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  1. Horrible if TSS opens that low , just like Dark Fate , horrible trailers and looks much like the same movie again
  2. not a good opening for Jungle Cruise when you consider the budget , but The Rock still seems to guarantee a 25m ow besides Baywatch
  3. looks like a decent kids movie, looks less annoying than recent Sony Jumanjis
  4. i can't believe this is still filming, the budget must be nearly 200m now
  5. trailer was alright but nothing mind blowing, if we were not still in a pandemic i think this would do similar numbers to Prometheus , possibly higher if wom was good
  6. so will this go P+ early if its making no money in theaters ? Or they maybe hoping money from China
  7. Forbes says AQP2 is only dropping 34% this weekend despite being able to purchase or stream
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