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  1. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    JG Wentworth my dog.
  2. Speaking of trailers, I got a Wrinkle in Time. That was my first time seeing the trailer and what in the world was that? Had no clue what was happening. I like Ava and want her to kill it, but is she going for a soft reboot Alice or?... The 80s song in it kinda bopped though.
  3. Can't wait till the spoiler period is over so I can start shipping Finn and Rose. I want to be invited to their wedding tbh. I mean...yeah, you're right, but I needed my metaphor lol.
  4. I was okay with what I got, the action was still grand. Sure, would've been cool to see Luke take a few swings, but it's still dice for me.
  5. I personally wouldn't call Rey perfect. There is clearly something special about unique about Rey that we still don't know. I'm personally not buying Kylo's "parents" revelation. Rey got her powers somehow, and she's a special case with some weird force intuition, and we'll eventually find out the 5 w's and the H.
  6. You know something that I actually love? That lightsaber use has become less and less common. Because it has become more rare, every time I hear that "fwooommmmm" now, it feels sweeter. I get more excited and anxious. Look, we all love pie, but if you ate pie everyday, then it's just pie. There's nothing special about it. It doesn't even taste good anymore. But if you have pie every 5 months? Then it's a blissful experience. That's how I feel. Don't know about everyone else, but I'm glad lightsabers aren't really the primary weapons anymore. They're pie.
  7. Let me just say, all you folks that keep trying to ship Finn and Poe, stop it. It's not happening. FINN AND ROSE IS HERE TO STAY. Oh man I loved that. I really thought Finn was a goner, I was having palpitations. I really enjoyed this. It started off okay and kind of off balance, but just kept getting better and better and better, till boom. Not sure why fanboys are upset, Luke got a proper send off. We can't just keep dragging him on. As it went on, acting got better, cinematography got better, stakes got better, the whole investment. I'm glad Leia got a proper peaceful ending, I was about to say "really, that's how we're gonna do this?" I really dig the Rey/Kylo drama, and I'm glad Snoke was finally iced. Man I hate him. And what a badass way to do it. I think they're being facetious about Rey's parents. Certainly we'll get a full explanation in the next. You can't just say "your parents were crap" and leave it at that. How did she get her powers? I want to know this and you better tell me. The porgs were cute. They overdid it just a bit - they're already on store shelves - but it was whatever. I liked the ice dogs more tbh. Can't wait to go again.
  8. Walked out the theater like: What a ride. Didn't know I was so invested in the new characters. Welp, turns out I was.
  9. I don't even play Overwatch, yet the Overwatch chick blatantly stares out at me more than anything else. What's the point of this? Also did anyone else see Iron Giant, and like, had no emotional reaction at all?
  10. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    @Ethan Hunt it's been a long while, but: 1: Loyalty 2: Humble 3: God/DNA 5: Love
  11. IMAX: "We realized how important 2D is to you, so we brought it back" Audiences: "yay, thank you!" IMAX 3D: "9:30pm" IMAX 2D: "1 am"
  12. There is nothing special about a family film with an A list cast and really good marketing campaign making $100-150m during the holidays. If audiences are gonna "love it", then it needs to do better than that.

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