021 JWick 4 opening 120M total 360+M - Nov 2023 JWick 5 opening 240M total 720+M - Feb 2026 JWick 6 opening 480M total 1.4+B Here comes the new king at the BO in the next decade. Watch out Marvel, Lucas and Cameron!
  2. Great job as always. I can see EG's staying power has been decreasing significantly from your previous edition. Sad but likely true. BTW Ad Astra has been moved to September.
  3. And the Lion King stay no. 1 for 7 weeks until It: Chapter 2? Yes, count me right in!!
  4. Great work as always. I love how you left us hanging as EG depart the Top 10 at 999 assuming it will find the way to cross 1B in the end!
  5. With EG doing expected number in 2nd wknd, holdovers collapsing without proper reasons and new openers underperforming, I guess these mean Pika will explode with 100+M!!!
  6. EG numbers dwarf everything in its universe. Its Friday is bigger than CM's weekend which is already bloody huge, outgrossing Incredible Hulk in one fine day... Supposedly its Fri-Sat equals to half of AoU's lifetime gross, outgrossing Winter Soldier in 2 days... Its wknd is going to smash IW's opening record by 30+%, = half of BP's historic run and outgrossing SMH in bloody 3 days... And the story goes on... This is absolutely insane. Tell me I'm not dreaming.
  7. As much as I adore Snow White from 1930s, we need something worth it from this century to be in the Top 10 of that list. EG, for what it's worth, is THE film!
  8. For medium shots: Biggest second weekend - falling Biggest third weekend is a big if. For long shot: First film ever grossing over 1B domestically is definitely in play. Biggest film ever worldwide is also feasible.
  9. Hellboy's 2nd weekend decrease is almost identical to Hellboy 2 in 2008. But that film faced TDK in a summer while this one faces a weeping lady on a holiday wknd... And yes, it's total gross will be less than the first film's unadjusted opening wknd from 15 years ago. Reminds me of Punisher2
  10. I am one of those who find it a little disappointing as Shazam, to me, is a film which earns better review and good message (but the titular character is arguably lesser known and carries weaker brand). Ant-Man opened in summer, so it has much stronger weekdays. Last Sunday Shazam was 500k (incl preview) less than Ant-Man. After full first week it is now 11M less. For now it should end its run around 140M, given strong competition from EG. This is 10M below Divergent (opens in spring of the same opening wknd range) but on par with Caspian Prince. I wish for full explosion on Saturday to make up weaker weekdays as it looks to cater well among family audiences.
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