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  1. The most recent material I saw pointed more towards the 1941 version but that may have just been a nod. I don't know if it'll keep the same premise as the Gosling version but am curious to see.
  2. Hopefully a fair bit better as it seems like it'll be adhering more closely to the original 1941 Wolf Man as opposed to the 2010 version. That said, I don't know how much play an old-styled werewolf movie will have (even though I definitely want to see it).
  3. Smart play. No way anything good was coming from this tight of a turnaround if they just started shooting.
  4. Not looking like this one will be able to limp to $10M without some unforeseen circumstances which isn't a surprise but is still a damn shame.
  5. Glad this is actually getting off the ground. I've wanted more werewolf movies for years but the 2010 Wolfman really upset the apple cart. I've never watched Ozark so I'm not terribly familiar with Garner but Abbott as the Larry Talbot character is a great choice.
  6. It's a damn shame, it was a great film. It seems like a tough sell to a general audience, even though it's getting pretty great reviews. They really needed to push a bit harder on the advertising, but even then I don't think an A24 thriller with a messy relationship plot underpinning it would get a lot of people who hadn't already committed to seeing it.
  7. Saw it yesterday evening and it was unbelievably fun and violent. The exact kind of excellent performance I've come to expect from Kristen Stewart and a pretty big change of pace from Saint Maude by Rose Glass. Katy O'Brian and Ed Harris were also excellent. 9/10 for me.
  8. Curious to see if this one picks up any momentum given the targeted audience. The trailers/initial reviews have been strong.
  9. The final 45 minutes of this film were straight gas. Easily the best sci-fi genre experience I've had in a theater, just a masterpiece.
  10. Not terribly surprised by that Drive-Away Dolls number. The few people I had in my showing yesterday evening at Alamo seemed like they outright loathed it with two couple walkouts, which isn't something I've seen for a movie under 90 minutes. The comedy was landing like a fart at a funeral: a few nervous laughs but mostly stony silence. Definitely not a movie I think I'd ever feel the need to watch again, maybe a 4/10 at its best for me.
  11. Took me forever to place where I knew Quinn from before realizing it was him in a wig on the last season of Stranger Things. The casting choices definitely feel "safe" but that's not really a bad thing in my mind with how all over the place previous installments of this IP have been. Ebon Moss-Bachrach is a great choice. Almost feels like a certainty with how trouble the production has been thus far. That November 2025 date may stick but if they don't start filming by late fall this year, I can't imagine it doesn't get punted again which may be enough to kill the whole project.
  12. If this gets a C or somehow manages to Fant4stic itself to a C- it may not clear a $20M domestic opening weekend on the 6-day. I don't think it has that "something special" dog crap factor that Fant4stic had but you never know.
  13. https://twitter.com/therealsupes/status/1757286451669270740?t=lbVjlIJJDzKE0bzeX39PpA&s=19 Mamma mia that's a spicy bomb.
  14. This is getting a turbo ass kicking before the starter pistol even went off.
  15. Moore, Oklahoma gets a shellacking about once every 10 years so it's unfortunately a strong chance. That poor town has been run through by 4 violent tornadoes just in my lifetime. As for the trailer, those are the best looking/most realistic CGI tornadoes I think I've seen. I don't think this movie needs a strong plot if the effects are as good as they appear at first blush, similar to Twister.
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