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  1. Thanks! It's been something else, for better and worse, but i'm doing the thing. Classes have been a challenge and I'm trying to stop the bleeding of my time being consumed, but this is a comfortable place and I already have the best friends here, supposed to go meet up with some I guess when I'm done typing this. Not a fan of the relentless heat though, not sure if we've had a day under 90 yet. Ps I was in Tally last weekend, wasn't even 10pm and the streets looked like a scene out of Saving Private Ryan. Have fun with it.
  2. Went to the mountains today and found an awesome place we had never been before. Had a panorama of mountain peaks and valleys, huge dropoff, and could even see the skyline like 25 miles away. There was also a creek and cool graffiti all over the rock. Found another chapel/overlook not far from that that had another aweing view. I had known about that one but had never been there. It’s awesome finding things like that, makes for a great day. Also truly made me realize how flat Florida is. Flatter than T Swift.
  3. Speaking of Speed...I actually wrote a Family Guy episode called "Speed-less in Seattle" back in the day. I heard one way to show off your talent to studios was to adapt something, and somehow I got the thought of marrying those two. It started with Peter getting in a traffic accident because he's stupid. He gets his license revoked and has to take the bus to work. He meets a Keanu-type character called Kendall who is an old friend. Turns out Kendall is a cop and queue the plot of Speed. Peter is basically Sandra's character. I even parody the ramp jump. After they successfully get to 0, the villain Harry (?) kidnaps Peter like Sandra. I think Peter saves himself by roadhouse kicking him off the overpass lmao. I do the cutaway gags and everything. I have it in my files somewhere, might go look for it now cuz I'm curious, but I admit some of the jokes may not be quite for "todays tastes"...and some are just dated. I think there's a Farmville joke in there ffs. If I ever used this it'd definitely need a fresh rewrite in some spots. I also wanted to write "Speed on a plane" called Hot Air. I put a few scenes down but never got anywhere with it. It was gonna be a small business jet type plane so there would be some intimacy like the bus. IDK.
  4. The July 14, 2018 top 10 consisted of 4 artists. Four. One artist has 7 spots, another has 2. Rewind ten years and the top 10 is a surprising 10 artists. Got pop, rap, and alternative represented. 2018: - Drake, Cardi, Maroon 5, XXX 2008: - Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Plies and Neyo, Coldplay, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Leona Lewis, Natasha B, Rihanna, even the daggum Jonas Brothers Streaming, or how they're trying to approach it, is definitely breaking things. Just like movies with superheroes and Disney remakes, it seems the charts are getting more "blockbuster", and rewarding less artists overall, but rewarding the lucky few more... ps dang 2008 sure had some fire. Those were fun times.
  5. Swae Lee is never boring! Yeah it's a mess. Kind of ruining the fun of chart tracking to be honest. When Drake takes up half of the Billboard something's wrong. Didn't Billboard used to have a rule where only official singles could chart? And then they had some non-singles that would chart, typically high positions, for like a week. Now it seems like entire albums are charting. Drake, Post, etc. It's kind of stupid. Tha Carter 3 was more hyped than Scorpion was imo, and that didn't take up 7 spots in the top 10. All these headlines about Drake breaking this and that record, besting Michael, but Michael was a in completely different era, and he didn't have more lax "rules" and Apple Music homerism to boost him. I'm not hating or anything, but it does seem like streaming is taking too much precedent and throwing the charts off wack now, especially around the top 10.
  6. I don't know what's more impressive, $40M for Meg or almost $12M for Slender Man. Meg is Statham vs a giant shark and is good summer fun, while Slender Man is easily 4 years late to the party and looks like crap.
  7. I don't know where this long album trend came from all of sudden, but it needs to end. I've been checking out the album though and there's some good hits on there. Chun Li has been my jam all summer. Really digging Sir, Chun Swae, Thought I Knew You right now. Barbie Dreams is indeed fire, she didn't have to do Thug like that. LLC, Ganga Burns, Good Form, and Come and See Me also have some nice flavor. Rich Sex's beat goes hard, but the lyrics are just....nasty. Can't do it. PS Nicki owns Fefe. 6-9 is annoying but dang is that a bop. It's early, but I think Cardi wins. Matter of fact, that may be the best rap album of 2018 period. That album is just ridiculous.
  8. Hmm that's a good question. I'm not sure, but I know we're not the only program that does it. What program is your sister in?
  9. This Friday aint shit, but next Friday is gonna be so fire: - Team building retreat by the lake with my classmates in the morning. Zip lines, rope course, all that good stuff. - Grad student welcome event from 5-9 at a local brewery. Discount pizza and beer and socializingggg - I haven't met my roomates yet, but I'm gonna speak it into existence that they're cool dudes, and we'll all probably go out that night. Which will be lit as it'll be the first weekend everyone's back on campus - I'll also probably go to Trader Joes at some point. Let's get it!
  10. Yes. Speed is one of the my favorite things period from the 90's.
  11. Never thought I'd be commenting in a Dora The Explorer thread, but gotta say that looks ridiculous. No one dresses like that in 2018. This seems like one of those instances where doing a loose adaptation would actually work better. Get that girl in some Forever 21... Ps my boys Swiper and Boots better be in this. Get the monkey from Hangover 2, haven't seen him get much work lately.
  12. So I'm going 2 play the lottery today. Found my numbers. Was scrolling BOF on mobile for whatever reason, and stumbled across this: - It's 2:15 pm - Mr. Glass 2 - Replying to a post 22 minutes - "Just wait for Meg 2"/"2 Megs!" - 2 Tucci heads (hate those) - 2 Tucci reactions - Stanley Tucci (2cci) - I sent this to Water Bottle and he replied at 2:22 pm, seriously - We can only assume my battery is at 2% This is 2 much... @MrGlass2
  13. After seeing that Meg number I guess it was a good idea she was let back in the house.
  14. @WrathOfHan dont give me that will smith shit. Doesnt nothing for the ratio. That goes for everybody. Winona or nothing.
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