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  1. Holy shit, has Vue Stratford always been this sickeningly expensive?! Thank god for my blue light card!
  2. When I went in to Avengers earlier, Solo and Deadpool were neck and neck on seats sold for the last shows of the night.
  3. Less than 10 people there when I saw it yesterday.
  4. Where do you keep finding secret screenings???
  5. Cineworld Crawley is probably the best multiplex I've been too outside of London. Love it. As for Solo, I've seen a few bits on the tube today, but nothing outside of cinemas apart from that.
  6. Hopefully the weather cools down a bit next weekend which might let Deadpool recover a bit, but there really was no way he could compete with the triple whammy yesterday
  7. I take it you haven't seen The Room with an audience. THAT, is unbeatable as a cinematic experience
  8. If I wasn't going to Silverstone in the morning I would be
  9. The first Deadpool had midnight shows as well

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