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  1. why hold further , no theaters will exist then ? those at risk of death will be vaccinated by fall, people will be on their own then , things will be 100% open
  2. bad news for Paramount+ , MI7 vs John Wick 4 now
  3. zero chance it goes to Par+ , if anything it will be a hybrid release
  4. Tom , Jennifer & Miles on Graham Norton Show tomorrow
  5. sounds plausible , release date is off though, i think we get a new trailer before end of month. Paramount may use MTV movie awards in May to kick off campaign.
  6. No chance with the way IMAX has Top Gun 2 , BW has no IMAX version as of yet announced
  7. not well for indie films, at least in America all theaters will probably be at least 75% capacity , so non issue. F9 is not really much bigger than Venom domestically and BW is a vod release, so capacity will be less of an issue
  8. got vaccinated today , just had to drive to a rural county, they had so much surplus they take anyone
  9. 7.5 on IMDb already, pretty weak for genre, seems reaction is as muted as the last few
  10. IMAX had an exclusive to expanded ratio for MCU films, this however looks like the aspect ratio for all screens
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