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  1. This can be exploited later if everyone just starts making recordings of good plays from years ago in the hopes of having those recordings compete for Oscars. And it’s not like this was a play that failed with the tonys and that it needs more exposure from Oscars or anything outside of the actual play, I could only see this getting editing/cinematography nom if it was eligible? comparing live broadway acting to movie acting is not fair imo because it seems to me that giving a great performance live is a lot harder than giving one in previously shot movies but what do I know.
  2. RIP Ennio Morricone I'll never forget his iconic work with Leone and the Love theme of Cinema Paradiso
  3. digital sales are pretty good in the US compared to other countries what about a digital release in the US and the rest of the world they get a theatrical release in the same day? this is kinda what happened with trolls but on a smaller scale and not same day . wonder if overseas theater chains would object.
  4. I wonder why they're using the emergency use vaccine for their military instead of medical personnel
  5. The MCU as a franchise might be the blandest network tv show possible but it still gave us Captain Marvel so I can't complain
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