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  1. Just spitballing here, but: https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Luchino_Nefaria_(Earth-616)
  2. Nah, that sounds like another Solo. People love Kylo, but enough for his own film series. IDK. Maybe a Disney+ spinoff. Honestly though, I would not be surprised if Disney tries to bring him over to Marvel, especially now that Feige is working on a SW film.
  3. Driver is apparently close to a deal, it's just a matter of making sure he'll be available in case he gets some awards attention for Marriage Story. Also if he joins it might push the film into getting green-lit. Disney must really want to stay in business with him after Star Wars.
  4. Before I thought this could have a Greatest Showman like performance, but after that trailer, ehhhhhh I'm not feeling it. Beyond the designs of the cats, the trailer basically told us nothing about the story other than "a better life" at the end, and focused more on the cast, which as we've seen in recent years doesn't mean a large box office take. I'm going for a $20 mil opening, 60-70 mil domestic and a 170-200 mil worldwide gross. But I've been wrong on a lot of stuff lately so what do I know?
  5. Given that Vice's release strategy did not work (whoever thought it was a good idea to open it in wide release was an idiot), I think the fact they're going for something similar is gonna hurt this. Even if it's going for a counter programming strategy against the big films in December (Star Wars and Jumanji), I think Cats and Little Women are gonna get way more attention. They should really just make this date a limited release and then go wide in January.
  6. $35-$45 Mil opening weekend, methinks. This is gonna have some real good legs. Will likely stay in wide release until Avengers rolls around.
  7. I worry that this is gonna be another Bad Times At The El Royale. Great film, but its released is sandwiched between two highly anticipated films, John Wick 3 and Godzilla. Add on Aladdin and BrightBurn the same weekend, and I honestly see this just barely making back its $50 million budget. I'd maybe delay it to September/October to a less competitive time and to get some awards attention. Maybe some IMAX screens too.
  8. I'm late, I know, but did I miss something in Fast 8, because I'm pretty sure these two guys set their differences aside by the end. Now they hate each other again? Oh yeah and there's superhumans now too I guess. Predicting this will be the Solo of the F&F series, though not that low. But under films like Fast 6.
  9. Broke: "I'm so excited for the final season of Game Of Thrones!" Woke: "I'm so excited for the next season of Mindhunter!"
  10. In terms of comic book/superhero stuff, Watchmen, Joker, Captain Marvel and New Mutants are the only films/tv shows that I'm really excited for next year.
  11. 2023 is when I'm estimating the first X-Men/Deadpool/Fantastic Four will be out. We'll probably find out at Comic-Con in July.
  12. I like the title. If they don't use the Beatles song in the marketing though we gonna have a problem.
  13. Ignoring how gatekeeping that tweet is, I generally don't trust anyone who has "all around nice guy" in his bio.
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