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  1. Shoud've recasted Aladdin as well. The only ones that look decent are Jasmine and Genie. Aladdin looks terrible. And now that we're close to 24 hrs the first full trailer of Aladdin only has 7 million views on YT. That is not that good, has 175k likes so that is good but a first full trailer...Dumbo beat it and that movie is shaping up to be another Christopher Robin situation.
  2. ...That's not how SW posters work but okay. Light and Dark are always on different sides of the poster and ew at Kylo Ren being anything more then the villain and a tool. No thanks to that being Rey's LI. At least Jasmine never whined.
  3. WB does not need any kind of controversy or negativity especially when they're trying to revive their DCEU. They need to recast Mera, what Amber Heard has done is just appalling and the WB cannot afford more bad press.
  4. Completely agree, the hype for this movie even now is not as good as it could have been if they wouldn't have had such a dry spell on top of some awful controversy.
  5. referring to Twittter. Pikachu and Mewtwo were trending for the 2nd trailer almost the whole day. This is almost out of the worldwide trend and is down to 7 Domestic and nothing else from the trailer is trending. This is literally the first full trailer, it should be top trending no matter what is going on. Pikachu trended as did multiple Pokemon in tthe first trailer for the entire day despite Stan Lee's death happening. Heck the 2nd trailer had the entire Michael Cohen debacle going on and it still trending the majoriity of the day. Aladdin is almost gone and it's only been less then 4 hrs and it's the first full trailer. Aunt Becky and her debacle is overshadowing Aladdin.
  6. ...It's not trending top on any social media though. Not good for it's first actual trailer. Anyways I think Mesa was a mistake for Aladdin, he doesn't fit it IMO. Jasmine is also conservative. Jafar also doesn't sound menacing at all, too high a voice. My issues with Genie were subsided but I don't expect this will do as good as people expect. Memorial Day weekend has been a BO killer for a long time.
  7. I feel like it's too little too late. First impressions are so important and that trailer really put a sour note for this movie.
  8. Captain Marvel (Full House) Trailers Spider Man FFH (enthusiastic) Detective Pikachu(Lots and Lots of chatter) Avengers Endgame (cheers) Dumbo (silence) Frozen 2(murmers) Movie was much much better then expected. Biggest reaction was the Stan tribute and his cameo and Goose.
  9. Just gonna say this not even Marvel has looked at Captain Marvel as the answer to Wonder Woman. Honestly she's a C list superhero in recognition. What's she known most for is introducing Kamala Khan and what Rogue does to her to basically get her powers and Rogue is a much more beloved character then Captain Marvel. Back in the 90's when DC and Marvel were doing Marvel v DC comics, the Marvel character they pitted Wonder Woman against was Storm not Captain Marvel and that makes a lot more sense. Storm is easily an A list Superhero, she's got recognition from being one of the most iconic X-Men and not to mention her huge connection to Black Panther. I actually hope Storm is introduced in BP 2 tbh. It'd make complete sense.
  10. Honestly the character of Carol Danvers is so dreadfully boring. The only good thing I ever liked about her character is cause she introduced the much more interesting Ms.Marvel aka Kamala Khan and Rogue sucks her powers and becomes the Rogue everyone recognizes. Hoping that happens in the MCU as well.
  11. I mean people are wanting it to be. IDK if it will be successful. But it's doing quite well overseas.
  12. I will say that TheMarySue is not helping Captain Marvel at all when they put headlines how all the bad reviews are only from men.
  13. So Captain Marvel has a 67 on RT Top Critics, a 83 from All Critics and a 66 on MC. Yet some say this movie is not mixed and it's receiving so much positivity....okay. Also I took a gander at some of the reviews and I'm so confused about RT's fresh/rotten scale. Because a lot of the reviews they say are fresh are pretty borderline rotten. Also one critic gets a fresh with a C- review while the C+ one gets a rotten? I get so confused with RT sometimes.
  14. Nope, still Pokemon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_media_franchises Also that doesn't include the latest for Pokemon as that article does not include the revenues it received at the end of 2018 which included a brand new game and a total of 800 Million Dollars from Pokemon Go for the year. Good try though.
  15. Actually the king of franchises is Pokemon. A simple google search would reveal that.
  16. I wonder if Frozen 2 trailer came early to combat the immense negative reaction to Aladdin. A lot of insiders predicted March would be when the teaser would drop.
  17. Yikes the amount of dislikes is Aladdin. I think this flopping could hault Disney from doing their animated movies into live action or at least space them out more. Then again I expect Lion King will tell them not to.
  18. I say OS especially in China Pikachu will make more then SW E9.
  19. Star Wars doesn't really do great OS especially in the middle kingdom.
  20. Oh man you're right. That was a lot of 7 year olds playing Pokemon Go way past their bed time and driving cars and on college campuses and all those kiddie locations.
  21. The people not including Pikachu on the list are hilarious. Underestimate the highest grossing franchise of all time.
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