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  1. Man, I’d do it if the nearest showing wasn’t 45 minutes out of my way and starting at 11pm. Guess I’ll wait for it.
  2. I’m glad to read this bit of casting news! I enjoyed Yesterday for the most part and I think Himesh is pretty talented.
  3. I mean, I just rewatched it last year. But it’s also easily my favorite Heath Ledger performance. I can’t really speak for other people.
  4. Adam Driver Joaquin Phoenix Leonardo DiCaprio Antonio Banderas Taron Egerton Driver is having such a strong year. And I guess we’ll know for sure out of Venice but even if the film is well-received and Joaquin gets career-best raves, I can’t see him winning for a role that just won an Oscar a decade ago.
  5. It wasn’t bad but I certainly didn’t find it good. I’ll always be pressed that it beat out Brokeback Mountain.
  6. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen it. My local theater had an advanced screening and I don’t know when it’ll be returning but as soon as it does, I’ll be watching it again. It was easily the best movie that I’ve seen all year. Despite the culture differences, which I greatly appreciated, it immediately felt familiar and beloved. The sense of family was just so strong and universal. It was so sincere in its heartbreak and humor. And the whole cast was great. I still can’t decide if I’m a fan of Awkwafina but I found her to be lovely in this film. She worked so well for me here. And Zhao S
  7. TPM: Darth Maul, Qui-Gon, Queen Amidala AOTC: Obi-Wan ROTS: Anakin, Obi-Wan, Sheev RO: Jyn, K2SO, Baze, Chirrut, Vader ANH: Leia, Han ESB: Luke ROTJ: Luke, Vader TFA: Rey, Kylo, Finn TLJ: Rey, Kylo, Luke
  8. Eternals, for the cast and the director. I don’t know too much about the source material but I’m hoping it’s pretty off-the-wall.
  9. They don’t say, “The Next Spielberg” for nothing.
  10. I probably would have enjoyed this a lot more if I hadn’t run into the trailer/tv spots so often. Instead of laughing out loud, I was mostly just mildly amused. However, the ending was a touching surprise and gets a lot of points from me for how heartfelt it was. They learned a lesson which was very hard for me accept when I was a little older than them, that you don’t always stay close to the friends you grow up with. Also the musical theatre lover in me greatly appreciated the kids version of Rock of Ages and Thor snorting a pixie stick. Lucas was the MVP. B-
  11. For a second I thought that was Josh Brolin’s actual twitter. I’m still not completely sold on the white uniform (maybe I’ll change my mind when I see it in action) but everything else looks nice! Still can’t believe they got me excited about a Black Widow movie but this cast is just too good.
  12. I’m thrilled about getting to see Gemma in a role of prominence and the news of Barry Keoghan playing Druig. I’m really hoping that this movie turns out as fantastic as it’s shaping up to be. I’ve been excited for it ever since Chloe Zhao was chosen to direct. Also, hello BOT! I first came across these forums during IW’s run and finally decided to de-lurk and sign up today
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