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CAYOM 2.0 Year 1 Actuals!

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It's time for actuals for Year 1 of CAYOM 2.0! Today will be January-March, tomorrow will be April-June, Wednesday will be July-September and Thursday will be October-December.

Actuals are for the most part final. HOWEVER, if you have a major problem and think I really screwed your film, and you can make a good case, I might might MIGHT consider bumping up your film. You've gotta make a really good case though and there has to be some agreement from fellow CAYOMers that I messed up bad. Anyone else can take it up with Aislyn Turner, Secretary of Complaints...

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January coming right up!

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January 7-9: "True Grit" Captures Lead

True Grit claimed the top spot, ending the reign of Little Fockers over a quiet start to 2011, while new nationwide releases Country Strong (expanding from limited release) and The Nine Tailors posted modest results. Overall business was off a precipitous 32 percent from the same weekend last year, when Avatar led.

True Grit: 14,605,135

Little Fockers: 13,487,245

Tron Legacy: 10,090,002

Black Swan: 8,113,011

Country Strong: 7,326,165

The Fighter: 7,001,504

Yogi Bear: 6,641,250

The King's Speech: 6,414,407

The Nine Tailors: 5,885,600

Tangled: 5,111,098

January 14-16: "Illusiono" Bursts Into Focus

Illusiono grabbed the top spot over Martin Luther King Day weekend, dominating the box office to the tune of $46 million. True Grit, The King's Speech, and Black Swan all had outstanding holds, while thriller The Phone Fiend opened at a modest #6, unable to blast its way past Little Fockers to get into the top five.

Illusiono: 38,521,447

True Grit: 11,004,755

The King's Speech: 9,186,203

Black Swan: 8,342,648

Little Fockers: 7,194,865

Phone Fiend: 6,831,439

Tron Legacy: 5,679,858

Yogi Bear: 5,365,547

The Fighter: 5,101,140

The Nine Tailors: 4,132,458

Illusiono: 46,748,215

True Grit: 13,127,459

The King's Speech: 11,271,166

Black Swan: 10,151,762

Little Fockers: 8,535,495

Phone Fiend: 8,099,482

Yogi Bear: 7,447,344

Tron Legacy: 7,258,954

The Fighter: 6,382,097

Tangled: 5,638,656

The Nine Tailors: 5,428,317

January 21-23: "Illusiono" Knocks Out "Hills", "Girl"

Superhero hit Illusiono held onto the top spot this week, fending off a double challenge from openers The Hills Abduction and You Got Beat By A Girl. The film continues to do well with audiences and posted a sub-50% drop, excellent for a film of its type. The Hills Abduction did as expected, while You Got Beat By A Girl was a bit of a disappointment, finishing 2-3 million below studio projections. Both openers were good enough to beat out the other holdovers, led by The King's Speech which finished fourth.

Illusiono: 21,437,210

The Hills Abduction: 15,531,679

You Just Got Beat By A Girl: 11,653,127

The King's Speech: 7,854,910

True Grit: 7,330,092

Black Swan: 5,869,744

Spider-Baby: 4,664,203

Little Fockers: 4,320,090

The Fighter: 4,164,504

Yogi Bear: 3,819,395

January 28-30: "Everglades" Swamps Box Office

It wasn't a three-peat for Illusiono as thriller Everglades easily took this week's box office crown with an impressive $23 million. Critics were mixed about the film but audiences weren't, packing in crowds and helping the film meet studio expectations. Illusiono stayed in the top two, holding off both a big theater bump from The King's Speech and the weekend's other wide opener, Ready, Aim, FIRE!

Everglades: 23,218,670

Illusiono: 13,059,883

The King's Speech: 11,064,781

Ready, Aim, FIRE!: 10,640,752

True Grit: 7,518,265

The Hills Abduction: 7,142,334

You Just Got Beat By A Girl: 5,996,317

Black Swan: 5,118,269

The Fighter: 3,960,280

Yogi Bear: 3,167,440

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February 4-6: "Seduction" Drowns "Everglades"

The thriller Seduction posted a surprisingly strong weekend with $20 million, nearly doubling studio expectations. The weekend's other thriller opener, Teratoma, ended up with a terminal case of box-office woes, opening with $6.7 million and missing the top three. Everglades bled 60% in its second frame, falling to a distant second.

Seduction: 20,385,664

Everglades: 9,674,215

The King's Speech: 7,712,353

Teratoma: 6,754,211

Illusiono: 6,684,148

Ready, Aim, FIRE!: 4,732,185

True Grit: 4,640,139

You Just Got Beat By A Girl: 3,905,217

The Hills Abduction: 3,553,444

Black Swan: 3,373,851

February 11-13: "Vendetta" Leads Ho-Hum Valentine's Day

Three films opening over Valentine's Day weekend was a recipe for competition, but it was Valentine's Day Vendetta winning out as expected with $17 million, running Seduction out of the top spot and kicking it to fourth. Disco Dan couldn't dance up a win but it did finish with a decent $15 million frame, while Ghost Story finishes with a respectable $11.7 million.

