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  1. John David Washington, who has also The nepotism aurea just like Timothee, also proved to be a great actor in BlacKkKlansman, right? No. People continue to claim he's weak and has no charisma despite John being more charismatic than Timothee. It doesn't mean much, but I don't see people worshiping John David like they do to Timothee. An expressionless white person is sold as cute, but an expressionless black person means lack of charisma, right? Let's not pretend that the reason is his skin colour. The main difference between them is that Ryan has a lot of talent and got several jobs when he was young thanks to his talent only. He is not an industry plant like the protagonist of Wonka.
  2. Yes, Timothee hasn't proven himself to be a great actor, he's not good at roles that require charisma, and he hasn't proven to have the comedic timing to be considered a diverse actor, but people treat him like he's one of the best new talents. If he was a black actor (and wasn't a nepobaby, mainly), he wouldn't be treated like this
  3. We need to talk about nepotism and white privilege. Many critics are trashing Timothee's performance. It's not a big surprise, though. His performance is horrible in the trailer and in every material that came out.
  4. 1 (1) The Hunger Games: The Bal… Lionsgate $5,266,808 -52% 3,776 $1,395 $49,873,951 4 2 (2) Trolls Band Together Universal $3,270,410 -60% 3,870 $845 $34,442,935 4 3 (4) Thanksgiving Sony Pictures $1,200,609 -54% 3,204 $375 $11,506,881 4 4 (3) The Marvels Walt Disney $1,137,196 -61% -52% 4,030 $282 $66,082,591 11 5 (5) Five Nights at Freddy’s Universal $509,960 -51% -2% 2,829 $180 $133,180,235 25
  5. Based on the early numbers, fans don't seem to be rushing anything and if i'm being honest, this TBOSS cinemascore is very good for what it is. GA doesn't fall in love with films where the protagonist is a villain/bad nature. Some examples:
  6. It's funny that you're saying THG:TBOSS is only for die hard fans of the franchise, but you used to love the franchise and praised MJ2, which is the worst film in the quadrilogy. Now you're going after a franchise that you once loved. From what I can see, you only enjoy the franchise when it's doing huge numbers, right? How much does THG:TBOSS have to do to get you back into the franchise?
  7. Exactly! Damn! They literally make money off these reviews. The MINIMUM they should do is goes deeper into the work and the works that precede it. I have noticed that the level of reviews has collapsed after the rotten tomatoes scandal broke: Rotten Tomatoes scores “manipulated” by firm paying critics for reviews But apparently this has been happening long before: This became easier to do in 2018 when the site loosened restrictions on who could join this pool, allowing more freelance, self-published critics as well as YouTubers and podcasters to contribute. Vulture states that Bunker 15 used this to its advantage, with several critics telling the outlet that the PR firm pays them $50 or more per positive review – despite Rotten Tomatoes’ ban on “reviewing based on a financial incentive.” In other words, anyone without knowledge or respect can post a review there. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did!
  8. The film is great. Great performances, smart script without being too didactic and wonderful production design. Could shorten some songs in the film, some are unnecessarily long. The script has some flaws, but nothing that compromises the overall picture. Honestly, I'm shocked to see the negative reviews. Now that "critics" are no longer getting paid to give positive reviews, many of them are lazier when it comes to reviewing a film. Many negative reviews I saw are complaining about the film being "too dark". WTF? Anyway... for me it's the second best film in the franchise, behind Catching Fire. PS: I haven't read the book and you don't need it to understand the film, just pay attention to what's going on and don't go to the toilet during the movie.
  9. The second trailer for THG5 is not trending on Twitter, but it has already surpassed the number of likes of the second trailer for The Marvels, which was released at the end of August (31.5k vs 26.5k, each one on their respective main page). It’s also not far behind the number of likes that the latest Guardians of the Galaxy 3 trailer has so far (39.3k). Also, I took a quick look at the numbers for the second trailer for THG5 on Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook and they will soon surpass the numbers of the second trailer for The Marvels. I don’t believe THG5 will do bigger box office than The Marvels since the Marvel brand is way bigger, but THG5 numbers on social media are far from being bad.
  10. Box Office Pro once had a really cool tool that showed the buzz of films on social media, such as mentions on Twitter and likes on Facebook. Fantastic Beasts (2016), another spin-off from a big YA franchise, always had pretty weak numbers on social media (especially on twitter) and still did well at the box office. I'm not saying that THG5 will do the same as FB, but I don't think the numbers on twitter proof anything.
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