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  1. interesting enough Uncharted will now open in the same month as the Tomb Raider sequel (but 2 weeks apart).
  2. expected after Knight left, More room for Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi epic to breakout into a 500M grosser and rule the Holiday season
  3. Netflix won 4 Oscars last year (3 for Roma and 1 for a short). this year despite having way more nominations (24 this year vs 15 last year) it seems like Netflix will do worse in terms of wins. the only locked win is Laura Dern for Marriage Story in supporting actress, the possible but not likely wins are: Irishman for adapted screenplay & VFX. American Factory for best docu feature possibly one of the shorts?
  4. damn this movie was pushed back for almost a year only to be dumped in January
  5. still think 1917 will win the Oscar for sound, Dunkirk won there.
  6. sound editing awards are on right now, expecting 1917 to sweep.
  7. this will be our moonlight/spotlight and upset 1917 on Oscars night
  8. DGA should be an easy win for Mendes me thinks, 1917 is a technical achievement and directors love to award films that push boundaries (yes I know directing =/= cinematography but they love these gimmicks). recent DGA winners like Gravity, Birdman, The Revenant and Roma had similar feats. (and while I loved 3 of 4 of those films I hope that doesn't become the trend where if you want to win for directing, you just shoot in really long takes).
  9. i think they are a bit less biased against genre films, last year they awarded Emily Blunt best supporting for A Quiet Place. and I hope we see more upsets tonight.
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