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  1. I generally wouldn't compare trailer 1 to trailer 2 (for example you have GOTG3 trailer 1 here, but the second trailer for GOTG3 was much lower). To be fair DP3 YouTube metrics have been stable on YouTube from the first trailer, which happens from time to time usually when the second trailer has more/bigger reveals than the first, although other platforms are down which is also normal. Generally speaking (accounting for the fact that YT views are down a bit relative to OWs since 2022) the YT metrics for this trailer seem to put it in a tier in between Thor 4 and DS2 as far as buzz goes. Non-YouTube platforms are very big but I tend to be a little skeptical of views from those since they are really easy to get.
  2. You disagreeing with Legion??? I think it's marginally more likely although wouldn't say either is very likely. Expecting OW in the 180s.
  3. 517k likes in 3.5 hours on Reynolds channel. Should be biggest MCU second trailer since DS2.
  4. There are no views from DC because that is a retweet, and I didn't count DiscussingFilm since I was counting from only official accounts.
  5. Approximate 24h views (from main/official channels + Lady Gaga channels): YouTube: 11m Twitter: 16.6m Insta: 40m FB and TikTok seem low for this, <5m for both on the main channels+Gaga but I might be missing something.
  6. First movie had huge trailer views though, I think it did worse domestically than you would expect with the kind of buzz it had. The franchise skews very heavily OS whereas Deadpool is relatively Dom heavy.
  7. Well under, trailer views are not even close to DP3, plus Joker skews much more OS than the Deadpool movies.
  8. One big hit doesn't make Joker more popular than Batman lmao. Let's see how much a solo Joker movie will do when he's had as many as Batman has.
  9. Where on earth are these numbers from...it has 2.7m views between Gaga's channel and WB on Facebook, there's no way the total number is 70m. Looks like BS to me unless there's some verifiable proof.
  10. I see this argument a lot but... it isn't healthier, Marvel's format is leagues and leagues more successful, it's not even a comparison. I would argue the Monsterverse is not even really viewed as a cinematic universe by most audiences.
  11. That 90-110 seems low to me. But agreed that this isn't an unusual number.
  12. This movie is plenty flawed and is begging to be a 90 minute film with all the needless setup and exposition that takes up the human storyline but damn I had a huge grin on my face during a lot of the monster scenes, the climax is just so much fun. When it's good it's very, very good.
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