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  1. All these people gushing over Hemsworth, and nobody mentions his best role as James Hunt. Brilliant stuff.
  2. I agree with the end result, but not the level of liking them. Alita was a few changes away from being decent, Valerian is cancer.
  3. They'll probably skip over the fact that Ford failed to finish a single car 3 consecutive years before they actually beat Ferrari.
  4. I dread to think how bad this weekend was, the last two days have been crazy hot. Ridiculously humid though.
  5. 3D anime, 1 movie of story becoming 3 movies of nothing. Oh, and Mechagodzilla is a city, not actually a metal Godzilla. And Ghidorah is 3 heads that come from the sky, have no physical form unless attacking Godzilla and there's no body.
  6. By the time they went in to production, attack on Titan was irrelevant, can't really use it as an excuse.
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