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  1. The overseas total were at 77.4M on BOM on January 3, the same as the-numbers. That's weird.
  2. Yes, I think a large portion of fans wouldn't be interested in something not created by her.
  3. That's literally 'The Cursed Child', and it's a mess. I think maybe a plot with Harry as an auror, investigating something, with mystery elements that Rowling is good at developing. Something totally unrelated to Voldemort. Maybe it could work.
  4. Updated: Domestic $107,215,864 International $288,900,000 Worldwide $396,115,864 3.9M left, I don't think it can reach 400M with Australia and NZ alone. I guess we have to hope for some re-relase after Oscar nominations.
  5. Maybe with great legs in Italy and if it does well in Australia and Japan.
  6. 2 HOUSE OF GUCCI - - USA EAGLE PICTURES S.P.A. € 211.368 27.705 € 211.368 27.705 Any guesses on full weekend?
  7. Can't wait for the trailer, loved the footage of Grindelwald's rally (?) in the Great Wall of China.
  8. Movie Distr Gross %YD %LW Thr Per Thr Total Gross D 1 (1) House of Gucci United Artists $1,142,649 -23% -73% 3,471 $329 $25,783,847 8 2 (2) Encanto Walt Disney $989,632 -33% -87% 3,980 $249 $44,218,572 8 3 (3)
  9. I didn't say it sold more tickets, you said it was "nowhere near", FB1 is not that far. The Monsterverse movies have almost the same budget, with large portions of the WW grosses coming from China, it's safe to say that COG made more money. COG had good legs in several markets, it made the same or more than FB1 in almost every european market minus UK. A prequel to Harry Potter would never make the same amount of money, that's a unrealistic goal. As long as they are profitable they will make the five planned movies.
  10. The first one made more than Azkasban, so it's somewhere near. This will not be the last one, barring a disaster performance overseas. Just look at the MonsterVerse movies grosses, all of them are below Crimes of Grindelwald, and they keep doing them.
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