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  1. War, Syeraa, Housefull 4 & Dabangg 3 are the next big movies lined up. Hopefully all of them fall short and EndGame takes the deserving throne.
  2. VFX - Yes, horrible looking. Movie - Not as bad as reviews are saying, but still pretty bad, not on the level of Race 3, but still very poor movie.
  3. I thought Bollywood minus SRK is number one in terms of cost cutting and producing trash VFX in name of before seen visuals, but Saaho has given competition to Bollywood minus SRK in this department. @Charlie Jatinder
  4. They are a joke, proper joke, only reason why anyone follows them is because lack of other sources.
  5. YRF are foolish. People pay to see HR kick some ass, not this Tool Tiger beating him lmao.
  6. Creative differences. It seems Salman wanted some of his close ones to do something in the project, it was costumes or something else technical i guess, but SLB said no. That was it, they couldn't come up with an agreement and Salman for our of jail lol. I mean he was smart, this movie was being set up as a colossal failure. If only SRK was this smart to back out from JHMS & Zero.
  7. So The Jungle Book 1967 sold most tickets of any movie in history in Germany? Wow..!!
  8. https://twitter.com/GiteshPandya/status/1165277585674297350?s=19
  9. Just want any upcoming biggie to stay below 350 crs so that EndGame could end up as the Highest Grosser Of The Year.
  10. First The Lion King, now Netflix, everything oke guy touches is, well you know..... Only thing he got right recently was Badla. Obviously that'll change from next decade though. But this decade has been horrible.
  11. I guess Sony just waited for MCU to revitalize the SpiderMan brand. Now they got what they wanted and Venom performing well, they think they can take it from here. Thanks Disney, for doing our work for us, we'll manage it from here, yours truly, Sony.
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