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  1. Well that was......something. Can someone please fire Riz Ahmed's agent?
  2. For a short while, the RT score was lower than Suicide Squad's.
  3. I'm really getting the feeling that, assuming this film does poorly after its opening weekend, Zombieland 2 is gonna be Fleischer's last shot at a major studio film for a while. Doing 3 films in a row with negative reviews, and two of them also underperforming, doesn't look good at all.
  4. Moral of the story kids: Having a good cast does not equal good movie. That's been proven time and time again before but apparently some folks still haven't learned this.
  5. If there's one line in Venom to describe the reactions to the film so far, it would be: "It's not.....completely awful." (Forgive me if this joke has already been made I haven't been active on this thread lately)
  6. I've often found that the people who complain about politics in any form of media nowadays often (KEY WORD OFTEN) are on an opposing political view of the film's messages. So what they're really saying is "Keep politics I DON'T LIKE out of ___". Ironic given that usually these are the same people who cry "MUH FREE SPEECH".
  7. Has Gemini Man been confirmed or rumored to have an R rating? I haven't seen anything to suggest so.
  8. Whoa, I'm actually agreeing with a couple of our posts. 2018 is so friggin weird. And there's still 3 more months to go.
  9. I mean, I've seen great films have worse trailers, so who knows. I guess I'll find out soon.
  10. Don't have much to say other than this excites me since I'm two episodes into True Detective S1 (yeah I know I'm 4 years late) and loving it. Wonder if this means his Leonard Bernstein biopic is dead for now though.
  11. Gonna bet that there won't be a title reveal until a trailer is announced/released. Am willing to be made fun of if proven wrong.
  12. So I read that 4chan synopsis. Honestly, doesn't sound terrible. If anything it just comes off as really generic. Aside from one moment that......well, is dumb, no other way I can put it.
  13. Playing at Fantastic Fest: https://fantasticfest.com/films/under-the-silver-lake Runtime is 139 minutes, a minute under the original at Cannes. Doesn't seem like there was any major re-edits.
  14. Rated PG-13 for "sequences of monster action and destruction, and for some language".

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