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  1. how much do you think the weekend (5-day) should be for Alita to secure a 100M domestic finish?
  2. boxofficepro early prediction for Alita was 14.5M 3-day OW and Alita has made 16.4M in only 2 days
  3. I'm more optimistic towards anime/manga live action adaptations after Alita but I feel a Your Name live action remake is really unnecessary imo. the strongest parts and the charm of Your Name was the incredible animation and how beautiful art style was which can't be replicated in live action. plus the setting was in Japan and a lot of the plot was based on Japanese culture/background, now the story could work in any setting but a westernized version wouldn't be the same. Marc Webb is also the director of the doinky Amazing Spider-Man movies.. which isn't encouraging lol
  4. we need some BP comps but doing almost 2x as DP2 is very good for Captain Marvel, ensures a 130M+ OW
  5. 37M are some folks pretending that a 37M+ 5-day weekend isn't good when the tracking was 20M-23M 5-day just few days ago? Alita's good word of mouth is spreading I'm feeling a $100M+ domestic run
  6. similar tracking for Black Panther 3 weeks out. Beauty and the Beast record is going down
  7. I was very skeptical going into this since the vast majority of Hollywood's attempts to adapt Anime/Manga into live action have been disappointments, but I was pleasantly surprised with Alita and quite enjoyed it. loved the dystopian cyberpunk world building. The action sequences were very wide and clear showcasing the character's movements with anime-esque spinning leaps, solid VFX/CGI work for the most part (for some reason whenever Alita is eating anything it looked very uncanny Valley to me, but you'll be good once your eyes adjust to Alita which took me like 10 minutes). Rosa Salazar does a wonderful job at playing an amnesic young woman trying to discover her identity and really kills it in the emotional moments. Alita is naive, innocent, charming, adorable and a total badass. The motorball scenes were rad but by far my favourite part was the scene in the bar with the other bounty hunters, the build up, execution, music and the payoff were perfect. they really pushed the PG-13 rating in a couple of scenes now for the weak parts some of the dialogue was generic, some character decisions were illogical and out of nowhere. I didn't mind Hugo's actor as much as everyone else but I thought the romance was underdeveloped (as a result of the relatively short 2 hour run time) and some sub-plots were left unresolved (which is understandable to set up sequels), I know you're supposed to be able to tell a comprehensive story in under 2 hours but a movie of this magnitude could've benefited from an extra 30 minutes imo. nonetheless the amazing visuals and Rosa's performance made the movie for me. Alita is a solid 4 out of 5 and I'd love to see a sequel. bravo Cameron though I wouldn't put too much hope on a future sequel, since the box office prospects aren't looking too good, and I doubt Disney/Fox would greenlight a sequel for a movie that barely breaks even (if it does at all) which is a shame cus the movie was really good. the goal right now is half a billie? if it breaks out big time RP1 style in China..
  8. it's not really an original at all. despite what Disney tries to claim. it was ripped off from a Japanese anime from the 60s..
  9. RealLyre

    2019 $100M Films. Can it be a record year?

    I think the 200M record could go down.. 1. Captain Marvel 2. Shazam (low chance) 3. Avengers Endgame 4. Detective Pikachu (low chance) 5. Godzilla 2 (low chance) 6. The Secret Life Of Pets 2 7. Toy Story 4 8. Spider-Man: Far From Home 9. The Lion King 10. Hobbs and Shaw (low chance) 11. IT: Chapter 2 12. Joker (low chance) 13. Frozen 2 14. Jumanji 3 15. Star Wars IX
  10. this is actually creepy.. rest of the trailer was okay and damn the music was GREAT

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