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  1. Studios should stop giving so much importance to the USA. Based on Sony reports, it is common for marketing costs in the US to be about the same as in the entire international market. And it is common for the US to make half of the international box office, but home video sales are much higher in the US than internationally. Release the film in theaters overseas and on a limited circuit (and little marketing) in the USA. After 2 months launch on home video in the USA.
  2. Not sure if this "solid result" is enough for a movie that cost $300m+ (with marketing). Let's see.
  3. It seems unlikely. Trolls 2 was very front loaded on VOD, despite being a family movie. Universal celebrated the numbers very early and forgot to wait for the impacts of piracy. Films direct to the home market lose part of their value in auxiliary markets too.
  4. You need to analyze the current circumstances. The screens are in limited capacity and perhaps people are buying more in pre-sales to avoid crowding and sold outs, since the screens are in limited capacity. Things to consider.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, someone here was predicting a larger opening than Interstellar based on pre-sales, even with the pandemic going on. It seems absurd to imagine that Tenet would open with more than Insterstellar in the current situation. Pre-sales during the pandemic will not behave as they used to. Things to consider. If expectations were not so high (unduly), that number that Tenet is doing would not be a surprise. Legs in the last few weeks were good, but we will have to wait and see.
  6. Comparisons to these films are useless. Warner didn't release Tenet in the current situation expecting it to do the same as films like Interestellar and Inception. Isn't that exactly why Warner demanded a higher percentage at the box office? We also don't know how the legs will behave. Weren't theaters in SK supposed to be closed this week?
  7. There was no guarantee that Tenet would replicate the success of Interestellar or Inception. If Nolan's name was enough, Dunkirk would have made well over $ 22m... And making $ 70m + in South Korea is not as simple as it sounds.
  8. $ 4m by Sunday? Look great. Dunkirk made $ 22m lifetime under normal circumstances. Tenet making $ 4m 5-day + previews even with the government considering closing cinemas on SK this weekend is nothing but great!
  9. You are correct. The website I read said something different: https://www.digitalspy.com/a33670805/mulan-disney-plus-streaming-release-apple-roku/ They don't seem too concerned if Mulan is going to be a failure...
  10. Available platforms: D+, Roku, Google, Apple... People don't need D+ to buy Mulan. So... this isn't a D+ exclusive. Not anymore
  11. ???? The movie was announced as a D+ exclusive, it shows that Disney know that Mulan will barely generate any profit. Even if it does something like $150m on OW, piracy will destroy any legs it could have just like it happened with Trolls 2.
  12. Lmfao. They know that this will not generate any profit. Next step is to put it on porn sites to make money from ADS.
  13. Things are getting better internationally, the Chinese B.O is on fire right now, Tenet should’ve been released in cinemas OS early and then, three months later, via VOD domestically.
  14. How are they going to pay the high budget and marketing costs and still make a good profit? Disney receives absolutely nothing from porn ads on torrent download sites and I doubt they would make enough money by launching this product directly on D +. Trolls 2 died too fast domesticaly and piracy killed any potential overseas. Also, Trolls 2 only did "well" on VOD (only domestically) because of the quarantine and people being at home. In a normal situation and competition, it probably would have done just over half of what it did. https://www.forbes.com/sites/travisbean/2020/05/06
  15. Reposting: Combined, the films made $ 665k last weekend in the UK, an average of ~ $ 222k per day. If that average drops 55% on weekdays (estimated drop. In the week between July 31st and August 6th, The film at # 1 fell about 60% in the average per day between the weekend and the weekdays, the film at # 2 dropped by less than 5%, the movie at # 3 increased by more than 10%), that would average ~ $ 100k daily on weekdays, meaning Tenet could have made $ 150k with pre sales on the first day. Obviously, that would be if Tenet sold 60% of the day's sales in all cinemas. If Tenet sold an ave
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