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  1. Fantastic opening for Halloween!! can the actuals push it over Venom? it's only 2.755M behind
  2. Fantastic hold for Venom all things considered. shocked this wasn't as frontloaded as the other superhero comedies that came out this year on their 2nd weekend (AMATW and DP2). I know this is a stretch (and will mainly depend on China) but can you imagine if a Sony made Venom movie that's not set in the MCU nor featuring spider-man outgrosses the freaking Justice League?
  3. he says it's also releasing overseas.
  4. RealLyre

    Monday Numbers

    so since this weekend was inflated by holidays what should we expect for Venom's 2nd weekend? 65%-70% drop?
  5. yeah I saw that too but gitesh's numbers add up to 83M.. His Friday number is prob wrong
  6. if you count those numbers it's 83M.. is Gitesh not good at maths or something
  7. good job on this club
  8. Rthanos showing up for the event weekend if that 27 is for SAT then.. Venom 33M 27M (-19%) 18.9M (-30%) 78.9M for the weekend

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