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  1. Derby forecast is closed now? Normally it is closed in the next couple of hours, isn't it? I am confused now. Two weeks ago the game started late. This week it stopped earlier. 😖
  2. I think your question has been answered by Mahnamahna's projection. With TLK and H&S underperforming, American audience are ready for something fresh before It2. Dora should have less problem winning this wknd. If Dora is considered not original, Good Boys could be it.
  3. OMG This is the worst attended mid-July weekend since 1987. All the blames go to clumsy studios and their nonsensical counterprogramming. Sure it is a sandwich wknd between FFH and TLK but an adult-leaning movie would have enough room to breathe and summer weekdays to get more audience. Looking ahead there are 5 films lining up for release on a mid-August wknd. Sigh!
  4. OMG this is the least attended pre-4 July weekend since 1990. Annabelle should have stayed open on Friday. It would have hit bigger headlines with 30+M opening. Yesterday could be a sleeper hit or a one week wonder. I hope for the former tho
  5. Go! Go! Go! Fanboys, you can make it to Guiness book. I guess you can only do it in the States. Here where I live, once Aladdin hit theaters, there was no showings of EG anywhere. Sigh!
  6. This wknd's number is pathetic. Fox should have released DPx this wknd. DPx could have at least hit no 1 despite being an outright flop.
  7. No Shaft's number? The weekend looks more like an April weekend than a June one. I hope this only means for double toys franchises breaking out next weekend.
  8. Looking at these MIB prediction of late, I cant help but wonder if it would repeat the Mummy 2017. I hope it excels though. Poor Chris Hemsworth! He cant find any hits outside Thor's world.
  9. Has Universal just fudged A Dog's Journey number? Was there a double feature? It's not like SLOP is making 100M on its opening wknd.
  10. So many underperformers Ugh! And this surely continues next week. It looks like JW3 will be the highest grossing non-disney movie of this summer until SMH. Bravo to JW and salute to Lionsgate!
  11. Cool club! I'm IN. So far TS films have been consistent at doubling its predecessor's OW. TS2 doubled TS OW wknd 4 years later. TS3 doubled TS2 11 years later. I know inflation and nostalic factor in, unlike John Wick films. I doubt that the 4th part can continue this trend, but it could be close. 180M for Incredibles 2 was already phenomenal. I would bet TS4 to top that.
  12. I totally agree. Still, TLK faces seemingly less competition and late summer releases usually enjoy better legs. As it might be at least 1 hour shorter than EG, GA would be less hesitant for repeat viewings. If this could pull 250M+ opening with strong WoM, it could happen. It's crazy to think that BV will repeat its feat from last year to have top 3 of the highest grossing movie and all of them gross at least 600M or even 700M !
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