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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2020/mar/13/coronavirus-live-updates-uk-us-australia-italy-europe-school-shutdown-share-markets-sport-events-cancelled-latest-update-news Coronavirus live news: Brazil president Bolsonaro reportedly tests positive, and Spain declares state of emergency @The Horror of Lucas Films
  2. And TIM's official number should go up. "Get Out" made almost $ 3 million more than Universal was estimating on Sunday. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/2017W08/estimates/
  3. I am shocked by the film. I loved it *Moss deserves at least an Oscar nomination for that performance. *I the ending. *WOM will be between good and insane. *Over Glass WW for sure (if coronashit doesn't affect it too much).
  4. The percentage of the audience under 18 who liked is higher because the sample was very small (7%). The audience above 25 was 66%,, for example. Later, in the same article, the percentage of audience between 13-17 who enjoyed it is updated to 86%. According to the deadline, in Wonder Woman's OW, only 14% of Women were under 18, meaning about 7.28% of the total audience were women under 18. Based on the data, I can't see how this audience could have changed the game with Birds Of Prey's box office. https://deadline.com/2017/06/wonder-woman-captain-underpants-weekend-box-office-opening-1202106462/
  5. I doubt that Birds of Prey would have benefited enough if it had a PG-13 rating. I think the problem with the box office was that Warner didn't sell it as an adult-oriented film. The film looked light based on the trailer and not even a red band trailer was released. Teen girl movies don't sell tickets anymore. The latest films targeting this audience have flopped worse every year: The Host, Mortal Instruments, Allegiant, After * 2019 (domestically) ... I can't remember the last teen girl-oriented movie that made more than $ 100m domestically since Insurgent in 2015 (?). Even on Wonder Woman's OW, Women over 25 was its biggest audience: https://deadline.com/2017/06/wonder-woman-captain-underpants-weekend-box-office-opening-1202106462/
  6. It is true. This is an anti-male movie. Did you know that director Chad Stahelski and male actors were forced to cut off their penis before signing the contract? Chad was forced to dress up as a woman while directing the action scenes because the women refused to be directed by a man. Also, he was paid less than Cathy Yan simply because he was a man. Shocking. Source: my schizophrenia
  7. The not cool insignia is for you saying people trust in DC. I will switch to 'WTF' if you prefer. What I see is that if people trusted in DC, Shazam and Birds of Prey would have a bigger box office. People went to see WW, Joker and Aquaman because of the buzz the films were having and because of word of mouth and good reviews. Brand films get more buzz than original films. It doesn't mean that people trust in DC.
  8. I expected a good movie, but it was surprisingly better. Loved it! There are lots of plot holes, but even they are fun to watch.
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