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  1. Valerian was an indie movie, no way IMAX would screw over a major like Paramount, even for Nolan , they would share at worst
  2. Yes, in America increased racism towards Asian Americans, eventhough people should just be mad at Chinese government.
  3. Christmas boxoffice will be huge this year. Better get imax release, it was made for it.
  4. Since the world is angry at China now, best to delay this at least a full year.
  5. i have both the virus and anxiety now, made worse by not being able to be tested , yeah America
  6. this will probably move since its demo is in the danger zone for the deadly virus
  7. It be over in a few weeks in America, but the rest of the world will be in lockdown
  8. I think that's a optimistic target for back to work, but would still ban any events/gatherings for another month.
  9. Story of a relatively healthy and young woman that died https://www.nola.com/news/coronavirus/article_bdc4e802-6b90-11ea-a747-832e94bc7f56.html [Mod Edit:Changed link to the original article by local media.]
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