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  1. but not all famous actors are good? also Pitt just did Ad Astra last month.
  2. not that many reviews in but seems like the critical reception is similar to the first one?
  3. that would make 2nd weekend around $56.05M~ right behind Deadpool's 2nd w/e of 56.4M which finished at 363M. Joker could have a shot at 350M
  4. I want to say it'll be between Joker & the lion king but TLK cost like 5 times as much 🤔, though P&A costs will probably be closer.
  5. he's not gonna have that accent for the whole movie is he?
  6. I know this is a hot take but I think Dune could break out on holiday season next year and make a run for 300M, if it's more accessible than usual Villeneuve movies.
  7. films like Paddington 2 and Leave No Trace were more low-key in comparison to Parasite & Irishman which are gonna be heavy awards players and get 300-400+ reviews. if something like Parasite which is as crowd-pleasing & fresh as you can get couldn't stay at 100% then a 3.5 hour scorsese gangster epic probably wouldn't.
  8. no high profile movie will ever stay at 100% on RT when they keep adding more & more critics every year. it was gonna happen sooner or later. Marriage Story also dropped to 99%, Irishman is next.
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