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  1. Ryan Reynolds

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    https://deadline.com/2018/11/the-grinch-bohemian-rhapsody-weekend-box-office-1202498901/ WEEKEND B.O. FOR NOV. 9-11 thumb rank film dis. screens (chg) fri 3-day (-%) total wk 1 The Grinch Uni/Ill 4,141 $18.3M $66.2M $66.2M 1 2 Bohemian Rhapsody Fox/NR/GK 4,000 $8.8M (-53%) $30M (-41%) $99.1M 2 3 Overlord Par 2,859 $3.9M $10.1M $10.1M 1 4 Nutcracker… Dis 3,766 $2.5M (-58%) $9.8M (-52%) $35.4M 2 5 …Spider’s Web Sony/MGM/NR 2,929 $3.1M $8.8M $8.8M 1 6 A Star Is Born WB 2,848 (-583) $2.3M (-28%) $8M (-27%) $178M 6 7 Nobody’s Fool Par 2,468 $1.8M (-61%) $6.4M (-53%) $24.1M 2 8 Venom Sony 2,351 (-716) $1.3M (-35%) $5M (-36%) $206.3M 6 9 halloween Uni/Mmax/Blum 2,717 (-1,058) $1.2M (-64%) $3.7M (-66%) $156.7M 4 10 The Hate U Give Fox 1,108 (-399) $538K (-42%) $1.9M (-42%) $26.5M 6
  2. Ryan Reynolds

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    DL has given sly updates that were unbumped Grinch 18.3M - 66.2m OL 3.9m - 10.1m SW 3.1m - 8.8m around the same BR- 8.8 - $30M
  3. Ryan Reynolds

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

  4. Ryan Reynolds

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    Oh Sony, maybe time for a gender swap Spider's Web film
  5. I still don't get the year delay, filming is going on now, we know adult films can perform well in Oct/Nov if Summer is too soon
  6. Ryan Reynolds

    Overlord | October 26, 2018

    Critics wise its 90% after 40 reviews, reception may be closer to Bad Times at the El Royal by boxoffice and critical reception. BW 2.0 got a 20 m ow. Overlord will be luck to do over double digits
  7. Wow, Overlord more theater than Spider's Web, would not have guessed that based on Sony's very solid marketing push.
  8. Ryan Reynolds

    Overlord | October 26, 2018

    surprised this niche genre film is still hovering at 90% on RT, maybe because most real critics are not even bother reviewing? Anyways it looks like the target audience will probably like it and everyone else will ignore it. Another loss for Paramount, but maybe not a disaster.
  9. BR may be crowd pleasing, but i don't understand how crap like Venom did well after ow
  10. probably not pre BP run, after that it was expected to open on par or exceed TFA

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