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  1. it's probably going to be either Top Gun 2 or Last Night in Soho imo. like others said There is no way Eternals will play 4 months before release and Cannes prestige is probably not worth it for marvel studios. they already don't associate themselves with festival movies so why start now.
  2. looks great, getting more Persona/Mulholland Drive vibes rather than Suspiria.
  3. won't buy into these positive-ish reactions just yet. it's hard to imagine that a conjuring movie directed by the guy who made the curse of la llorona will be anywhere as good to a james wan conjuring movie.
  4. spider-man movies are always hits with audiences regardless of their quality so I doubt anything will change here.
  5. people dragging Feige for being impressed by how Chloe Zhao made the film look on real locations just sounds like they're trying to undermine her work, as if anyone could make a film look great on practical locations.
  6. seems like the movie accidentally leaked on PS4 and some people were able to buy it, so it will probably be on pirate sites soon. would this affect its box office?
  7. it's clear they showed director this early so people would already know who was gonna win best picture if they don't wanna stick around for another 1 and a half of this boring ceremony.
  8. it's not exactly a screenplay movie so the father winning makes sense. best director & picture are going for Nomadland for sure though
  9. as long as the father wins either actor or screenplay I'll be satisfied. the rest of the categories are kinda boring
  10. The Father was the best film of the year imo so it makes sense it didn't win anything. congrats to nomadland
  11. with Amanda out, it's Close vs Colman round 2
  12. hmm Mank seems like it's much more divisive than initial reactions suggested. maybe Oldman could miss a nom.
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