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  1. That I'm afraid will be a consistent thing until there's some kind of performer that encourages them to stay open
  2. Nothing is going to touch Spirited Away without Your Name style legs where it is still in the top 3 six months after release.
  3. I dunno, there's two factors against it. The first is that this is a lightning in a bottle moment for a movie, it's hard to replicate that with a sequel. The second is that it'll open in a relatively normal market with much more competition.
  4. Depends on how it holds. Movies based on anime and Manga don't tend to have the holds that other big movies do.
  5. Sounds like the second coming off Yokai Watch. Though this won't die a death at night.
  6. Is this the thing they teased at the end of Ne Zha after the credits? The subs had stopped by then at my screening 😂
  7. Likely looking at some similar holds this weekend another weekend in the 20s before rain comes during the following week
  8. Haven't watched the trailer, but I'm sold on the concept alone. Can't wait.
  9. It's just not being shown in the major chains. Showcase is the main chain leading with it, and the cinema at Bluewater has more screens for it than New Mutants
  10. Pretty sure @Water Bottle just has a beard to grow rather than mouths to feed 🤔
  11. Unhinged isn't the type of movie people will make a huge effort for, it would have had more buzz as a Netflix original.
  12. Doesn't the cinemascore system involve giving everyone a card then collecting them all? If so, I can imagine with all the touching it's not worth the risk right now.
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