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  1. I realize I may be the last person who still cares about KOTM's final numbers. However, why are there NO estimates on any sites? On Tuesday it was still in 800 theaters, and the estimates exist for movies in 1. Any ideas?
  2. Could you explain the conversion so I might follow your conversations with an idea how it is doing in US$? Thanks
  3. I was hoping for closer to 1.6m. Do you agree the drops seem to be stabilizing, but we're probably looking at a final gross of $105-$106?
  4. What do those figures translate to in US$? Also, What final gross can we expect?
  5. Godzilla's budget is always shown as $170, yet everyone insists its $200. Where is this info coming from. Not conjecture, what facts?
  6. There is no way Rocketman's legs are strong enough to catch Godzilla's gross. 20 mill plus lead. Sorry. Don't even want to talk about WW.
  7. As I scour the different threads, I keep coming up with a different number. I really hope I'm wrong. I'm reading revised predictions of 130 China, 25 Japan, 105 Dom. Can any of you see the rest of the world which is at 90 right now, having more than 10 left? That totals 360. How about the big 3? Any of them have a surprise left for us?
  8. Thank you. That helps follow your thinking. Are my figures accurate? I have it at $115 in China, and $15 in Japan as of today? Can't figure out the rest of the world to save my life. That's $215 from Dom, China and Japan. Any idea the rest of the world?
  9. Is there anyway to follow International minus China and Japan? I can never find those numbers outside Box Office Mojo, and they don't update very often. If I'm correct, Godzilla has $85 Dom, $115 China and $15 Japan? Any idea the rest of the world? An average of only $2 mill per country would be $100. Correct?
  10. What do you think we're looking at for final gross?
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