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  1. this was pretty bad and and forgettable , but at least it was better than Aquaman.
  2. Tom Cruise 'builds Covid-secure studio on former military base to finish filming Mission: Impossible 7'
  3. any idea what is December 3rd, some Oscar bait film ? Dec 17th a placeholder for bumped films?
  4. critics are too kind, audiences are mixed, hopefully more like Captain Marvel than BOP
  5. O/U BOP Worldwide . This might be interesting ? Or is Corona gonna win this battle?
  6. so this mixed , please me this isn't BOP, if i liked the first i will like this?
  7. Now Tom dating Hayley Atwell according to tabloids , he was supposedly dating Vanessa Kirby during last film 😁 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9065983/Tom-Cruise-58-DATING-Mission-Impossible-7-star-Hayley-Atwell-38.html
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