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  1. The Rock does well in Christmas, thought they would try to give this a December release. does Disney have anything on Christmas besides the West Side Story remake?
  2. the strict lockdown measures here were being very effective in bringing the numbers down and things were looking better here for the past few days until today where cases surged up again (it was 1 person infecting his whole family & a couple of people from his town). 21 - April 2nd 4- April 1st 9- March 30th 13- March 29th 11- March 28th 23- March 27th 40- March 26th 19- March 25th
  3. December 2021? I feel like summer 2021 will be too crowded (with some of the 2020 movies being pushed a year)
  4. caught up on a couple of last-minute movies, (Her & The Master) and I gotta say Joaquin's performance in both of those movies blows away what he did in the Joker, especially in Her! 1. I Saw The Devil 2. Capernaum 3. Captain Marvel 4. Avengers Endgame 5. Parasite 6. Prisoners 7. Her (2013) 8. Wonder Woman 9. Aquaman 10. Marriage Story 11. Joker 12. A Separation 13. Charlie's Angels 14. The Handmaiden 15. Interstellar 16. Gravity 17. Short Term 12 18. Train to Busan 19. The Avengers 20. Little Women 21. The Master the rest stays the same but I have to say goodbye to an Elephant sitting still
  5. the action looks great, (were using RC lighting cars? ). though it loses a lot of the novelty of by changing the setting but I hope it still has some strong character moments like the original, and doesn't become more generic. I'll def be watching it whenever it gets released.
  6. are the top 100 going to be revealed in one go? or spread out over a few days.
  7. Wonder Woman is historical fiction. or at least falls into the Alternate history sub-genre. are superhero movies being disqualified because they have fantasy elemnts?
  8. for the first time since you started doing this, 1 movie is at the top of both services. the power of sonic
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