Valentine's Day Vendetta: 17,261,885

Disco Dan: 14,926,770

Ghost Story: 11,669,735

Seduction: 7,545,116

The King's Speech: 7,230,790

Everglades: 5,356,843

Illusiono: 4,429,806

True Grit: 3,785,344

You Just Got Beat By A Girl: 2,885,326

Teratoma: 2,463,176

February 18-21: "Werewolf" Wins President's Day Showdown

A hotly contested four-day weekend saw Stephen King adaptation "Cycle of the Werewolf" rip into first place with an impressive $38 million bow. The victory comes over the weekend's other major release, the crime thriller "Corporate Secrets", which did well for itself, garnering $27 million. The two films easily crushed the competition, led by Disco Dan which grabbed $10 million over the frame, good for third.

Cycle Of The Werewolf: 31,568,740

Corporate Secrets: 22,061,524

Disco Dan: 8,745,213

Ghost Story: 7,331,546

The King's Speech: 6,529,530

Valentine's Day Vendetta: 4,658,194

Seduction: 3,654,118

Everglades: 3,594,882

Illusiono: 3,152,188

True Grit: 2,410,521

Cycle Of The Werewolf: 38,554,612

Corporate Secrets: 27,473,166

Disco Dan: 10,538,216

Ghost Story: 8,823,567

The King's Speech: 8,063,897

Valentine's Day Vendetta: 5,374,331

Everglades: 4,328,436

Seduction: 4,245,620

Illusiono: 3,877,325

True Grit:2,885,736

February 25-27: "Siri" Enchants Crowds

Animated opener "Siri" was easily the top film of the weekend, posting the year's first $40 million 3-day opening with a strong $40.7 million tally. The first true family film since You Just Got Beat By A Girl, the film played to families starved for something to see, and good reviews helped bring in the crowds. The other wide opener, Just For Cash, played to much more modest crowds, scoring $8.5 million, behind last weekend's holdovers.

Siri: 40,768,433

Cycle Of The Werewolf: 16,588,215

Corporate Secrets: 13,996,548

Just For Cash: 8,496,331

The King's Speech: 7,339,759

Disco Dan: 6,554,216

Ghost Story: 4,817,650

Beast Of Bray Road: 2,751,634

Everglades: 2,593,264

Valentine's Day Vendetta: 2,396,778

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March 4-6: "Storms" Conquers "Universe"

In a mild box-office upset, the epic action film Land of Storms beat out animated sci-fi The End Of The Universe to take #1 at the weekend box office. End of the Universe was pushed hard and the studio was hoping for a $40 million opening, but the film finished consistent with tracking and animated sci-fi is typically a hard sell. Despite amazing word of mouth and an A+ Cinemascore, the film failed to take #1. End of the Universe' performance recalls memories of The Iron Giant, a film considered to be one of the greatest animated films of all time, but which foundered at the box office.

Land Of Storms: 32,776,750

The End Of The Universe: 28,336,785

Siri: 21,614,896

Cycle Of The Werewolf: 9,554,117

Corporate Secrets: 8,394,815

The King's Speech: 6,230,227

Beast Of Bray Road: 5,863,211

Just For Cash: 4,714,684

Disco Dan: 3,976,004

Ghost Story: 3,216,578

March 11-13: "Universe" Ascendant:

Despite two widely-anticipated films opening this weekend, the story of the weekend and of the year so far is of the incredible resurrection of The End Of The Universe. Even portended by the film's first-weekend dailies ($8.1 million Friday, 11.5 million Saturday, 8.8 million Sunday) and the very strong weekday holds, no one could have anticipated that the film would both gain significantly over its first weekend total and win the weekend. Its $34 million second weekend tally puts it ahead of Barren World and the disappointing God's Deal, which fell to Earth with a very mortal $25 million.

The End Of The Universe: 34,463,745

Barren World: 32,668,400

God's Deal: 25,263,313

Siri: 13,274,826

Land Of Storms: 11,137,587

Cycle Of The Werewolf: 5,794,217

Corporate Secrets: 5,056,366

The King's Speech: 3,573,112

Beast Of Bray Road: 3,475,223

Just For Cash: 3,190,480

March 18-20: "Universe" Goes On

The End Of The Universe continued its reign at the top, posting a modest sub-25% drop and landing at $27.2 million, beating out the opener Night of Error, which scored $22.6 million over the three day after a decent $32 million 5-day opening. "Barren World" also dropped modestly due to great reviews and word of mouth, while "God's Deal" continues its disappointing run, falling to fifth.

The End Of The Universe: 27,184,993

Night Of Error: 22,625,314/32,764,214

Barren World: 19,716,312

Our Friend The Witch: 12,883,167

God's Deal: 8,863,570

Siri: 8,125,327

Land Of Storms: 5,017,668

Cycle Of The Werewolf: 4,246,758

Corporate Secrets: 3,558,795

Beast Of Bray Road: 3,016,426

March 25-27: "Adventurers" A Hit

There's another animated hit out there as The Adventurers beats down The End Of The Universe for the year's biggest opening to date. Opening in more than 3,700 theaters, the film got mixed reviews from critics but audiences gave the film an A- on Cinemascore, with families especially loving it. The film's big opening barely dented The End Of The Universe, knocking it back to #2 with another small drop. Lucky In Love was a close third, besting Night Of Error and Barren World.

The Adventures: 47,065,333

The End Of The Universe: 21,375,404

Lucky In Love: 14,584,502

Night Of Error: 13,886,753

Barren World: 13,415,618

Our Friend The Witch: 5,754,315

Siri: 4,076,332

God's Deal: 3,816,485

Cycle Of The Werewolf: 2,885,421

Land Of Storms: 2,624,673

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