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  1. Had no idea the trailer was out, looks good and doesnt seem to fall into trap of more of the same, except for the humor. I swear Leslie Uggams made that dick joke last time. Still confused by the Cable business. But yeah, Zazie Beats 😍. Ill buy a ticket just for her.
  2. Lmao even the prudish soccer moms had to laugh at that one.
  3. I think the villain will be either Mysterio or Kraven. If they use Mysterio then they can easily tie in Dr. Strange, especially with him chilling in New York now. Kraven of course opens up Wakanda/Africa possibilities. And if Spidey can swing in space in IW, then gotdammit he can swing around in the Motherland. Though look, he can't be there like half the film. I'm talking glorified glorified cameo. New York will always be the roots. I'd be happy with either, but would prefer Mysterio. All of Spidey's villans have been pretty techy or a mutant so far. It'd be cool to see a little more comic book fantasy.
  4. When I worked at Target a little girl, maybe 9 years old, came in looking for an IT funko. People love those things.
  5. 2/10. Not enough New Yawk patented sirens, taxi horns, or jackhammers.
  6. My problem is the overabundance of 80's music. For a movie set in the 2030's, they sure are skipping all the other decade. I know the 80s are the most techno sounding decade and 2003 Beyonce doesnt really jive with this, but it's just been a pet peeve since marketing started.
  7. Another interesting thing about these census estimates, if anyone cares, is that the suburbs are back on the rise. Just a few years ago it seemed that "reverse white flight" was in full swing and cities were back on the rise, while suburbs were slowing. Articles were coming out left and right about "the demise of the suburbs", "suburbs will soon be the new inner cities", "millennials are flooding cities", etc, but that's not the case. Growth was starting to shift back to the cities, but that has swiftly went back in favor of suburbs. Yeah us millennials love urban loving, but there's one problem: we can't afford it. All this foreign city buying + luxury building/rent + our student debt + our wages + lower suburban home costs = sticking to the suburbs, or at least the inner ring. Which is interesting because cities are picking back up in job growth.
  8. Apparently Columbus, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Grand Rapids, and Minneapolis are the only metros in the entire Midwest and Northeast that actually gained native born Americans. Everywhere else lost. New York has apparently lost a net 1.08 million Americans since 2010 while gaining 1.06 million foreigners. Minneapolis has gained a net of 432 Americans in 7 years.
  9. New census estimates are out and Texas and Florida are smoking everybody. It's not close. DFW left everyone in the dust and was the only metro to gain over 100K people last year, and it blew past that. Houston #2, Atlanta #3, Phoenix #4, DC #5, Seattle #6. Other notable gainers is Charlotte, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Minneapolis, San Antonio, Vegas, Austin, Raleigh, Denver, Portland - basically almost everywhere where it doesn't snow. Boston having great gains for the northeast. Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland continue to lose people, but Detroit is bouncing back. New York and LA were nothing special. LA and SF have slowed quite a bit, though Riverside is on fire at #7 (census counts Riverside/San Bernandino separate from LA at the metro level). 6 of the 10 fastest growing counties were in TX. The northeast, Mississippi River region, great plains not doing too much outside of some pockets. The Midwest is like half loss/half gain, but seems healthier than earlier in the decade. Indianapolis, Kansas City, Columbus, Cincinnati making nice moderate gains. West Virginia and Illinois seem to have bled across the board. Myrtle Beach gained almost as many people as LA County @Trolltastic Tele
  10. Hannibal Buress has the best delivery. Lol at the ice cream bit. This looks pretty unique. Chemistry between the cast looks good.
  11. So these Austin bombings, this uh, should be front page stuff. Why arent we talking about this? This like the anthrax stuff. Thats 5 bombs nows.
  12. So the northeast is still getting mountains of snow and sub-40 temps and it's like April next week? Can't relate. I gotta be careful with the gloating though, it's 'nader season afterall.

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