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  1. New Entry into Top 100 One of the Best of 2021 Godzilla vs Kong Zach Snyder's Justice League Good but not Great Chaos Landing Judas and the Black Messiah Nomadland Meh The Little Things Tom and Jerry Trash Absolute Hate Burn It 2021 Films I'm Late To Raya and the Last Dragon
  2. I finally had time to get back to theatres after reinstating my AList sub about a month ago. Watched Chaos Landing which was better than I thought. Low expectations = mildly entertaining . Anywho, I reserved my GVK ticket a month ago and got a fellow movie watcher to attend as well. She loved it and she's not a monster film fan. Idk if she ever watched KSI though I remember hyping that back in the day. I also loved it. Caught in Dolby at my local AMC. Really hope it does Something domestically for god sakes. I'm exhausted by how folks have been downright spooked into even setting foot in a th
  3. Well we know nothing big is going to get dumped in December anymore and I can't imagine things in the first half of 2021 even maintain their release dates. Folks have just been conditioned that movie theatres are ridiculous virus hot zones and no matter how much social distance or sanitation and cleaning nobody is going if even allowed to in some states.
  4. As much as I enjoyed seeing Tenet in theatres, the studios can't be risking anymore big budget films in 2020. They need to move this and Dune to 2021. I Will Wait so they can earn more at the box office rather than taking a big fat loss attempting to pvod it. Now, smaller flicks like Bill and Ted...get that trash in theatre already. Move Mulan there too. Move Black Widow to 2021.
  5. I only caught the last 30 of BP tonight but even that last bit was still entertaining. I would be satisfied with Shuri as BP now plus it would be in line with the direction Marvel has been taking other characters. Anyway, watching BP made me quite regretful I didn't see it the weekend it came out. I remember driving past one of the theatres and the parking lot was super packed. Just missed out on that opening weekend experience as the crowds were very engaged that weekend.
  6. Of course it isn't getting cancelled, though I don't see anyone dying to have Shuri be BP. That specific actress doesn't do it for me.
  7. 2016-2020 Gods of Egypt Captain America Civil War Message from the King Marshall Black Panther Avengers Infinity War Avengers Endgame 21 Bridges Da 5 Bloods This reminds me of the Spartacus actor and his cancer documentary. Andy Whitfield in the doc Be Here Now. I'm amazed he was able to work through all these film projects all while getting chemo and treatment and progressively getting worse over time.
  8. Re-cast. Too bad two of the best one's working today were already cast in Black Panther.
  9. A friend sent me a local news image of this and I was like...let me look. I was at cnn, drudge, even the local outlet. They haven't updated their pages yet it's just now circulating. Google news settled it's reality. I'm shocked. I didn't even know he was battling cancer in the ether of information. Terrible, Sad, he was a good actor!
  10. So apparently Regal reactivated their Unlimited program a week ago with the first month "free" though I had already paid for a year so I assume I'm getting another month on top. Anyway, watched New Mutants and the theatre was sparse. Maybe 20 people in that showing. All masks business and seemed safe and fine to me. Better seats than Cinemark though they are fabric velvet like seats which I guess they use the disinfectant spray on those.
  11. Finally went to a theatre. I was going to go over the weekend but got busy. Went today and watched Unhinged. There were only three people in that showing. Saw about 6 visible employees. Hardly any cars there this afternoon for this theatre so I'm guessing 10-15 patrons at around 1640. Over the weekend, it was probably triple that. It all seemed very clean and safe to me. I'm looking forward to seeing Tenet in a week.
  12. Tinstletown in Oklahoma has opened back up again. I wasn't expecting theatres to come alive again after the continual delayed starting dates but they did and Regal opens up next week. I was looking at the Cinemark app and checking how they arranged seating and it was every other row blocked off and when you do select a seat in the available row it auto blocks off the next two seats on either side if applicable. MMkay. I can deal. Didn't see anything today though. Maybe later or another day.
  13. So the OKC City Council just implemented a mask requirement for all indoor spaces effective immediately through at least 9/8. Some exceptions apply to persons and places. Now, since major corporations and chain stores were already implementing mask requirements with more certain to follow I don't think this was really necessary but whatever now there's a blanket requirement.
  14. Assuming the allegations on Ansel are true and when it rains it pours, can this film be released as it is? I read it's been finished for some time now.
  15. So in my neck of the woods, it is still a mix of masks/no masks among consumers. I'm really not bothering with it unless required to such as when I went to the mall a specific store requested you have one so I did though not mandatory. Today, I gave blood mainly because it came with a covid antibody test so I'm curious to see those results. Even in the blood donation trailer some of the applicants had no mask though I did have one on for that. Every place I have shopped such as Walmart, Home Depot, Think Geek though the workers have masks on what seems to be 90-99% of the time. I
  16. In my view the health response has been a disaster as it's led to the economic whatever you want to call it. Nevermind, the number of cases and deaths I don't believe they warranted this crash anymore but that's me I'm not gonna argue about it. Just a local view in Oklahoma we are opening up again. In fact, whenever I did go out driving about the roads seemed like normal traffic to me. Home Depot busy as hell. I'm happy the restaurants have reopened or are opening up again. I actually went to the mall when it reopened but of course not all stores were opened up which didn't make sense to me. L
  17. If and when AMC goes out of business they'll be bought up or brought back to life by other investors at some point. $2.60 a share
  18. Each state has different ideas about what's essential or not. In my area, dine in restaurants that have modified to strictly curbside pickup can be essential. Fast food joints are all still open as long as they can do drive thru.
  19. Sounds like another way to get as many people tested who want/need to be tested. I would assume after their results are processed they will have a followup call to discuss if the person is having any further symptoms if positive, condition, whatever and make suggestions over the phone.
  20. What's happening in ya'lls areas, states, regions, countries? I'm in Oklahoma and we have about 106 cases, 3 deaths and 735 negatives. The major cities here OKC, Norman, maybe Tulsa all have certain "shelter in home" restrictions and rules for essential and non essential businesses. The rule is in effect till 04/14. I did go out yesterday to buy something and it was pretty busy driving about and a lot of the restaurants still function as curbside pickup/drive thru only. As for my work, thankfully my company was able to transition the office to work from home. I was thinking
  21. Well every country in that region and all around the world frankly should have banned any travel with them already at this point. Iran is going to have to go full China tactics.
  22. I hear the Hunt was actually good. I still want to go see Onward and the Hunt. I might do that this weekend. Of course I'm not going to sit near anyone or buy anything.
  23. I'm waiting for March Madness to be cancelled sadly as soon as one college player gets confirmed with the virus. Or...they could make it July Madness and postpone it.
  24. heh. Well he should be an example to all young people out there to take the china virus seriously because his reckless behavior might have spread the virus to who knows how many people in Oklahoma City. That's ultimate frustration right now.
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