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  1. Actually people are pretty supportive of federal aid for movie theaters if you look into the details. 51% of those surveyed are either very or moderately supportive of a federal relief for movie theaters. 23% are not supportive and 25% don't care.
  2. A lot of this have to do with the echo chamber that is our media ecosystem. I bet a majority of Americans have not listened to the actual tape. Most they hear are opinion-laden spin and damage control. The tape needs to be played over and over for the facts to sink in.
  3. There has been zero marketing for The Forever Purge while movies such as The New Mutants and A Quiet Place have seen tons of marketing.
  4. There are low-budget but high-profile releases out there. Some examples: A Quiet Place 2, Antebellum, The Conjuring 3, Candyman, The New Mutants (which has been shelved for so long). Studios should consider putting these movies out first.
  5. This was expected. In my opinion, studios should use low-budget horror/thriller movies to test the water before they release any blockbusters. And all kid/family movies should wait a little longer because box office would be most depressed for these movies.
  6. #ThrowBackFriday Saturday, May 11, 2019 Admissions: 104,000 (#1 movie in gross - Avengers: Endgame) 1. (NEW) Pokemon: Detective Pikachu - 40,000 2. Avengers: Endgame - 37,000 3. (NEW) The Hustle - 13,000 4. Still Human (HK) - 4,800 5. Hotel Mumbai - 3,500 6. (NEW) The Prodigy - 2,200 (NEW) Never Look Away (Germany) - 400 (NEW) The Crossing (China/HK) - 350 (NEW) The Man Who Feels No Pain (India) - 200 (NEW) Dogman (Italy) - 200 Pikachu was #1 (in tickets sold)! It felt like a long time ago. Movie admissions this year were down 79% compared to a year ago, when Hotel Mumbai was a surprise hit.
  7. Most movie theaters re-opened on May 8 after 40 days of mandatory closure. People remain cautious when it comes to moviegoing. Saturday numbers do not appear to show much improvement over the month of March: Sat, May 9 - 22,000 tickets sold (#1 The Bridge Curse) Sat, March 28 (6pm closing) - 10,000 (#1 Bloodshot) Sat, March 21 - 19,000 (#1 The Hunt) Sat, March 14 - 30,000 (#1 The Battle of Jangsari) Sat, March 7 - 33,000 (#1 The Call of the Wild) Sat, February 29 - 28,000 (#1 The Invisible Man) Admissions for Saturday, May 9: 1. (NEW) The Bridge Curse (Taiwan) - 4,700 2. Bloodshot - 4,600 3. (NEW) A Good Doctor (France) - 2,200 4. (NEW) Trolls World Tour - 2,100 5. (NEW) Heilstätten (Germany) - 1,200 6. Happy Old Year (Thailand) - 1,100 7. (Re-issue) Better Days (HK/China) - 900 8. (NEW) Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation (Japan) - 900 9. Mr. Zoo : The Missing VIP (South Korea) - 700 10. (NEW) Tora-san, Wish You Were Here (Japan) - 600 Trolls World Tour was unable to deliver a happy tune. It seems families largely avoided cinemas. Horror movies continued to outpace other genres at the box office during the pandemic following the successes of The Invisible Man, The Platform, and The Hunt. The Bridge Curse continued the trend.
  8. That's his brand of nationalism. Nation over individuals. But more people getting sick eventually hurts the country. Also, spending time on virus containment effort will bring focus to the loss of human lives and his numerous failed responses. Reelection comes first for Trump. So now he is trying hard to shift the focus to something else.
  9. Average daily death toll in 2019 is ~8,000. Average daily Covid19-related death toll over the last 7 days is ~2,000.
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