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  1. Google says runtime is 2 hrs 12 mins imdb says 2 hrs 4 mins RT says 1 hr 40 mins which is correct?
  2. they look foolish, RT scores are legit as long as the sample size is big enough. Rotten Tomatoes had to go on record after TLJ backlash and confirm the score was real.
  3. Disney controls the media , lol , they are shrilling CM RT score is being attacked anti-sjw trolls. Why is the media even reporting meaningless RT scores.
  4. movies on broadcast get low ratings. I doubt Disney would drop something with 5 million total viewers. Oscars or sporting event gets lots more viewers.
  5. making 1.3b worldwide does not mean the brand is doing well. Transformers and POTC dropped a lot after subpar films.
  6. it will be interesting just for JJ to close out something out for once
  7. this could still drop domestic, maybe not a lot. People may have gotten less interested in series as it progressed . Look at the Hunger Games series
  8. Congrats to JJ for twice surviving Darth Kennedy's firing squad
  9. Frozen 2 was always going to do well
  10. I think they should move opening up to Wednesday, so they won't get the negative headlines for lowish ow
  11. https://www.twitter.com/jjabrams/status/1096496364576493568
  12. it appears Finn will survive IX, as most secondary characters are wrapped, hopefully his potential is explored in IX, he needs to lead an uprising
  13. i think 125m is the starting point for this before reviews kick in, with the absolute high being 175m without any major avengers or being a cultural event. End Game hype will only get you so much of a bump.

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