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Investments - April 2014

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2014 Game - April Investments Thread

The following Movies are available for the month of April, 2014. You can invest in any film under the "Available Now" section if you have the money. Remember all players start the new game with 100m in their bank account. Happy Investing & Good Luck!

All Budgets are estimated and subject to change at release (if they aren't correct). See the rules for exactly how this is applied. Not all releases are shown below. If a film you want to invest isn't shown simply post you wish to invest in said film and if you have budget information, posting that also would help. Just remember you must be within 1 month of the release to invest in a film.








Movies become available on the specified date at 1PM GMT

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ok dokey


50% in Rio 2.


and i'm pretty sure i'll have enough for 50% in transcendence.


if not make it 40% and add the 10% on monday when i do have it :P

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