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  1. Yeah, that's what happened here in Britain when Tenet opened. Most cinemas only had one screen during peak time that wasn't showing it.
  2. Really don't agree with TV being eligible for a movie list.
  3. You're certainly full of surprises my dear
  4. We massively over indexed on Force Awakens. Gonna be a long time before any movie comes close to that here now.
  5. That I'm afraid will be a consistent thing until there's some kind of performer that encourages them to stay open
  6. Nothing is going to touch Spirited Away without Your Name style legs where it is still in the top 3 six months after release.
  7. I dunno, there's two factors against it. The first is that this is a lightning in a bottle moment for a movie, it's hard to replicate that with a sequel. The second is that it'll open in a relatively normal market with much more competition.
  8. Depends on how it holds. Movies based on anime and Manga don't tend to have the holds that other big movies do.
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