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  1. ah yes, actress who has only starred in Chinese films (up until now) is gonna do pretty well when she's not allowed to star in Chinese films anymore.
  2. so is the wom that good for H&S in Korea? maybe that means it'll be similar to china..
  3. when did he get blacklisted? Monster Hunt 2 was released in China iirc and that was 2018
  4. you keep saying Chinese actors but they're actually from Hong Kong? also do you not remember how they made Fan Bingbing disappear for few months last year then blamed it on "tax evasion". I don't think it matters to China if you're a rich celebrity or not
  5. TV licenses deals are part of the "revenue". Marketing budget is part of the "costs" it's not that complicated. Venom made 154M from Global TV deals according to deadline.
  6. eh, for well received blockbusters they usually make back the marketing budgets from ancillaries,home media sales and global TV deals etc. I doubt Universal spent more than $120M-$150M promoting this.
  7. wait why does this need 600M to break even again? it currently made 437M WW 133M DOM so 133M * 0.5 = 66.5M 303M OS-C so 303M * 0.4 = 121M total gross revenue about ~187.5M so far from box office. production budget is 200M, it's gonna need $20M-$30M more to be in the clear so it's more like 450M-470M needed to break even (unless the Rock has some first dollar gross deal like with Tarantino in OUATIH but I doubt that ...) ancillaries + home media should be enough to cover P&A costs.
  8. people should start boycotting chinese products first if they actually want to stand up against China. boycotting an American made hollywood production isn't gonna hurt China in any way..
  9. tbf the box office mojo chart states that it has be an overseas production to be counted. The Farewell is an American movie.
  10. isn't that kinda the norm for Fox Searchlight releases? I don't believe they ever had a release in 3000+ theaters.
  11. but I believe that was an action movie right? Inglourious Basterds had like 70% German/French dialogue and the movie itself is very dialogue heavy like other Tarantino films.
  12. how did America watch Inglourious Basterds if they don't like reading subtitles? is it not a hindrance when it's a Tarantino
  13. it's funny you say that but lot of people in international markets do exactly that with Hollywood movies. I guess after a point you just get used to reading them.. I still watch english movies with subtitles out of convenience, even when I can understand most of the dialogue without.
  14. I guess they didn't count Dragon Ball Super Broly because it was dubbed?
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