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  1. best action in a marvel movie in a while, the dragons at the end almost ruined the film for me but everything was saved with that Captain Marvel Cameo at the end.
  2. yeah with this hype this movie would've done Endgame numbers pre-pandemic. I think its better that its released now because whether No Way Home does 1.5B, 2B or 2.5B now it will show us a close estimation of how endgame would've done if it released post pandemic.
  3. is peter just talking to strange while he's doing some time space spell to make everyone forget who he was really enough to mess up with the multi-verse? the premise sounds pretty silly but this Spidey has always been like that. I find it more incompetence on Strange's part that the spell just failed like that but I think the rest looks pretty great. when superhero movies embrace their goofiness they tend to work more often than not. (Ant-Man, Suicide Squad, WW84 and Aquaman come to mind). someone needs to get Zendaya out of these movies though because she has been n
  4. this has better reactions than BW and no PA D+ to inflate its gross so only opening to 60M would be disappointing. hoping for 75M-85M at least.
  5. 30M or 25M are both not good results for this box office wise so nothing to get excited about. Another sacrifice from WB for temporary HBO Max growth that won’t do them any good in the long term since they don’t plan on keeping this release strategy for the near future.
  6. most superhero movies shouldn't get more than 70% on RT but they do and there isn't much to understand there.
  7. after watching the movie I just went and checked the trailers and not sure why people were saying this had terrible marketing because those trailers were pretty solid. I think the lack of interest in this film is mostly because of the lack of Joker, despite what people say, Ayer's suicide squad had decent box office legs so it's wasn't as hated as some people make it out to be. after all the Joker is DC's biggest IP atm and I know box office is not coming back to pre-pandemic times anytime soon but even without COVID I think Reeve's Batman wouldn't outgross the Joker movie
  8. this is the suicide squad movie that should've opened to 133M few years ago (it's unfortunate how it might open to 10x less than that). the R-rating was very good here imo, Feige should convince the higher ups at Disney to let Gunn direct an R-rated MCU movie. it would be glorious.
  9. this has reviews on par with black panther and avengers endgame, if it's a hit with audiences it should breakout and do BW numbers domestically at least.
  10. it's probably going to be either Top Gun 2 or Last Night in Soho imo. like others said There is no way Eternals will play 4 months before release and Cannes prestige is probably not worth it for marvel studios. they already don't associate themselves with festival movies so why start now.
  11. looks great, getting more Persona/Mulholland Drive vibes rather than Suspiria.
  12. won't buy into these positive-ish reactions just yet. it's hard to imagine that a conjuring movie directed by the guy who made the curse of la llorona will be anywhere as good to a james wan conjuring movie.
  13. spider-man movies are always hits with audiences regardless of their quality so I doubt anything will change here.
  14. people dragging Feige for being impressed by how Chloe Zhao made the film look on real locations just sounds like they're trying to undermine her work, as if anyone could make a film look great on practical locations.
  15. seems like the movie accidentally leaked on PS4 and some people were able to buy it, so it will probably be on pirate sites soon. would this affect its box office?
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