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  1. SchumacherFTW

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Regardless of your opinion on the film, shouldn't we be celebrating something other than an established movie IP hitting the mark?
  2. Like fuck is it going anywhere near £20m
  3. I miss those screens, so much nicer than Stevenage.
  4. Because it's naff
  5. That's fairly infantile. Maybe they should stop being so obsessed with the full theatrical window for this type of film so that they can exhibit it.
  6. One win does not a streak make.
  7. Nobody bought Avatar toys the first time around, be thankful they made a theme park experience to keep people going.
  8. If the X-Men end up being shoe horned in to the MCU after this movie, then I guess I'm done with X-Men as well.
  9. Didn't realise Bale was playing Ken Miles here, for some reason I assumed he was going for Enzo.
  10. You may be in for a rude awakening when you watch this film....

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