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  1. SchumacherFTW

    Best Animated Feature 2018 - Predictions

    Unless it's DBZ or Pokémon, I don't do dubs.
  2. SchumacherFTW

    Best Animated Feature 2018 - Predictions

    I'd be gutted if Mirai got nominated for this, it's the weakest Hosoda film that I've seen so far even if the animation is gorgeous and creative.
  3. Depp ironically is one of the better parts of the movie
  4. I really hope this craters, Rowling pissed all over her creation.
  5. John Wick to rise, Star Wars 3rd Movie is bigger than the second in the other trilogies which I can't see changing, and Godzilla can jump the last one if it delivers what people want.
  6. SchumacherFTW

    Overlord | October 26, 2018

    Saw this yesterday, absolutely loved it. Intense, violent and follows a fun group of characters. Highly recommend it.
  7. But then on the other side, people who wouldn't see a normal superhero movie might be attracted to an "edgier" option.
  8. Venom being 15 means nothing, Suicide Squad was a 15 and that didn't slow it down at all.
  9. Not overly, the last one did over £5m OW and we thought nobody gave a shit then.
  10. I think Disney will be kinda disappointed by the UK performance so far. Pooh has always been more prevalent in UK culture than Paddington, and on par with Peter Rabbit, but has fallen well behind those two. There's going to be some sentiment of missed opportunity for sure.
  11. SchumacherFTW


    Go on Deku, you can beat Hunt!
  12. ¥3bn for any Hollywood movie is good in Japan these days. Outside of Shin Godzilla, that was the best performance for a Godzilla movie in a long time too.
  13. The number of screens I'm seeing for Mamma Mia is absurd

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