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5.7 "The End Catches Up"

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5.7 "The End Catches Up"


Deadline: Friday, December 6 at 5:00 P.M. Eastern (4:00 P.M. Central)


Predict the following:


1. Predict Catching Fire's weekend percent drop


2. Predict the combined Saturday and Sunday grosses of Frozen (do not include its Friday gross)


3. Predict Thor's Friday gross as a percent of its weekend gross (e.g. if it made 2 million Friday and 6 million for the weekend, your answer would be 33%, 33.3%, or 33.33%)



And that's it. Just 3 questions this week.

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5.7 "The End Catches Up"


Olive, now a new Team Captain in the absence of both Acsc1312 and XenoZodiac, got to choose which Team Captain to exclude from the Ventures this week. The candidates were Alfred, Chasmmi, and Jim Shorts. Olive chose to exclude Chasmmi of "Chasmmi's Circle", which means that the team will be unable to reap benefits from this Ventures. As for the other three, they are all competing in the Ventures, which consisted of the weekend questions due to time constraints.


Forthcoming...the results!

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5.7 "The End Catches Up"


The Ventures - Catching Fire Special results


Chasmmi was excluded from this Venture, which means he will not reap any of the benefits that are in store. However, Olive will be attempting to defend his title...and he faces quite a challenge against both Alfred and Jim Shorts, two powerhouses who can easily trump Olive. This Venture determines the rankings of the teams, so it is a crucial Venture. How did each Captain fare?


Alfred -



Jim Shorts -




Alfred has a clear lead now. This puts "The Equation Sensation" behind. But now Alfred's real struggle begins with Olive. Could Alfred top him and win the top team? Olive is proving to be a powerful newcomer to the scene, and he could very well have stopped Alfred in his tracks and possibly taken the Resurrection Stone. So before we reveal the results of Olive's score, Alfred has made a decision.


In the offchance that Olive beats Alfred, he will take the Resurrection Stone. Alfred will lose that special privilege, so he went ahead and cast the stone before the Ventures began...and he chose to resurrect someone whose identity is soon to be revealed. But now Olive cannot get his hands on the stone or the person it resurrected.


But was Olive able to beat Alfred?


Olive -





YES! Olive has gained supremacy. Now he will be the lone Shadowgod, and his team will rank highest when the compilation is produced momentarily. But moreover, Olive receives a special benefit.


...Olive gets to sentence the players of one team this week to a Challenge, and those players can only opt out by paying Olive fifteen points a piece. Olive gets to choose which team to pick for this special elimination Challenge.

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5.7 "The End Catches Up"


Alfred has known "The Shadowlords" previously. They were always his most talented opponents. Thus, he embraces his failure against Olive as a known outcome. But before he could lose to Olive, he had the opportunity to cast the Resurrection Stone he won in the Ventures a week ago. Many players have been slain, but Alfred has lost no one personal to him this season. So the decision could be made to resurrect anyone.


There is only one player this season who truly embodies everything Alfred also does. Although they may have been enemies before, they have also been allies in times of dire need, and together they represent two of the most recognizable players in the game. So together, they can be an unstoppable force. And thus, Alfred has chosen to resurrect Acsc1312, formerly of "The Shadowgods" - also Olive's former captain - onto "Alfred's Alliance." An unexpected twist, but now the Alliance becomes even stronger, as Alfred and Acsc are both among the strongest and best players of all...and Tower is rising up there, too.


Still, Olive remains in the lead, and "The Shadowgods" - now a lone Shadowgod - remains poised at the top of the list. Olive poses a major threat, but there is a hindrance. Gizmo, his only remaining partner, has been absent for too long and could prevent Olive from achieving his truest excellence. So, in this dire moment, Olive, ranked highest of the Team Captains, has the privilege of disbanding himself from Gizmo. Gizmo no longer identifies with "The Shadowgods" - leaving Olive alone. But there is another player who remains alone, beaten...almost forgotten. Overlooked for too long, this player now comes to the forefront as a potential new ally for Olive, and Olive has the decision of choosing to select him as a new teammate, strengthening "The Shadowgods".


Meanwhile, the other teams cringe beneath Olive, fearing his wrath, for he shall choose a Challenge...or be showered in more points. "The Equation Sensation" may be no match; "Alfred's Alliance" may falter; and even "Chasmmi's Circle" may unfold beneath Olive in this tremendous moment of backstabbing and aggression.


...now onto the results.


Alfred's Alliance

Alfred: 91.00% +4 (+1 3rd team, +3 90%+)

Tower: 91.26% +4 (+1 3rd team, +3 90%+)

AVG: 91.13%


Chasmmi's Circle

Chasmmi: 90.63% +3 (+3 90%+)

Films: 91.37% (+3 (+3 90%+)

AVG: 91.00%


ChD's Covenant

ChD: dead

Blankments: 96.81% +15 (+5 highest individual, +3 1st team, +4 95%+, +3 all questions 90%+)

AVG: 96.81%


The Equation Sensation

Jim Shorts: 87.49% +2 (+2 85%+)

Goffe: 93.48% +4 (+1 3rd individual, +3 90%+)

AVG: 90.74%


The Shadowgods

Olive: 95.44% +11 (+2 2nd individual, +2 2nd team, +4 95%+, +3 all questions 90%+)

AVG: 95.44%


Gizmo: exiled - 0.00%


Tawasal's Gathering

Tawasal: presumed missing

Fmpro: presumed dead - 0.00%

Grim22: 80.79% +1 (+1 80%+)

AVG: Not recorded




With so many players vanishing, and others being recognized as potentially dead, the game is taking an ominous turn, and it's uncertain who remains loyal to whom at this point. But it is clear who our top dogs are...and now we may be joined by another. Blankments has gone unnoticed for far too long, but now he takes the reigns, and Olive has the choice to make Blankments a new "Shadowgod." Olive, the choice is yours.

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Yes Olive, if you so which, you can choose to make Blankments your new partner. However, you do not have to.


Meanwhile, and with much delay, here comes your task.


Below is the rankings of the teams based on power rankings from last week's Ventures. The top ranked Team Captain holds the most power and sway, and this week, Olive tops the charts. This means that he gets to choose one entire team to send into The Challenge...any team of his choice. The players of that team can opt out of the Challenge however, if they choose to give Olive 15 points a piece. The stakes are high, and they will only get higher from here. Here are the rankings:


1. The Shadowgods

Team Captain: Olive


2. Alfred's Alliance

Team Captain: Alfred


3. The Equation Sensation

Team Captain: Jim Shorts


4. Chasmmi's Circle

Team Captain: Chasmmi



No other team has a Team Captain or prospect, so they are not ranked here. Olive, you must choose which team to send into a Challenge. I will compile all points so the players of any given team can decide whether they wish to purchase immunities to abstain from your Challenge...and then another Ventures will be held this week before we kick off the Holidays with a new game.


Also, a note to "The Equation Sensation" - Goffe and Jim, you each retain your free immunity. If push comes to shove, you can use it here.

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Chasmmi's Circle

Chasmmi: 35

Films: 30

Total: 65


Alfred's Alliance

Alfred: 34

Tower: 24

Total: 58


The Equation Sensation

Jim Shorts: 17

Goffe: 27

Total: 44


The Shadowgods

Olive: 32

Total: 32


Chasmmi's Circle

Blankments: 22

Total: 22


Tawasal's Gathering

Tawasal: 15

Fmpro: 11 

Grim22: 11

Total: 11*



Gizmo: 11**


*Fmpro and Tawasal may both be eliminated.

**Gizmo is exiled/may be eliminated

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