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  1. Wild that everyone was so worried about Momoa and Heard's 'chemistry' when she was pretty obviously the best thing about the first movie.
  2. Spider-Verse sold less than GOTG and Ant-Man in the first hour and ended up having the highest OW of all three. Not saying Marvels is Spider-Verse, but one hour of data is nowhere near enough to draw conclusions from.
  3. The Creator opening to 15M is gonna make me upset if I keep thinking about it so I'm gonna turn the forum and the chat rooms off for the rest of the weekend I think. Something something y'all say you want original movies... (the general y'all, not directed towards anyone here)
  4. Woman King hit 19M off 1.7M previews at 3PM (11.2x IM) around this time last year and Venice just did 11.9x. Creator can still hit 20M. It's probably over for Saw X though, that's gonna play exactly like Jigsaw did and I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up there.
  6. And that movie had 3x legs when it was getting pulled from a third of its locations by weekend 3. It'll be fine. This has a roadblock second weekend for sure but after that it'll play out how all of these movies play out.
  7. I wish that Gillman number was real. I liked that movie a lot, real shame it bombed.
  8. Fully agree with this. The ending is way more dark than it needs to be and I know I, personally, felt absolutely cheated when it came to the character who sold me a ticket.
  9. Yeah, 60% seems like a reasonable prediction to me? TLM is getting good/great WOM but not leaps and bounds beyond Aladdin's, and ATSV is way bigger and more direct competition than KOTM was. Add in the added importance of PLFs nowadays and I don't see why TLM's drop would be lower than Aladdin's. Feel free to point something out if I'm missing something here, I'm open to modulating lol
  10. Well, completely failing to remember to clock in for this for two weeks is definitely embarrassing. Apologies.
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