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  1. https://twitter.com/GiteshPandya/status/1165277585674297350?s=19
  2. First The Lion King, now Netflix, everything oke guy touches is, well you know..... Only thing he got right recently was Badla. Obviously that'll change from next decade though. But this decade has been horrible.
  3. I guess Sony just waited for MCU to revitalize the SpiderMan brand. Now they got what they wanted and Venom performing well, they think they can take it from here. Thanks Disney, for doing our work for us, we'll manage it from here, yours truly, Sony.
  4. Ditto, romantic movies are yuck. I have like very few of romantic movies, exceptions if you can say, and dislike almost all of them even if they are classics or whatever.
  5. Not only John but Dhoom 1 is miles ahead of both Dhoom 2 & Dhoom 3. Dhoom 1 was proper movie from start to finish, Dhoom 2 just had good first half whereas a horrible second half. Dhoom 3 was was overall better than Dhoom 2 as a whole despite Aamir being worst Dhoom lead.
  6. Ummm Nope..!! I mean it's first half was good alright, but it's second half was yuck. So Dhoom 2 first half is what you're looking at, not full movie.
  7. That overseas performance is impressive. Disappointing performance in Domestic & China stopped it from crossing 2 billion. This film will go down as missed opportunity still though, 2 Billion was there for the taking.
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