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  1. Glad The Upside breaks out in a big way. Otherwise, it would be a very dull weekend. Unless Glass excels in every which way, this Jan is bound to be the least attended in 3 decades or so.
  2. 1. Glass Previews - 7.7 million 2. Friday - 21.9 million 3. 3 day weekend - 50.5 million 4. 4 day weekend - 57.9 million
  3. Projection on boxoffice.com is down 25% on opening wknd and 40% on total gross just a week before the opening. I have not recalled anything like this for a long while. Damned! At one point I had a lofty expectation for this to shatter January opening weekend but roght now it only looks good enough to beat The Village.
  4. Damned! I had a second thought that it would break out in a big way. Hope it hits 30M. More original thriller please!
  5. Aren't there any major expansion of limited releases this month? Last year we have The Post and Molly's Game.
  6. New openers are underperforming but that should not matter. They should enjoy strong leg. The Mule is having super holding power. 27% from last week should get it pass 100M with ease.
  7. The release date will suffocate Hellboy for sure. It's crazy to have 3 superheroes films opening in April. One week after Shazaam and two weeks before Endgame, this film would not have enough air. It will end up like Hellboy 2 which got squeezed by The Dark Knight in 2008. I guess they might be working on the new release date before releasing the first trailer.
  8. boxofficeth

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    Detective Pikachu - the first film ever to gross 1B w/o inflation!?!?
  9. I never get why Universal decided not to release Mortal Engines this weekend. It is an open field and no competitions. Even with mid teens opening, they still get the headlines of opening at No. 1.
  10. Disney should have done double feature on CR and Nutcracker. Damned we got 2 films this year stuck at 99M.
  11. Now you make me feel so old. WWW is phenomenal in its day. Mel Gibson is Rom Com is hilarious. How the Perfect Storm made that loads of money is beyond me. Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney in their early prime.
  12. Numbers come down to earth after super encouraging numbers on Wednesday. Well 2 more weeks with virtually no competition should help some legs before Christmas cannibalism kicks in again.

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