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  1. @POTUS 2020 based on the hype on Maoyan, do you think Avatar 2 can OW $350M, 3.5x legs, $1 billion??
  2. Avatar 2 DOM: OW $160M, 5.5x legs, $880M China: OW $350M, 3x legs, $1.05B Rest: $1.5B Total: $3.43B
  3. Do we have the table for Top 10 films in money, admits of the decade and all time in South Korea?
  4. So the numbers from morning to 2.30pm are missed....
  5. The mimorin PC version seem to be stuck since last midnight till now while the mobile version was stuck too but now it seems to run again and all the movies drop like a stone? It seems that all the theaters were closed till after noon today?
  6. It is currently at $19M now after 1.5 week.... to think that it will "only" at around $11M more....
  7. Again, I think Show Yourself (not Into The unknown) should be advertised more by Disney by uploading more video because it is exactly that kind of song. On the other hand, I understand why Disney has not done that yet because Show Yourself is a massive spoiler for the movie. But the movie has already been out for 2 months, so I hope Disney will release more video about it. I love listen to the multiple language version, especially the oneline version. This is a low-quality sound video but still
  8. I think Japan is $110M rather than that number...
  9. Frozen 2 just crossed $120M mark this Sunday in China, it finally happened....
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