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  1. so 320M+ by Sunday before the Endgame madness begins. will the global total be closer to 350M or 400M?
  2. with a B- Cinemascore for COL legs might not be so bad. it's already better than what the Nun had (a C cinemascore) and finished with 2.18x multi. thinking COL can do 25M/50M+
  3. alright so I just found something super unusual in my cinemas, In my country movies always officially open on Thursday and we usually have 2 or 3 showings on Wednesday as previews or advance screenings for high profile movies (it's usually on 8PM and 10PM, sometimes one of them is 3D). and that's how it has been here ever since I started going to this theater since 4 years. Now for Avengers Endgame, tickets went on sale few days ago and they have NINE showings on Wednesday which is just bonkers as we never got more than 3 before.. even for IW. I took a quick look at them and the 2D showings are already 50%+ full. We're in the Endgame now.
  4. wom did not kill The Nun over its weekend, and this has has about the same critical reception and also part of the conjuring universe. it'll live, I can see it doing 26M/56M.
  5. RealLyre

    Wednesday Numbers - Shazam 1.9.

    can Shazam hit 150M?
  6. Idris Elba as Superman, I'll take it. I also like the MCU influence, The Rock as the next Captain America when
  7. Venom - 29% on RT 855M worldwide Shazam - 91% on RT sub-400M worldwide when will critics reviews start helping movies at the box office
  8. I'm probably one of the few people are still looking forward to this, I love the current cast (it's gon be sad to see them go so soon except JFlaw cus she was miscast here ). The trailers have been showcasing some terrific visuals and spectacular action scenes. Quicksilver and Jean are going to slay As for the box office I'm not expecting Dark Phoenix to do that well, the trailers hasn't done a great job of convincing people who were on edge about going to see it + a lot of people are just waiting until the x-men get rebooted in the mcu :((( and don't even plan to give this one a chance (thanks to the lackluster apocalypse 🤭 which I found decent but I understand why a lot of people didn't enjoy it). and to top it all off it's releasing in a crowded June with competition from all around so it's almost definitely that Dark Phoenix will decreases from Apocalypse. i'll try to do a fair box office prediction for DPx based on how much Apocalypse dropped from DOFP. domestically apocalypse dropped -33.5% from DOFP so same drop from apocalypse gives Dark Phoenix 103M DOM (domestic will be one of the weakest markets for this movie considering where Fox has been focusing its marketing so I hope it doesn't drop harder than this). China is one of the few markets where apocalypse actually showed an increase over DOFP so I expect Dark Phoenix to drop slightly or stay flat so about 110M in China (could do more as China is one of the markets that could help DPx save face). Overseas-China Apocalypse dropped -32.6% from DOFP so same drop gives Dark Phoenix $178M OS-China with that the global cume for Dark Phoenix would be 103 + 110 + 178 = $391M~ WW which isn't a good company for a movie that cost north of $200M thanks to extensive reshoots that went over-budget still think it will finish neck and neck with Shazam! globally but we'll see
  9. RealLyre

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Gratz on getting in, do you know when will they announce the line-up for this year's Cannes?
  10. SPOILERS FOR GAME OF THRONES S8 PREMIERE ...and they say Avatar has no influence or impact on modern media entertainment
  11. RealLyre

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    if it was a movie, 17.4M X $9 = $156M~ opening day(weekend?)

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