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Redbox Rentals- Top 10 of 2011

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Interesting, here's the top rentals of 2011 from Redbox:1. "Just Go With It"2. "No Strings Attached"3. "Rango"4. "The Dilemma"5. "Due Date"6. "Despicable Me"7. "The Tourist"8. "The Lincoln Lawyer"9. "The Green Hornet"10. "I Am Number Four"And for some reason they also list the top rentals for the LA-area:1. "Just Go With It"2. "No Strings Attached"3. "Bad Teacher"4. "Battle: Los Angeles"5. "Due Date"6. "The Tourist"7. "The Social Network"8. "The Green Hornet"9. "Despicable Me"10. "The Dilemma"http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/entertainmentnewsbuzz/2011/12/just-go-with-it-tops-2011-redbox-rentals.html

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Hm basically but then where are some of last year's end of 2010 blockbusters that got the longest rental period in 2011? King's Speech, Black Swan, etc.

True, and I would agree that if we take that list, certainly BO receipts for some of those films were slightly underwhelming. In past years the admissions for JGWI, Dilemma, NSA, Lincoln Lawyer and IANF would've been higher. Rango I think people might've checked out because it was supposed to be good.
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How much money studios make from rentals ?

I have no idea, it's something I've been wondering forever. There must be some type of model.... or does Redbox really just purchase all these DVD's/Blu-Rays and doesn't have to pay any royalties regardless of popularity? Think about it, if they buy the DVD for $12 and then rent it out 300+ times over the course of a year at $1 a night, well you do the math- that's a huge profit margin. However I do notice with Netflix/Redbox that alot of times the DVD is grey and it says "rental copy" and many times it's a bare-bone copy with no special features... so I imagine there is some kind of deal... maybe the studios sell them at a cheaper price in exchange for royalty?
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