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  1. I wonder how much Japan v Scotland affects the BO today. The last few matches have averaged 30m each, they say up to 40m could be watching today. Next weekend when they play South Africa in the Quarter Finals will be HUGE
  2. OLS being a long way down makes sense. It only had 2 or 3 shows the whole weekend, and they were close to midnight each time due to LFF running mainly over the weekend. It only has one show there this weekend, and Gemini Man takes it on Monday.
  3. Wouldn't be shocked if The O2 is up there, I went to a 10am show there on Sunday and it was half full
  4. The number of show times I've seen around London for it this weekend doesn't appear to have dipped at all. Any dip from losing some IMAX shows has definitely been compensated for.
  5. Really struggling to find an HFR screening in Central London this weekend, none of the decent screens in Leicester Square are showing this for some reason
  6. Still not ready to call this going beyond £30m, it's very much a binary, marmite type of response.
  7. Definitely a well made movie, Joaquin is great and De Niro is detestable. Its got a great look too, there's some fantastic set design and camera work going on. But it's just something I couldn't really get in to. Arthur is a hard character to really relate to, maybe that's the point, but it didn't click for me. Plus the choice of a Gary Glitter song? 🤮 It's a C for me. There's enough great stuff on a technical level to admire, even though I didn't really find myself enjoying it outside of a few scenes.
  8. Not a big fan of this movie. Can't deny its got some great work being done, but I just couldn't connect or engage with most of it.
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