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  1. Just got out from Jojo Rabbit, was pretty busy outside the front 3 rows, hope it's doing well outside of London too.
  2. So, yeah, this was pretty horrific. If you can get enjoyment out of it, more power to you, but this was a horrific time at the movies for me.
  3. Wait longer. 2030 at the earliest before the next big screen adventure.
  4. There's still a handful of cinemas open in the UK, mainly in heavily Indian areas like Bradford, Luton or bits of London.
  5. OK, let me try a different track. It's still opened under The Greatest Showman by £1m, which was against week 2 of TLJ and the opening of Jumanji, and I remember that only having small rooms too.
  6. Both classic West end shows turned in to musical films. So pretty comparable to me.
  7. Very late to confirm, but I got mine a couple of weeks ago haha. It's only been slightly manic for me lately, eh @Plain Old Tele 🤣
  8. Because its less than half of Les Mis? Although that was the only big game in town that weekend
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