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  1. Neucentro

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1. Knives Out 2. The Art of Self Defense 3. Us 4. High Life 5. The Report 6. Jojo Rabbit 7. Good Boys 8. Ma 9. Pet Sematary 10. Shazam
  2. 16 reviews in with 11 fresh and 5 rotten for a 69% score. Average rating is 6.66/10.
  3. I think the trailers screwed up by not showing any story line or emotional hook other than the adult Shazam doing funny action and talking funny. And there have been no references to Shazam in other DC superhero movies. Too little marketing also contributed to low awareness.
  4. It's a good thing Annapurna continues to support auteur filmmakers. As long as they have the money, they can afford to take risks and lose some, provided they watch their bottom line.
  5. Neucentro

    Tuesday #s - CM 14.6m

    There are many bad-faith actors on Youtube spreading false information.
  6. True, but many of those probably aren't voters. The "elite" members of the Academy (including overseas members) liked it and voted for it.
  7. China's giant Alibaba is a major investor in Green Book. That has to be a factor. And China's government favors these feel-good movies with positive messages and so do the people there with state media exposure. And the movie is not really that controversial among Hollywood people. After all, they voted for it as Best Picture.
  8. lol I disagree. I actually like his innocent, fish-out-of-water look.
  9. This is trending #1 on Youtube. Hours ago, it was #22. What the hell happened?
  10. It had my attention. The slick action sequence in the first few seconds made me want to see the trailer a second time.
  11. I thought I heard "Cause I'm a Superman guy." "Me too." "Cause heroes fly." A slight jab at Batman.
  12. This spot is from Hong Kong. Pretty cool it mentions three DC superheros.
  13. Reminds me of Blockers, a raunchy comedy with a good heart.
  14. Neucentro

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1. Knives Out 2. High Life 3. The Report 4. Us 5. The Hummingbird Project 6. Captive State 7. Jojo Rabbit 8. Ma 9. Midsommar 10. Child's Play

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