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  1. Good for The Invisible Man's leg, indeed. With AQM2 removed from sched, it could drag on to top 100M. This situation sadly reminds me of the 9-11.
  2. That is too bad. With this kind of staying power and relatively weak competition in Feb, it seems to have enough gas to break 170 mil
  3. My wish is for Knives Out on its 10th wknd to outgross TRS opening wknd and stay put in the top 10 😎
  4. Dang! Will Smith is off to a great start of the new decade. 1st 100M grosser of the 20s! My wish is for it to leg over 200M but realistically 150M is a great success. No one saw this coming last week.
  5. Got the feeling that this unfortunate streak will continue this weekend. Ironically, the Angels are back but they are not to save BO like 19 years ago...
  6. With so many underperformers in the past two weeks (except PwF, Harriet and, to a certain degree, Midway), any chances that CA or FvsF overperform big way? I'm rooting for TGL to exceed projections though.
  7. OMG I made a serious mistake when predicting Sleep's opening gross at 29M. Should have put it for the total dom gross!
  8. Glad that Joker and, to some degree, Mal2 can continue to stand out among so many flops and underperformers...
  9. I hope Focus Feature will keep Downton Abbey in theaters until it reaches 100M to mark their first release getting that landmark.
  10. On paper this November releases looks strong (including so many IPs). It turns out the real products are unfortunately weak, even weaker than October ones. Sigh!
  11. I would put Parasite as a dramedy. But yes, its success is good news for the genre, no matter which genre the film belongs in. I hope it breaks 10M and become a serious awards contender.
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