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  1. Sales do matter when calling something underrated. BP made $700m, destroyed Twitter, and has 90 something RT score, it cant be underrated. Stranger Things is the most hyped show since Flintstones, and it was well recieved, it cant be underrated. Taylor can hold a concert on a gaint sheet of ice in the middle of thr Arctic Ocean and itll sell out. Thats not underrated my dude.
  2. America still doesnt appreciate her yet. WW has caught on now but to the states she still just “that new rules girl.” I’m sure she’ll get huge eventually like she deseves to.
  3. How is she underrated? She breathes on a record and it can still sell a million in a week in today’s industry. Even DAMN couldnt do that. Most A list albums arent even selling a million period anymore. Calling her underrated is like calling the Warriors underrated. People may give her flack, but she also usually just gives off an unlikable, full of herself, mean girl/it girl vibe. I also dont like how she tried to start a crusade and ruin Spotify. Her vibe is nothing compared to someone like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, or my wife Dua Lipa, but dude shes not even close to underrated. Her next lead single will hit #1 by default as it has the past few times. Dua is the real underrated, not Taylor.
  4. Okay okay, I get. I haven't been keeping track of box office or tracking, didn't know the budget was that high. I just know the forum likes to turn discussions into "lol haha lol venom head emoji haha JJ head emoji lol", so I was curious on why exactly it was seen as so bad. I see now, though I still don't see why it really matters in the grand scheme. Not like this is some original movie that we were hoping could bud into a new franchise, it's still yet another Star Wars. I'm not hurting for Disney and they're still gonna pump out a billion SW movies. If anything it's fresh air. SW and Marvel dominance is diluting the fun of the chart.
  5. Okay, so the budget was too high and overseas didn't show up, got it. Was mainly talking about domestic though. The attitude around here not too long ago felt like "$400M or nothing fam. It's Star Wars."
  6. Can someone without hyperbole, a stupid head emoji, or sarcasm tell me WHY this numbers are being seen as so bad? It's a Han Solo spinoff six months away from another Star Wars movie. I'm getting the feeling that yall act like Star Wars is entitled. SW is the Lebron James of cinema. If this makes mid $200m or so, why is that seen as so bad?
  7. DAMN YOU, MORGAN, WHY YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE GOAT! I know it's just accusations but it's still a KO in this climate. Damn it.
  8. @Jayhawk @MrPink @baumer All Caps!!!
  9. The Second *Piece. First Ralph and now this. It's not rocket science, Hollywood.
  10. I was at a bar last night during karaoke and this girl kept harassing me. She punched my arm, cussed me out, interrogated me, apologized for all of that, and then would not leave. She made me take her beer, called me sweetie and touched my face, and kept insisting I meet her friends. She eventually did leave but then came back and stared me down from 6 feet away while I watched my friend sing. She was cute wont lie, but that shit was awkward as hell. My personal bubble has never been more invaded in my life. She was closer to my face than my nose. I guess that must be like what @ACSlater deals with on a daily basis since hes such a South African bank-owning chick magnet. Wish I owned a bank and lived in Malibu.
  11. I was talking to @Jay Hollywood and @Water Bottle about how perfect the Doo 2002 cast is, and I got to thinking about who BOF would cast if we were in charge of a reboot. Imo if it was up to yall fools: Daphne - Jennifer Lawrence Velma - Winona Ryder Fred - Tom Hardy Shaggy - Taylor Kitsch Voice of Scooby - Stanley Tucci Voice of Scrappy - Kevin Hart Villain - Andy Serkis @WrathOfHan would cast Hailee Steinfeld as Velma @CoolioD1 would cast someone like Timothee Chalomet as Daphne @CoolioD1 would then come back and say "nevermind I'ma go with Ed Helms as Daphne" @filmlover would cast Timothee Chalomet as Fred @Ethan Hunt would cast Dove Cameron as Daphne because @That One Guy would cast Dane Dehaan as Fred @Lordmandeep will say Louis CK as Shaggy, and then not understand the woke outrage @Claire of Themyscira would cast, obviously, Claire Holt, but as Fred, to be progressive @CoolioD1 would go "actually I'm not satisfied with Ed. Vin Diesel as Daphne would be more impactful" @CJohn would cast Priyanka Chopra in whatever role she can make him the wettest @La Binoche won't care who, as long as it's not Beyonce's black ass Everybody else would cast Brie Larson and a mustache Henry Caville The forum would hire Rian Johnson as the director, but @aabattery , @Cmasterclay, and @IronJimbo will be stubborn and veto for Taika Waititty, Ryan Coogler, and James Cameron, holding up the process and delaying the movie to 2022. Greta Gerwig writes the screenplay. The official title: Scooby Doo: Here We Go Again - William Hurt Returns as General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross: The Last Jedi
  12. @ Rookie...lmaoooooooooooooooooo, lazy lazy, lazy. It's all getting lazy. @ Whiskey Cavaliers...hey it's Chris! That's all I got from that. Chris still getting work. @ The Fix....sooo...the white woman couldn't catch the black guy in real life so she makes a show where the white woman catches the black guy. Okayy then... @ Grand Los Bupadest Hotel...another show that seems to offer nothing other than sex. Lazy. If we keep up with this I'll have to reconsider Hulu.
  13. So Fifth Harmony is over? Hmm. Camila really did 'em like that, though the writing was on the wall when their last album didn't make noise and Normandi did that song with Khalid. While they're all fine as hell and they had a couple bops, I have to say it was funny seeing Camila outchart them, over, and over, and over, and hitting #1, especially after they threw so much shade. FH had 1 top 10 hit and Camila already has 3. Camila's album also hit #1 while the highest FH got was 4. Boybands and girlgroups never last, but I did think FH had a little more gas left, if anything to show they could do it without Camila, guess not.
  14. King of Queens is a nightly guilty pleasure, but you can say it feels a little dated with some jokes. 2010's "woke/progressive" internet would not be for this show in 2018 acting like this. Doesn't bother me, Kevin and Leah had the best chemistry since Martin and Gina, and really, it's harmless, it's nothing like that in your face Roseanne reboot, but it still sticks out a bit.

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