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  1. Looks like a solid number to me. Let's see how the weekend plays out now. How much will people be willing to see a movie rather than be outside with friends. That is sort of the variable to me. But i'm pleased with the preview number. I think this is an important release for Disney just in terms of figuring out what their model is going to be going forward. Will they go to a dedicated movie premiere in 2022 or are they going to move more toward moe premieres with a PA option.
  2. EU has recommended that citizens of the US and 5 other countries be banned from non-essential travel to its member states. It is up to each of the countries to decide whether to do that or not. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/eu-travel-restrictions-intl-hnk/index.html
  3. It is worse right now than it was last August by every empirical metric. Compared to last year US deaths are up 33%, hospitalizations are up 335% (showing the effect of better treatments compared to deaths), and cases are up 717%. That doesn't mean this winter will be as bad as last winter. That has yet to play out and will depend upon how many additional people get vaccinated, how many people get their boosters and people's behavior during the fall months. I'm not expecting it to be as bad as last winter, especially in terms of deaths, but that can't be ruled out yet.
  4. This would be a wonderful story if it was true, but unfortunately it is not. It is completely fair to say that the current wave is due primarily to Southern states. Unfortunately it is not accurate to say most states are doing better than last year. We are forgetting at time last year almost all states except some of the Southern states were at all times lows for cases/hospitalization/deaths but from basically Labor Day on that changed pretty rapidly. Right now out of the 50 states and DC, all 51 have case rates worse than 1 yr ago, only 5 have case rates less than 100%
  5. This is one of the more tragic stories i've seen in regards to COVID. An unvaccinated nurse and her unborn baby both died from COVID last week. She decided to hold off on getting the vaccine until after the birth (that is something I can understand and can empathize with pregnant women who have to make that decision). She leaves behind a husband and 2-yr old daughter. https://www.ajc.com/news/unvaccinated-pregnant-nurse-unborn-baby-die-in-alabama-from-covid/AZFK5BQOMVBSNPYAWU7BXGHWFI/
  6. Here's a slightly different tact on vaccinations. Delta Airlines is not mandating vaccines but if you are not vaccinated you will have to pay up to an extra $200 month for your health insurance. https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/25/business/delta-unvaccinated-insurance-cost-increase/index.html This is somewhat similar to a healthcare program we have at my company. You are not required to participate, but if you do and meet certain benchmarks then you receive discounts on your insurance.
  7. Couple of articles US is in a worse place now than it was 12 months ago at this time https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/26/health/us-coronavirus-thursday/index.html FWIW, last year the avg was about 42K cases on Aug 25th and the peak had come on July 25th with over 66K cases. Right now we are at 152K cases per day and haven't quite reached peak yet- though it looks like we are getting close and we are a month later than the peak last year. Last year the low point was Sept 13th at 35K cases and from there it started to increase again and did not reach a finl peak until Jan
  8. I think there is sort of 3 things going on in US rates. First, US vaccinated more early but then was passed by other countries so it has more people later in their vaccination curve. The second and third are sort of commingled just like last summer we see the initial outbreak in the US happening in the South. This is an area that has more people indoors in the summer than other areas of the country (due to the heat) and is also the area with lower vaccination rates. Fully vaccinated rates in the South tend to be in the 40's. Unfortunately you put those 3 things together
  9. Disney has reached an agreement with a couple of unions that represent the vast majority of its cast members in FL that will require the cast members to be vaccinated. https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/25/media/disney-world-vaccine-union/index.html
  10. Really happy for Free Guy. That and JC had strong holds. Good start for PP. Hopefully FG will encourage a future system with a 30-45 exclusive window and then to streaming, but we will see, JC argues you can do a PA and still have good legs if your film is well received. My impression before the year even started was WB's slate for 2021 wasn't very strong and it certainly hasn't been. That may be part of the reason they are willing to just let them all go day and date to HBOMax. TSS has done well in a couple of places - like UK and Australia, bu
  11. Unfortunately US avg death numbers rose above 1,000 for the first time since March yesterday. Case and hospitalization rates suggest that will continue to climb for some time. Cases were up 39% in the US over the last 14 days and hospitalizations were up 43%. Currently only Arkansas and Missouri have declining case rates (-4 and -13% respectively). No states have a declining hospitalization rate currently. FL after looking like it was starting to level of a little, with a postitive case rate of +10% last week, has seen cases start to accelerate again with the case rate be
  12. As mentioned, UK has seen a steady increase in cases for the last 3 weeks. That's disturbing if you are an American as based on current vaccination levels and vaccination rates it will take the US 3 months to reach the vaccination levels that the UK is at right now. So it is unlikely US would follow UK's curve anyways as there is more fuel in the US to burn. I wanted to include a couple of comments made by a radiation oncologist in Tampa, FL today. The unvaccinated are killing people in ways they probably never imagined. On Aug. 3, I received a call from a h
  13. This is not really true. Missouri is the only state in the US with an Ro below 1.04 and one of only 3 (Louisiana and Arkansas) with an Ro below 1.1. The US is continuing to see cases increase, though at a slower rate. UK has had rising case numbers for 3 straight weeks and is up 19% in the last 2 weeks and up 15% in deaths over the last 2 weeks. UK did have a dip for 2 weeks, from July 20-Aug 3, but it didn't stay sustained and has turned the other way. There is alot of concern over what is going to happen as schools go back in session.
  14. That would be excellent news. One thing I have wondered about and it probably won't happen this year since so many schools have already gone back, but I wonder if any school districts will mandate the COVID vaccine as one you have to get (along with many others) in order to attend school. Especially at the HS level.
  15. You may or may not be able to read this but it is an article in the Atlanta newspaper talking about the shortages of nurses state wide, and even nationally. Unfortunately they are overworked, stressed out, burned out, and underappreciated. https://www.ajc.com/news/coronavirus/georgia-nursing-shortage-at-crisis-levels/G37X6GW2HRDEXGWB6OS6OBA5KE/ As of this week, 11,000 nursing positions across the state sit vacant, according to the nursing job service Vivian. More than 1,700 of those are in intensive care units. A recent survey by Vivian found 43% of nurses n
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