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  1. His accent is shit Irish, which is why it's so dreadful. He cannot do any form of accent from the British Isles
  2. I think that the way Japanese movies are exported is pretty standard globally, we're normally always at least 6 months behind Japan here in the UK for example. I think the quickest that we got any Japanese movie was when Dragon Ball Super: Broly made it over within 6 weeks with a completed Dub as well.
  3. I'm allowed to be wrong, especially when I'm looking to bankrupt my country 👀
  4. Pah, y'all betting houses. I'll bet the UK's GDP that it won't beat NWH
  5. BFI IMAX cleaning house on the 28th, 70mm Nolan and Gravity coming back again
  6. They must be expecting a strong six nations, otherwise they'd keep hiding. Come on Ireland!
  7. Totally understand what you're saying, but that only applies to the first movie right now. Obviously you can predict and project, but to say the sequel will be the biggest movie ever before any public screenings is a big statement.
  8. £2m is around what Scre4m did right?
  9. I love the overconfidence here. Opening weekend will be huge, but who's to say it won't fall on its face like Monster Hunt 2 or something?
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