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  1. Damn, didn't realize that. It could work. And while this is a long shot, Hereditary could be a drop. But at the very least, we know the trailer might be out by June 15th.
  2. Saw it again and liked it more. Wasn't as big of an improved second viewing as Last Jedi was with me, but still found it better. Still very excited for Episode IX and Rian Johnson's trilogy. Everything else I'm at least interested in, but will wait for more info before getting into "excited territory".
  3. So even as someone who's been a supporter of this, even I'll say that those numbers are not good. This film will NEED word of mouth to survive, and since there's not much releasing in the next two weeks, it could be an advantage for it. But yeeesh. I do think this film will still break even, maybe even a small profit, but that's not very good so far. Now, as for what I think this means for LucasFilm and Star Wars going forward, there's a few different things to take into account. I thought about how Marvel did in their early years, and there are some surprising similarities, such as BTS trouble: Marvel had issues with Edgar Wright, Jon Favreau, Alan Taylor and even Joss Whedon on their films, and it wasn't until Phase 3 that their BTS issues seemed to cool down. With LucasFilm, so far they've had Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Josh Trank and Colin Trevorrow leave before or during production (Gareth Edwards was in a weird position in terms of his title), and similar to Marvel, that has been in their early days. One thing that LucasFilm didn't do that Marvel did though was have a film underperform right after a hit. Remember The Incredible Hulk and how it didn't even double its budget worldwide despite coming out only a month after Iron Man? That's why you haven't seen another Hulk standalone film. Solo was 5 months after Last Jedi, but giving some time between films is better than no time. So here's what I think will happen: Disney keeps SW in December, or at the very least not in May if they release anytime else (AND ESPECIALLY not on Memorial Day weekend). They'll go back to being out a year inbetween as well, and Episode IX has an advantage by coming out more than a year and a half after Solo, so by the time it starts its marketing, people will likely be more excited for SW again than they were for Solo. Some folks say that SW isn't special anymore, and while I think it stopped being special a long time ago, it should still feel like an event. Some franchises get away with it (again, Marvel is a good example), but SW NEEDS that hype. Oh, and I don't think Kathleen Kennedy is going anywhere for the time being. If Kevin Feige could get away with all the drama that happened on in Marvel's early years despite those being his first major producing credits, I don't see why Kathleen shouldn't, especially given Force Awakens, Rogue One and Last Jedi's BO numbers and her much longer and well known track record. If Episode IX doesn't pass Last Jedi, then I could see her getting the boot. But until that happens, I think she's good for the time being. Anyway, sorry for all the words, just had a lot to say.
  4. So I enjoyed it. The safest SW film of the current era, no doubt, but not the worst I think (that's still Rogue One). Alden does great as Han, Glover is awesome of course, and the action scenes were entertaining (though I do think there were too many action scenes and not enough development for the side characters). A good time, I'll see it again, 7-8/10.
  5. This isn't really relevant, but it is very unlikely that Venom will get an R rating. Especially with comments that Tom Hardy made at CinemaCon.
  6. Yeah, Kian Lawley, a YT vlogger, got fired after a video of him using racial slurs was found. He was replaced with KJ Apa, the star of Riverdale.
  7. I don't agree with that last part. Still have Captain Marvel, Dumbo , How To Train Your Dragon 3, and Us (Jordan Peele's new film).
  8. That's assuming Chaos Walking keeps its current date, given that the reshoots probably won't happen until the end of the year.
  9. http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3500564/next-years-pet-sematary-gets-minor-release-date-change/ Film has been moved up two weeks to April 5th, where it will take on Shazam! (new DC film) and Greyhound (WWII film starring Tom Hanks). EDIT: God dammit Eric
  10. Only real issue I see with that date is that it's a week after Aladdin, which has the potential to break out. But it could hold its own against it, and there's not much major competition in the first few weeks of June, aside from maybe Secret Life Of Pets 2, Men In Black and (assuming it happens this time) Gambit.
  11. http://deadline.com/2018/05/six-billion-dollar-man-shining-sequel-doctor-sleep-1202396965/ Godzilla 2 has been pushed back 2 months to May 31st 2019, unfortunately.

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