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  1. I wouldn't call £20m a done deal yet, let's see how the next day or two goes
  2. If it helps. it's possible to edit your posts pressing the 3 dots in the right top corner of the message
  3. Given the carry over of characters, I'd imagine it would help with context
  4. If either of them get IMAX it'll be the very late night shows on a Friday and Saturday. Definitely not peak shows
  5. What a shock, every time there's an ad break on the F1 channel right now, there's a No Time to Die/Aston Martin ad
  6. Just checked second weekend bookings at the BFI IMAX, pretty much every decent seat is gone for all but the late night shows. Should be a nice long tail after the first weekend
  7. In a book where you have plenty of time to do so maybe, but she's a very poor screenwriter.
  8. Bond gets everyone, where it excels is motivating older movie goers more than normal on top of a younger audience
  9. The only thing I know for certain about this movie is that it's going to be the second wizarding world movie I don't see opening weekend for certain. Gonna take a lot of people telling me its good to get my ass in a seat.
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