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  1. Gemini Man concludes Will Smith's bomb Trinity, along with Sony's duo MIB 3 and After Earth. This unbelievable trilogy is going to give $200m+ of profit to Will Smith. Thanks for this amazing job, Sony, Paramount & friends. Your money will be in better hands.
  2. Budget is $138m. Financial target is to get lower loss than MIB 3. Poor Paramount.
  3. It's embarassing seeing @Thanos Legion trying to make IT 2 BO look not good. I didn't like the movie, but I feel shame on him and his useless efforts. Should I wasting my time trying to show the reasons why a $80m horror R movie sequel doing $90m DOM OW is amazing?
  4. Cinemas won't last forever. And when you see the biggest movies of the year are things like The Lion King and Aladdin remakes, it's time to let our sick friend to rest in peace... Unless there's some cool technology to bring people back. James Cameron, where are you? Once Disney+ is released, not even their things will be able to be big enough to keep cinemas' business.
  5. Not sure IT 2 is doing "only" $10m-$11m at previews. Based on reports, it is looking higher and Deadline's previews guesses are usually conservative.
  6. Why you people who are upset by this movie don't make an online petition asking Disney to cancel it? Don't forget to post the link here, please.
  7. Source? "In Fandango pre-sales, FB2 was pacing in sync with FB1 with the ticket-seller survey " https://deadline.com/2018/11/fantastic-beasts-the-crimes-of-grindelwald-weekend-box-office-opening-widows-viola-davis-green-book-1202503142/ Ghostbusters was a movie target to female audience while 22JS was target to male audience. Presales works differently. Yeah, presales have grown in 2 years, but not as much as you are thinking. IT 2 is a sequel to a phenomenon. It would be no surprise if its presales dropped from first movie. Even Star Wars 8 wasn't able to surpass SW7 presales, why should IT 2, a rated R horror? This record points a opening at least over $100m
  8. Watching the movie is not enough. People here told me delays and reshoots means it is a disaster. I read from people who didn't watch the movie that it "is completed, but it is pretty bad" and "the movie is unsaveable" too....
  9. It's all for the ART... Art and charity to support a multi billionaire company.
  10. It wasn't Disney/Marvel who did the proposal to Sony to put Spider Man into MCU in first place?
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