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  1. I think numbers are likely to get worse from here on out for multiple reasons. First, we are still in a pandemic that is now in a worsening phase in the US and is getting alot of media attention that it is getting worse. The CDC recommendation that everyone regardless of vaccination status should wear a mask indoors in areas of 'high' or 'substantial' spread is just going to start depressing turnout more. Schools are starting back up. All the big systems here in metro Atlanta start school next week. Most schools in the South start in the next week or two. So you will see natur
  2. Disney and Walmart are going to start mandating vaccinations for employees. Disney will require all salaried and non-union hourly employees to be vaccinated within the next 60 days. They have also begun discussions with the unions over requiring union employees to also be vaccinated. (For those outside the US some unions have been staunchly anti-vaccine mandate). Walmart will require all US-based corporate employees be vaccinated by October 4th. Employees in stores where there is 'high' or 'substantial' transmission will be required to wear masks again starting today. S
  3. People are not really doing an apple to apple comparison with the PA number. Yes, $60M means 2M subscriptions were paid for, but that hardly means only 2M people watched it on PA. It is more realistic to think that the number that watched it on PA is at least 3-4 times that 2M number. My family of 3 will be watching it on PA when we get some free time. i expect that if you wanted to relate it back to the theaters it would translate to an extra 6-8M tickets sold. It also shows that no matter what we want to think we are not past the pandemic,, and likely won't be
  4. I expect Disney will be very happy with these numbers. In general the MCU super-fans will go to the theaters, but some of the more casual fans may choose to watch on D+ instead. My son and I usually go opening night for MCU movies but my son is not yet comfortable going into buildings with large numbers of people (and I don't know when that is going to change), so this is going to be a D+ movie for us with maybe a late viewing of it in the theaters if my son is more comfortable by then. The streaming options are more consumer friendly, if less theater friendly, giving co
  5. My main takeaway is that the film is the classic niche product. It has very deep support among a very narrow audience. It looks like WB tried to expand the support outside its natural niche and was just unable to do so. It also appears to have an issue for any musical looking to succeed. I don't hear any music from it breaking out anywhere. Hamilton, Greatest Showman, etc, had songs that were all over the place. I haven't heard a single song from the musical outside of watching ITH this weekend on Max. It was also likely overhyped within its bubble. It's basic co
  6. FWIW, this SNL parody of an AMC Commericial featuring Vin Diesel welcoming people back to the moooo-vies is fantastic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cL_g5GisIM
  7. Fortunately we are finally getting to where we were basically at the beginning of the summer of last year. Avg cases in the US is around 25K per day. Avg deaths is around 560 per day. That's still higher than we need it to be but is much better than just a few months ago. A bad flu year avg about 140 deaths per day. An avg flu year avg about 100 deaths per day. Since most of that occurs within a smaller time period during flu season the avg number of deaths per day would be in roughly the 250 per day area. IMO that should be the target. So that still means we need to reduce th
  8. Keep in mind, that number for the US includes the entire population including kids who are not eligible to get vaccinated. Among eligible populations its closers to 45% (16 and up). But yes, in general we are starting to see the resistance. vaccination numbers have been dropping pretty quickly, though they have stabilized in the last week at just below 2M per week. We are also seeing maybe 5% of people who get their first shot not go back for a second dose. As mentioned US has one of the highest vaccination rates along with Isreal, Canada and UK (among major count
  9. # of cases at an all-time high worldwide as pandemic accelerates. Particularly bad in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/20/europe/who-global-covid-cases-rise-intl/index.html if you think of this as a race between variants vs vaccines it feels like variants currently have the lead. also, this article has research suggesting natural immunity to COVID (what you gain if you actually contract COVID) appears to last for 6-7 months and may help to partially explain why areas with high seropositivity have seen large second waves
  10. My family got our 2nd doses of Pfizer on Wednesday. No significant issues. A little soreness in the arms, my wife and son both had slightly elevated temperatures for about 24 hours but that was it. FWIW, it looks like the US no longer has a supply issue, it is now starting to face a demand issue. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/18/us/covid-vaccine-slowing-us-demand/index.html Basically, those who really wanted the shots have mostly gotten them, now it is about convincing everyone else to get one. Unfortunately right now the US is at 84 Million people completely vaccina
  11. If the current pace can be maintained we could be at the trough that we saw between the previous surges in about 2 more weeks. That would be truly excellent news.
  12. This is a discouraging comment from Dr. Fauci this afternoon. Even if you've had coronavirus, there's a "very high rate" of being reinfected with the new variants if they become dominant, Dr. Anthony Fauci says. "If it becomes dominant, the experience of our colleagues in South Africa indicate that even if you've been infected with the original virus that there is a very high rate of reinfection to the point where previous infection does not seem to protect you against reinfection, at least with the South African variant that's the one that we know the most about when it
  13. Both the CDC and Youyang Gu models currently project US infections at around the 85M level. https://covid19-projections.com/#us-infections-estimates-updated-daily
  14. Good to see those hospital numbers coming down. Hopefully death numbers will start to come down soon. I know there is still alot of worry about the variants taking over and causing trends to go back up again. Have to wait and see on that. Disappointing news on the J&J vaccine this morning in terms of distribution. There will be fewer than 10M doses available once it is cleared by the FDA. They hope to ramp up to 20-30M by April. Johnson & Johnson would have fewer than 10 million vaccine doses available if the US Food and Drug Administration authorize
  15. One other item that has me concerned. According to the latest numbers in the Wash Post 18.5M Americans have been vaccinated, including 3.2M that have received both doses. it also shows that 41.5M doses have been distributed. Yet we are seeing widespread reports of States running low on vaccines. Where are all those doses that have supposedly been delivered to the states? If the states are being accurate it suggests alot of doses may be getting lost. We know that especially the Pfizer vaccine has a limited lifespan. They can only be frozen for so long and then have to be used q
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