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Alpha's Reviews: Year 8 (Requests Needed)

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Hand Drawn Heroes

The Version Of The Expendables That Little Timmy Can See


Hand Drawn Heroes was probably one of my most anticipated movies to come out this year. The collection of cartoon characters rootin' and tootin' in one film seemed like a mind blowing idea. Whenever films like this come out, there's this certain frenzy of thoughts in my head as to which way this could go. And the film's actual direction is not disappointing, and I believe this has potential to be a major box office success.


In the film, Inspector Sketchit (played with full force by Neil Patrick Harris) is a down-on-his-luck cartoon character, or really wannabe cartoon character. He keeps getting rejected by corporate literal slugs (which may or may not be a reference to the present-day animation industry), and he's auditioned 27 times for a single broadcast time. However, new troubles arise when a mysterious force begins destroying the cartoon world as various characters dissapear. Sketchit then meets legends of the cartoon world, like Fred Flinstone, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Underdog, Darkwing Duck, and Popeye The Sailor Man. All of them team up to stop this villainous monster (called "The Eraser") and save the world...of cartoons.


There are many cameos, and many moments that shock you. One scene clearly reads, "Popeye and Fred try to beat up the monster, keeping it distracted, while Betty fires the RPG at it, soon breaking the fourth wall by saying, 'I bet that part might have surprised you.'” Bitch, that's not funny. The pacing of the story is great, and the voice acting from the main cast is brilliant. The main plotlines may feel a bit familiar, but this turned out to be an original story that had very good writing and a superb cast.


Oh, and one last thing:


"Among the people interviewed are Selena (Sylvarius), Leon Redbeard (Amulet), and more cartoon characters."


Alpha approves.



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