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  1. Mera says to Arthur in the beginning of the movie "You defeated Steppenwolf and saved Atlantis" That was the only JL reference I caught
  2. are you using Rotten Tomatoes as a measurement to determine the entertainment/boring value of a movie? because that's not what critics look for in movies and is definitely not what the RT score stand for.
  3. are they going to add the Amazon Prime shows to the total opening or to next week's previews?
  4. WWE promoting Bumblebee John Cena's scenes seem to be hype
  5. if it gets above 75% with 80-85 reviews first it will get certified, even if it goes down afterwards like with RPO which was certified first when it was 77%-78% and they kept the certified fresh logo after it dropped to 72%. so hopefully Aquaman can stay in the 75%-77% range for the next 20 reviews or so
  6. did people really expect this to have less views in the first 24H than IW? when the amount of people who use social media increases every year I was hoping for 300M views but this is great too
  7. RealLyre


    needs at least 650M OS for a chance at 1 billion

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