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  1. All schools will be closed from next monday 2nd March till April.
  2. So 6.7M is locked for Frozen 2 How long will it stay in theater? Final number projection?
  3. Not much but I think it still matters. $130M+ Spring break at the start, then create momentum to go to Golden week, then can continue to create momentum to go on to Summer break, Obon week. Frozen 2 was too far away (6 weeks, more than one month) from its first holiday week, (so it already lost some momentum when it got there) although it is animated movie which was supposed to work well on holiday period
  4. Keep the same release date in the rest of the world, just change the release date in Japan to the same period as Frozen 1.
  5. Why did you think frozen 2 merch gross is not as high as frozen 1 merch?
  6. South Korea Corona virus updated today: 346 people !!!!!! Yesterday: 206 people The day before it: around 100 people
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