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  1. seems like it’s a global expansion. How much do you think it’ll make
  2. sounds like it's not as good as Creation but not as bad as the first Annabelle. still have no clue how it'll do at the box office since I don't think the buzz is matching The Nun. but I'm hoping for a 100M/300M run.
  3. just because a studio had a number they projected it at that doesn't mean shit. They don't know anything more about the movie in terms of tracking than we do. You can put some arbitrary number on it but that doesn't mean it was ever going to open that high.
  4. so deadline are blaming TS4's underperformance and the money being left on the table on the release date not being on father's day weekend? would that holiday really help TS4 go from 123M to 140M-160M
  5. at least you can call movies like homecoming and Black Panther "spin-offs" since the titular character appeared in an MCU movie before. but that can't be said for Captain Marvel
  6. that can be said about any movie though, Batman movies wouldn't make as much money if you called them Birdman. movies being based on popular IPs from pop culture is not a bad thing, not sure why people have an issue with that.
  7. she did not appear in IW though. and you mean make a different movie? yeah different movies usually perform differently. this is like saying cutting all the Joker scenes from TDK would mean it wouldn't make anywhere near as much money no shit dude.
  8. what was it a sequel for? being set in the same universe does NOT mean that all the movies are sequels to each other. Ant-Man and the Wasp was a sequel to Ant-Man and NOT to Avengers IW.
  9. That's not how sequels work. It was the first iteration of Captain Marvel on the big screen and even the marketing was pretty distant from EG up until the 2nd weekend.
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