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  1. why? just enforce masks, simple and cheap way to prevent spread and go on semi normal, other countries are doing great. Of course America would rather everyone be able to get an assault weapon than wear a piece of fabric
  2. by December studios will know the impact of COVID, if everything is underperforming in OCT/Nov they will probably move it
  3. why is that? Unless bigger movies move into to December it should do respectable
  4. So Texas and Florida are closing bars again, but for some reason Disney World still plans to open soon
  5. May be wise to delay Tenet further , hard sell for casual moviegoers , WW84 is an easier sell to bring people back to theaters. Tenet can go December 4th or next year.
  6. If Disney isn't adding Avatar to the list, i expect it will get legit re-release sometime next year
  7. Mask mandatory screenings that run 3 dollars more is probably the answer
  8. why wouldn't they require masks at first then ease restrictions if no problems after a few weeks, i guess its all about concession sales
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