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  1. He's a tool, and apparently after starting the shooting, makers realise that they shouldn't taken someone better. That's why shit happens with his movies.
  2. Ask pewdiepie fans 😜😜 In reality, yes, and it's not even close to full population using, it'll increase more in future.
  3. Yeah, because people dressed in silly costumes fighting each other in space with laser kids toys is sensible. 😂😂
  4. Is Cats even a thing here? Koi jaanta bhi hai kya? SW ko to kuch losers delhne jaayenge. Cats ko kaun dekhne jaayega?
  5. Yeah, @Jedi Jat said same for War. I remember you used the word, horrible reports, you'll be surprised if it doesn't crashes in weekend itself.
  6. 3rd biggest opening for any animated movie after The Lion King and Incredibles in India.
  7. Musicals? Any random Bollywood movies. Good one's? Almost any random 90s hit movie. Trust me, in 90s decades, movies being hit had a big part to play by music. So if a big Bollywood's movie is hit in 90s, chances are it'll have a good album at very least.
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