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  1. They are now looking for a full blown connected media franchise, not just movies. Games, books, series, shorts and all that stuff. They used to do it before, but now it's more systematic and show expanding their Universe. And i think they will find star power to carry the franchise ahead, maybe contract renewal or will find new young stars.
  2. Jumanji should now take prime Christmas-New Year date whenever third movie releases.
  3. Tier C hmm "Tier 1: Avengers / MCU Tier 2: MCU Solos/ Star Wars / Jurassic World / Fast and Furious Tier 3: DCEU, etc" I want only peace and no fighting. But i can't help but educate my friend that these were his words and going back on them just to instigate is not good. Make peace and be prepared to lose the bet @charlie Jatinder
  4. Avatar 2 postpones to few months, Jurassic World Dominion releases on Christmas-New Year window and make me win that bet with @charlie Jatinder
  5. Well atleast the delusion of Tiger Shroff being a big action star is starting to fade.
  6. The trilogy finale. Yes. The franchise finale? Well seeing there is only one franchise which gives dinos content like this, they'll find ways to continue it but it'll take some time after the third one.
  7. It can also mean that initials are getting lower. Bollywood isn't able to generate initials properly.
  8. Filmfare won't matter anything anymore. Bollywood is filled with internal politics and lobbies, there's no way filmfare is going to be untouched by it.
  9. Filmfare showing why it will always remain a do kaudi ka award show which will never get respect it wants. The audacity of them to give best lyrics to gully boy song instead of teri mitti and then have gully boy tie with kabir singh as best album. Showing why their credibility is in drain and why Indian Award shows have long way to go to reach foreign standards.
  10. They won't, not yet. Even though his template is same, the concept goes different everytime. It's not like he's making movies on same thing. Besides Gulabo Sitabo is going to be different. And he might sneak up an Andhadhun or Article in between. He is what Aamir Khan dream to be.
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