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Thor 2 OS Over 400M Club

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Too low, even MoS made almost 400m


Too bad this isn't MOS nor Iron Man. If Iron Man 3 made 800M OS or how much it made, it doesn't mean Thor is going to do that too. Basically, this has 0 chances at hitting your dream number, because, first of all, compared to Iron Man 2, Thor 1 already had 3D so a increase Iron Man 3 had is already out of the question.

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Oh firedeep, you always go for the extreme ends, don't you? No middle ground? :lol:I'm out. I think Thor will do around 400M-450M OS with pretty good chance at 500M.

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If Hemsworth is as big a star as RDJ, Thor 2 will do easily 1B+ OS alone.


This will destroy IM3 in Europe and do solid business in Asia and L-A.


If you're serious, I'm very sorry for your condition.

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DC fanboys called me a troll when I kindly warned them again and again that trailer could be cheating and Synder is a hack. They insisted MoS will be best reviews summer movie, will do 400M DOM and beat the shit out of IM3. Poor fanboys. CEDAR even sweared his MOS OVER TASM WW was a lock and called me a troll when I told him it was not. And his club failed, he disappeared.


Now their masterpiece MoS will crash and burn before TDW, a tiny movie about one the C-lister friends of Ironman.


Revenge time. Bitches. 

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