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  1. I am not sure the trailer will be ready by Jan 19; it has not been rated yet. Maybe WB is taking it to the Superbowl.
  2. Currently on Fandango, Glass is selling more tickets for Friday shows than for Thursday ones. It's not as frontloaded as other horror entries (The Nun, Halloween).
  3. How is Glass looking? It should enter Pulse soon right?
  4. 1. Glass Previews - 4.8 2. Friday # - 18.9 (including previews) 3. 3 day weekend number - 46.5 4. 4 day weekend number - 52.7
  5. They have several high-profile releases ahead: Hellboy, Flarsky, Midway, Knives Out and Chaos Walking. But with the reorganization, I think Lionsgate is slowly moving away from theatrical distribution and to streaming and TV.
  6. My mistake. I thought Aquaman had a teaser trailer. They only did a title teaser on twitter in 2017.
  7. Aquaman was still 5 months out when the trailer hit. This is less than 3 months out. I hope nothing is unusual.
  8. A casting director would balance out the pros and cons. They would likely consider the negative publicity, the lack of work ethics and the unstable nature of the psychopath, and say no.
  9. More the contractual agreement between a distributor and a movie theater. Probably the terms are more favorable to the major distributors. For example, there is no obligatory two-week window for small distributors.
  10. Well, in general no two persons are the same (or each individual is unique). So a gay actor in a gay role is not the same as "being himself in front of camera". But I see that a character that is gay or disabled could be made more convincing if played by actors who share a similar life experience and who are able to add sophistication and layers to the character.

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